Stop Santander Consumer USