Zenith Financial Network Inc

Debt collectors like Zenith Financial Network, cannot harass you over a debt. You have rights under the law. We will stop the harassment once and for all.


If Zenith Financial Network violated the law, you will get money damages and Zenith Financial Network will pay our fees and costs. You will not pay us a penny for our time. Plus, some of our clients also receive debt relief and cleaned up credit reports. You have nothing to lose! Call us today at 888-572-0176 for a free consultation.

Who is Zenith Financial Network?

Zenith Financial Network is a third-party collection agency, headquartered in Boca Raton, FL and started its business in 2012. Zenith Financial Network is a corporation. According to the Better Business Bureau (“BBB”), ZFN is categorized as a collection agency. According to Zenith Financial Network’s website, ZFN focuses on accounts receivable management services specializing in consumer collections throughout the United States.

It appears that Zenith Financial Network collects on debts owed to third parties and collects on debts that it purchases. Therefore, in some situations, ZFN may be a junk-debt buyer. For example, some collection agencies buy debt for pennies on the dollar, and then collect on it. ZFN collects on various debts. We’ve helped a lot of consumers deal with ZFN when ZFN is collecting on payday loans; debt owed to major financial institutions, such as credit cards, installment loans, auto loans; retail store credit cards; student loans; insurance claims; and healthcare debt.

Zenith Financial Network, Address, Phone Number, and Contact Information

Zenith Financial Network is located at 1489 Palmetto Park Road, Suite 360, Boca Raton, FL 33486. The main telephone numbers for Zenith Financial Network are 888-591-3861 and 888-420-1523. These are just two of many ZFN contact numbers.

Zenith Financial Network’s website is zenithfinancialinc.com

Phone Numbers Used By Zenith Financial Network

ZFN likely has dozens, if not over 100, phone numbers it calls from. Here are a few phone numbers ZFN may be calling you from:

Zenith Financial Network Lawsuits

If you want to know just how unhappy consumers are with ZFN, take a look at the number of lawsuits filed against Zenith Financial Network on the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (“PACER”). PACER is the federal docket throughout the country that lists federal complaints filed against ZFN. When you do a search for Zenith Financial Network, there are several lawsuits filed against ZFN. Most of these lawsuits involve consumer rights’ violations.

Zenith Financial Network Harassment

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) is a federal law that applies to everyone in the United States. In other words, everyone is protected under the FDCPA. The FDCPA is a laundry list of what ZFN can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things debt collectors must do while collecting a debt. If ZFN is harassing you over a debt, you have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) protects you from robocalls. Robocalls are those annoying, automated, recorded calls that a computer makes to you all day long. You can tell it’s a robocall because either no one is on the other end of the line or there’s a delay when you pick up the phone before a live person comes on the line. You can get $500 per call if ZFN violates the TCPA. Have you received a message from ZFN that sounds pre-recorded? Or, maybe the message you received from ZFN is cutoff at the beginning or the end? These are tell-tale signs that the message is pre-recorded. If you have these messages on your cell phone, you may have a TCPA case against Zenith Financial Network.

The Electronic Fund Transfer Act (“EFTA”) protects electronic payments that are deducted from bank accounts. If Zenith Financial Network took unauthorized deductions from your bank account, you may have an EFTA claim. ZFN, like most collection agencies, wants to set up reoccurring payments from consumers. Imagine how much money ZFN gets if hundreds, if not thousands, of consumers electronically pay them $50-$100, or more, per month. If you agreed to this type of reoccurring payment, ZFN must follow certain steps to comply with the EFTA. Did ZFN continue to take electronic payments after you said stop? Did ZFN take more money from your checking account than you agreed to? If so, let’s talk about your rights under the EFTA.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) works to ensure that no information reported to your credit report is false. In essence, it gives you the right to dispute those inaccuracies that you find on your credit report. We handled a lot of cases recently where Zenith Financial Network reported debt on a consumer’s credit report. ZFN likely reports on credit reports to obtain greater leverage over the consumer. If ZFN is on your credit report, they may tell you if you pay the debt, they’ll remove it from your credit report. This is commonly known as pay for delete. You pay ZFN, and they delete the debt from your credit report. Even if ZFN is not on your credit report, maybe the original creditor is. If you pay off the debt to ZFN, then the original creditor, and ZFN, should accurately report this on your credit report.

Several states also have laws that provide its citizens an additional layer of protection. For example, if you live in California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana, or Pennsylvania you may be able to tack on a state-law claim with your federal law claim above. North Carolina, for example, has one of the most consumer-friendly statutes in the country. If you live in NC, and you’re harassed over a debt, you may get $500.00 – $4,000.00 in damages per violation. We work with a local counsel in NC. Our NC clients have received some great results in debt collection harassment cases. If you live in NC, and Zenith Financial Network is harassing you, you have tons of leverage to get a great settlement.


We will use state and federal laws to immediately stop Zenith Financial Network debt collection. We will send a cease and desist letter to get the harassment to stop the same day. If ZFN violates the FDCPA, EFTA, FCRA, or any state laws, you may be entitled to money damages. For example, under the FDCPA, you can get up $1,000.00 in damages plus actual damages. The FDCPA has a fee-shift provision. This means, ZFN pays our attorney’s fees and costs. If you have a TCPA case against ZFN, we will handle it based on a contingency fee.


We have helped hundreds of consumers stop phone calls from ZFN. We know how to stop the harassment and get you money damages. ONCE AGAIN, you will not pay us a penny for our time. We will help you based on a fee-shift provision and/or based on a contingency fee. That means, ZFN pays our attorney’s fees and costs.

What If Zenith Financial Network Is On My Credit Report?

Based on our experience, ZFN does credit report. That means, ZFN will mark your credit report with the debt they are trying to collect on. In addition to Zenith Financial Network, the original creditor may be on your credit report. For example, if you owe Republic Bank and Trust on an elastic line of credit, and ZFN is collecting on it, both Republic Bank and Trust and ZFN may have separate entries on your credit report. This is important because you will want both parties to update your credit report if you pay off the debt.


If ZFN is on your credit report, we can help you dispute it. Mistakes on your credit report can be very costly. Along with causing you to pay higher interest rates, you may be denied credit,

insurance, a rental home, a loan, or even a job because of these mistakes. Some mistakes may include someone else’s information on your credit report, inaccurate public records, stale collection accounts, or maybe you were a victim of identity theft. If you have a mistake on your credit report, there is a process to dispute them. My office will help you pull your credit report and dispute any inaccurate information.


If a credit reporting agency violates its obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), you may be entitled to statutory damages up to $1,000.00, plus the credit reporting agency will be required to fix the error. The FCRA also has a fee-shift provision. This means, the credit reporting agency pays your attorney’s fees and costs. Therefore, you will not pay me a penny for my time. We have helped dozens of consumers fix inaccurate information on their credit reports.

Complaints against Zenith Financial Network

If you’re on this page, chances are you are just like the hundreds of consumers out there being harassed by Zenith Financial Network. The complaints on the Better Business Bureau (“BBB”), various consumer websites, including on Pissed Consumer, and even the complaints on this page (below) are endless. ZFN is accredited by the BBB. The BBB gives ZFN a “B” rating. Despite its “B” rating, here are over 40 customer complaints on the BBB.

Here are some of the many BBB complaints regarding Zenith Financial Network:

  1. “Continued calls/harassment from a collection agency looking for someone that doesn’t reside at my number nor do I even know. I continue to receive a call, sometimes multiple daily, from this co…”
  2. “I constantly getting harassing calls on my job & personal cell phone & house phone. This could jeopardize my livelihood. I have received several complaints from the office staff, where I work, that someone from ZFN constantly calls and is very rude and obnoxious.”
  3. “Company personal VERY rude, do not identify themselves well
    I am getting called on my work phone from very rude employees asking me to identify myself without telling me who their company is or what it is in reference to. When I ask for details, they get louder and ruder and hang up on me.”

Cases We Have Handled Against Zenith Financial Network


Threats and harassment by collection agencies can be pretty intimidating. Well, it turns out we can stop the harassment, attempt to get you money damages under the law, and the collection agency will have to pay us our fees and costs. Here are some of the cases we’ve handled against ZFN:

  1. Victor R. v. Zenith Financial Network. Our client lives in California. Not only is he protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, but he’s also protected by the state Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Here, ZFN was attempting to collect on a debt originating with a payday loan from Advance America. In this case, our client alleged Zenith Financial Network violated the law, by threatening that our client would go to jail and threatening to take our client to court. Victor also spoke with one of Defendant’s representatives and requested that ZFN stop calling him. Despite Victor’s request, ZFN continued to place collection calls to Victor’s telephone. ZFN used an automated dialer system to place calls to Victor’s telephone. Victor alleged Zenith Financial Network violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  2. Kimberly J. v. Zenith Financial Network. Kimberly lives in Missouri, and Zenith Financial Network was attempting to collect a consumer debt from our client. ZFN called our client on her cellular telephone. Zenith Financial Network called from (816) 306-0094, (855) 515-5161, (714) 467-2576, (202) 793-6723, (816) 287-2337 and (662) 260-6627, which are six of ZFN’s telephone numbers. On May 4, 2017, our client told ZFN to stop calling her cellular telephone. Despite Plaintiff’s request that the calls stop, Zenith Financial Network continued to call our client on her cellular telephone. We alleged that Zenith Financial Network violated multiple sections of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  3. Kamielya J. v. Zenith Financial Network. Our client lives in Florida. Not only is she protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but she’s also protected by the state Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act. Here, ZFN was attempting to collect on a debt originating from a payday loan. In this case, our client alleged Zenith Financial Network violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) by threatening to send the police out to arrest Kamielya and take Kamielya to jail if she did not pay the alleged debt. In this case, we alleged that ZFN violated multiple sections of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act.

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

Agruss Law Firm, LLC, has over 630 outstanding client reviews through Yotpo, an A+ BBB rating, and over 100 five-star reviews on Google. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us.

“A great experience with an even better outcome! I went to Agruss Law Firm for help end the harassment from collectors. I didn’t know my rights but they did.”

“Hiring this company was the best decision I have ever made. Not only am I pleased with the outcome. I am also pleased with the customer service.”

“When I first contacted Michael Agruss about harassment from a debt collector I never expected the service I received. Not only did the calls stop immediately, Mr. Agruss took my call and

asked me what was going on and was kind and patient and let me explain the whole story and what he could do to help…”

Can Zenith Financial Network Sue You?

Although anyone can sue anyone for any reason, we have never seen Zenith Financial Network sue consumers. It’s likely ZFN does not sue because they do not always own the debt they are collecting on. Also, ZFN would have to hire a lawyer, or use in-house counsel, to file a lawsuit. It’s likely Zenith Financial Network collects debts through the entire country. Therefore, it would be very difficult to have lawyers, or a law firm, licensed in every state. There are collection agencies that do sue consumers. For example, Midland Credit Management is one of the largest junk-debt buyers. Midland Credit Management collects on debt and also sues on debt. The opposite is true with Zenith Financial Network. Therefore, it would be very unusual if ZFN sued you. The original creditor, on the other hand, may hire a collection firm, or lawyer, to sue you. If Zenith Financial Network has threatened to sue you, call us. We can help.

Can Zenith Financial Network Garnish Your Wages?

No, not unless they have a judgment. If Zenith Financial Network has not sued you, then ZFN cannot get a judgment. If Zenith Financial Network does not have a judgment, then ZFN cannot garnish your wages. Minus limited situations (usually dealing with debts owed to the government for student loans, taxes, etc.), in order to garnish someone’s wages, you need a judgment first. In short, we have not seen Zenith Financial Network file a lawsuit against a consumer. So, ZFN cannot garnish your wages, minus the exceptions listed above. If ZFN has threatened to garnish your wages, contact our office right away.

Zenith Financial Network Settlement

If you want to settle a debt with Zenith Financial Network, ask yourself these questions first:

  1. Do I really owe this debt?
  2. Is this debt within the statute of limitations?
  3. Is this debt on my credit report?
  4. If I pay this debt, will Zenith Financial Network remove it from my credit report?
  5. If I pay this debt, will the original creditor remove it from my credit report?
  6. If I pay this debt, will I get something in writing from Zenith Financial Network confirming the payment and settlement terms?

These are not the only things to consider when dealing with debt collectors. We are here to help you answer the questions above, and much more. Whether it’s harassment, settlement, pay for delete, or any other legal issue with Zenith Financial Network, the folks at Agruss Law Firm are here to help you.

Share Your Complaints About Zenith Financial Network Below

Post your complaints about Zenith Financial Network. Sharing your complaints about ZFN will help other consumers know what to do when ZFN starts calling. Sharing your experience may help someone else.


If you are being harassed by Zenith Financial Network over a debt, you may be entitled to money damages. Get up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500-$1,500 for illegal robocalls. Under various state and federal laws, we will help you based on a fee-shift provision and/or based on a contingency fee. That means, the collector pays your attorney’s fees and costs. You won’t pay us a penny. We have settled thousands of debt collection harassment cases. Let us help you today. Contact Agruss Law Firm at 888-572- 0176 to stop the harassment once and for all.

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Complaints - Zenith Financial Network Inc

  1. Brenda

    hi! I wanted to see if you can assist me with a debt collector that has threatened to sue me. I had setup a payment arrangement with them but the amount they asked for was ridiculous and the payment failed. Now they are saying that if I do not pay them the balance They are going to sue me and I can face criminal charges. I have tried to setup a different arrangement with them but it is also ridiculous and I am not in a position to pay it!

  2. Rhonda

    I live in ohio I have been also getting calls from zfn and and am very nurvise and scard im on ssi and have a learning disability.i haven’t asked what its about because so nervise. what do I do? im worried for I know there could be a warrant out on me I have never gotton anything in mail from this compeny eather!

  3. Stephanie

    hi, I need help with ZFN, im stressing so much witch are giving me seizure. they have said they can turn it over to an attorney, and this is a court summons and I have til fri to pay. im on ssi I cant. I did this for a friend thinkin she would pay back but hasn’t yet. what do I do, im in tears over this. sorry I have cerebral palsey so it takes me a little time!

  4. Leslie

    well im having a debt collector call me and tell me I only have until the end of june to pay my debt or she’s going to tell the payday lender to take legal action on me and I’m scared. I don’t want to go to court. I borrowed $200 from a Money Key last April, and now the debt collector is trying to get almost $500 from me. can I have the number to call on my own?!

  5. Travis

    I had a call last November from zenith and they said that they were going to serve me a subpoena if I didn’t pay. I didn’t know what to do so I paid it. Now they are calling me again and I’ve been looking it up and have been hearing that it might be a scam. Just that they called me again saying the same things and that I need to pay or get served!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Travis, what number is Zenith Financial Network calling you from? That will help me figure out if it’s actually Zenith calling you or another collector that uses Zenith as its processor to process payments. Either way, I can help you stop these harassing phone calls. Zenith will not serve you with a law suit. This is just a scare tactic to get you to pay this debt. Talk to me first. I will call you to discuss your rights and options under the law. Thanks, Mike.

  6. Maria

    The reason I am chatting with you its beacause I wanted to know if zfn was legit. I have been getting Harrassing calls at work and it makes me uncomfortable. i have asked numerous times to Natalie to stop calling it’s effecting my ability to do my work. And almost lost my job due to personal calls!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Mari, ZFN is legitimate. I think they’re aggressive, but they are legitimate. If you told ZFN to stop calling you at work, they they must stop calling you at work. If a collector knows you cannot receive collection calls at work, the calls must stop. I will help you stop Natalie from calling you at work ASAP. I know one of the higher-ups at ZFN Processing. After I speak with you, I’ll e-mail him and you won’t be harassed ever again. Thanks, Mike.

  7. Ashlee

    i just feel i have been scamed because the staute of limtion is up it was in 2011. And for stuff like that its 3 years so if i don’t get my money back i am taking this further. I am at work at the moment i just can see nothing lines up with it
    They are out of the limits i just looked it up and its four years they can’t go after me for it and they are taking money from me because they told me iwould have to get a lawyer in Hillsboro court but they legally can’t threat me like that so i need to talk to them we can talk tomorrow. Yes do i have to pay the last payment cause i only did out cause i was threated because i am a single mother!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Ashlee, I’m glad you found my firm and shared your story. ZFN and Associates will NOT take legal action against you. Let’s discuss your rights under the law. Don’t make a payment until we verify you owe the debt. I can help you with the entire process. Thanks, Mike.

  8. Jason

    I keep getting calls everyday from zfn. I have blocked thier number , but they puch voicemails straight through
    they call random family memebers. no i just want them to stop harassing me. i am sure they use a robodialer. i get 5 calls a day!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Jason, I can help you stop these calls and voicemail messages. This technology of leaving voicemail messages without your phone ringing is called ringless voicemail drops. I’m not sure if Zenith uses this technology or not. Maybe some other collection agency is also calling you. I’ll help you figure this out when we talk on the phone. I’ll call you. You can always reach me at 888-572-0176 or at michael@agrusslawfirm.com Thanks, Mike.

  9. Sam

    In January I was contacted by ZFN stating if I did not pay my “debt” in full or set a payment plan I would be sued. As I was very flustered and upset, I set up a payment plan, They received 2 payments from me and then I stopped allowing the transaction to go through and they have been calling me frequently since. Was I scammed? What should I do?!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Sam, Zenith will not sue you. This is just a scare tactic to get consumers to pay debt. I can help you stop the calls and get you your money back. Plus, you may be entitled to money damages under the federal law that protects consumers like yourself from collection agencies like Zenith Financial Network. Plus, you will not have to pay me a penny for my time. I’ll call you so we can discuss your rights and options on the phone. Thanks, Mike.

  10. Fernando

    Received first call from them today to both my employer and cell. They left a voicemail stating that I needed to call them regarding a debt and that I had been “notified.” When they called my job I told them I could not discuss personal matters at work and stop calling and I would return their call when I could to which they stated they could call until the debt was settled!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Fernando, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, once you tell a collection agency to stop calling you at work, they cannot call you again at work. I can help you ensure Zenith Financial Network does not harass you at work anymore. You have rights and I will enforce them for you. Thanks, Mike.

  11. Zach

    Yes my mother just received a call from zfn , they threatened court, arrest etc, very rude wouldn’t give full details, out of fear I ended up paying $535 so my mother wouldn’t have to go to jail!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Zach, Zenith’s threats are baseless. Zenith will not sue you, take you to court, have you arrested, etc. Fortunately, you did not fall for their scare tactics. I will help you assert your rights under the federal law that protects you from collectors like Zenith. You made be entitled to money damages under the law. I’ll call you to discuss your rights further. Thanks, Mike.

  12. Santiago

    they harrass me and im scarred there going to overdraft my bank!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Santiago, I can help you so ZFN does not overdraft your account. Did you set up a payment plan with Zenith Financial or are you worried ZFN is going to sue you? Based on my experience, ZFN will not sue you. Let’s talk about your situation further on the phone. If I do not catch you on the phone, please call me at 888-572-0176 or e-mail me at michael@agrusslawfirm.com Thanks, Mike.

  13. Matilda

    Hello, They have been calling me for months now about a loan and advised me they will garnish my wages. I was afraid so I agreed to pay them out of each check. Now they are calling me about a payday loan for my boyfriend which he never got!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Matilda, Zenith will not garnish your wages. Don’t worry about that. Zenith does collect on payday loans. I can help you and your boyfriend put a stop to Zenith’s collection tactics. Thanks, Mike.

  14. Courtney

    They have called several times telling me Im a defendant in a fraud case will give me no info then when I ask for a copy of complaint they tell me they don’t have that all they can send me is a letter demanding payment!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Courtney, You are not a defendant in a fraud case. Whoever told you this is lying. Don’t make a payment in response to these scare tactics. I can help you like I’ve helped so many other consumers harassed by Zenith Financial. Thanks, Mike.

  15. Shawn

    interested in your info regarding zfn and associates or Zenith Financial Network and Associates. I am getting repeated calls. Threats of a lawsuit. They continue to call from a spoofed number. And their letter of proof of the debt did not show any of the information regarding the history of the debt or payments. It was just a demand letter. They said I need to contact original company to get that info. Besides that they continue to demand I pay TODAY. Ive told them I have no money or income at this time. I have only recently gotten out of hospital. Hence yes I have several debts due to that…But I know what amounts and who. Everything he keeps saying (derek from zfn) the amounts and some information he has like birth date are completely incorrect!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Shawn, the threats of a lawsuit are bogus. Zenith Financial will not sue you. Will you please send me the proof of debt they sent to you? It would be great to see it. I can help you under the law. Not only can I get Zenith to stop harassing you, but you may be entitled to money damages under the law. Plus, Zenith will have to pay my fees and costs. I’ll call you. Thanks, Mike.

  16. Andry

    ZFN has a claim to a debt owed to Advance America in 2015 by me and have been harassing my place of employment with daily calls to myself and my supervisor. I am sure that their practices are not within legal jurisdiction to address this subject!

    1. Mike Agruss

      I agree with you, Andy. It sounds like ZFN is violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The FDCPA is a list of what collection agencies, like ZFN, can and cannot do under the law. For example, if you told ZFN to stop calling you at, the calls must stop. Also, ZFN cannot harass third parties, like your boss, over an alleged debt. Let’s discuss your rights and options under the law on the phone. I’ve handled several cases like this against ZFN.

  17. Anna

    GOT AN CALL FROM ZFN COMPANY YESTERDAY 3–29–2016 CLAIMING THEY ARE HERE TO COLLECT AN DEBT PERSON NAME WAS CHARLES GREEN TH HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO SEND AN COURT LETTER TO MY ADDRESS TO GET ME IN COURT IF I DID NOT MAKE AN AGREEMENT TO PAY WHAT WAS DUE TO CHECK INTO GO LOAN COMPANY please have someone call me asap due to I believe I may have made an mistake and give my banking info for them to take payments I can stop this payment but need to know if they are legit, just need someone to contact me asap this company is representing check in to go loan here in Columbia s.c thank you!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Anna, Zenith Financial Network is not going to sue you or take you to court. I can send them a cease and desist letter to stop this type of harassment. Please check your credit report to make sure you even owe this debt. Then, let’s talk on the phone so I can get more information from you. It sounds like Zenith Financial Network violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Thanks, Mike.

  18. Robert

    Wayne from ZFN keeps calling at my work from a 304-250-3714 number.

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Robert, if you ant not allowed to receive these type of calls at work, please tell Wayne to stop calling you at work. Under the law, a collection agency cannot call you at work after you tell them to stop. If this does not work, I can get the calls to stop immediately. I’ll call you so we can go over your rights. Thanks, Mike.

  19. Shawn

    they keep calling my family and calling and not saying anything

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Shawn, do you know if you owe any debt? You can check your credit report. Also, have you received anything in writing from Zenith Financial Network? Once i get a little more information from you, like what number(s) Zenith Financial Network calls from, I’ll be able to better assist you. Thanks, Mike.

  20. Danielle

    I would prefer to get some advice rather than handing out my mother’s home number ( but I did nonetheless ) but Zenith Financial Network has also contacted me regarding a certain payday loan I took out in 2009 and was now being considered as a fraudulent case of writing bad checks according to them. I happened to answer the phone one day ( September 27, 2016 to be exact ) from a FL area code.. I cannot remember which one to be exact..and I do know it was a Florida based area code at that but some lady came on immediately telling me that she was a warrant investigations officer and that I needed to hold while she went and got someone for me to go over my case with them. After holding for a few moments some guy gets on the phone and starts describing in great detail an old check that I had written in regards to getting a payday loan. This was ONE check and I couldn’t have been or currently still be writing checks since I closed my account in 2009/early 2010 for my not having a job. I had already been in contact with that loan office where I was living at that time in 2010 after moving back to my hometown after losing my job and to inform them of my situation of employer termination and my not being able to pay the debt off immediately as expected. Anyways, some guy named Chris Jacobs ( Callback number he gave me was 866-915-0918 ) tells me that even though I may have closed my bank account and moved back to my hometown, the ” check” I originally wrote to the loan office was still being considered as a “fraudulent check” in their eyes as well as the payday loan office’s eyes and that I have now accrued over $3,000 in fines and fees and that I needed to start paying on it. What’s funny about this is that I never once and STILL never have received anything via USPS mail or any other certified or uncertified notification from Zenith Financial Network or any notification from the payday loan office itself letting me know that I needed to pay this debt off. That’ why we have FedEx and UPS right?? It’s been 8 years now and I have paid the other 3 loans off that I accrued debt to but this last one struck me as odd due to the way they went about the call. I am unemployed ( and still am unfortunately ) and I asked this Chris Jacobs how he expected me to pay anything to them since I don’t currently have a job and he told me that it wasn’t their problem but seeing that I had no job he could offer me a “hardship” and reduce the overall total amount from $3k and some odd dollars in half. I told him that all I had was a Child Support Card and that I used that for my children’s expenses and needs that their father pays into and that I don’t have anything else and that’s when he became pretty threatening and said that if I didn’t come up with at least $101.00 to start paying every month ( or in his words I could very well cut that payment in half and pay them $50.50 every two weeks ) to equal the needed $101.00 ) otherwise they’d be seeking legal action against me and serve and take me to court and put out some kind of warrant or something on me. Chris did tell me several times that they only accept major credit cards debit cards and prepaid debit cards as forms of payment. I felt threatened and therefore after him saying it over and over I caved in and told them that I would give them the debit number from my child support card since that’s all I had and I started crying telling him to please not send me to jail and or court and I did let them know for the third time that this money was intended for my children and no bills owed and that seemed to satisfy

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Danielle, I’m sorry to hear you are going through such an ordeal with Zenith Financial Network. I am here to help you. I will immediately stop the harassment from Zenith Financial Network. 866-915-0918 is a number that belongs to ZFN. So, I’m confident that your complaints are about ZFN, rather than some other company. Given your financial situation, I can’t believe Chris Jacobs still demanded $101.00 per week or there would be legal action. AFN will not take legal action against you. I will help you. I’ll call you. Thanks, Mike michael@agrusslawfirm.com

  21. Mario

    zfn wants to take me to court for default at cash advance for the amount 4,000 plus attorney fees and court

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Mario, this is just a scare tactic. ZFN will not sue you. None of our clients have ever been sued by ZFN. Have you check your credit report to see if this debt is on it? Whether it’s on your credit report or not, I’ve got some suggestions on how to deal with ZFN. We’ve helped several other consumers with the same complaints against Zenith Financial. I’ll call you to discuss your rights. When I call you, my number will show up from 312-224-4695 on your caller ID. Thanks, Mike

  22. christopher

    got a call from zfn about a debt the told me if i did make a payment by this friday they were gonna take me to court they call all day with differnt numbers and then with a 888 number what do i do on this matter

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hello Christopher, the threat to take you to court if a payment is not made by a certain time may be a violation of law, as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits “the threat to take any action that cannot legally be taken or that is not intended to be taken.” If the harassment continues, seek a consultation so we can help you determine if you have a case. Thanks, Mike.

      1. christopher

        they have allready called me 3 times today with the number 2817511171 therting me i dont know wat to do cause i have allready called were i got the loan from and they told me that they dont take pepole to court so what can i do

        1. Mike Agruss

          This is perplexing. I’m not sure if 281-751-1171 is associated with Zenith Financial. Have you received anything in writing from ZFN? Is ZFN, or the original creditor, on your credit report. I’ll help you get to the bottom of this. Please call my office at 888-572-0176 or e-mail me at michael@agrusslawfirm.com Thanks, Mike.

  23. Gary Hamilton

    They took $155.00 out of my account without my permission or authorization.

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Gary, I’m sorry to hear you are going through this ordeal with Zenith Financial Network. Rest assured, you cam to right place to get information and help from this harassing debt collector. Taking money out of your account without your permission may violate state and federal laws. I’ve help a bunch of people being harassed by ZFN. So, now let’s see if I can help you under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the laws in order to help you get your money back. You should also call your bank and dispute the withdrawal. Thanks, Mike.

  24. tony v

    ZFN and associates ave been calling my EX wife, who I no longer associate with….I want two things:

    1. cease and decist letter sent
    2. sue them as per your website language at no fee to me

    1. Mike Agruss

      I can do both things for you, Tony. The cease and desist letter will take me a minute, and I’ll do it for you for FREE. Did ZFN disclose the debt to your ex-wife? Is this a debt you two incurred while married. I have a few other questions I’d like to discuss with you on the phone in order to see if you have a debt collection harassment case against Zenith Financial. Either way, you will never pay me a penny for my time. I handle these cases on a fee-shift provision. That means, the other side pays my fees. Thanks, Mike.

  25. Jason

    I got a call from these ppl and they used a local number is it a scam

    1. Magruss

      Hi Jason, I do not think Zenith Financial is a scam. Zenith Financial’s website is http://www.zenithfinancialinc.com Although I have not helped any consumers being harassed by Zenith Financial, I can certainly discuss your situation with Zenith Financial. I have settled thousands of debt collection harassment cases. I would like to help you, too. Let’s discuss what Zenith Financial said to you on the phone. If you did not speak with Zenith Financial, and you want me to send a cease and desist letter, I can do that, too. Thanks, Mike.

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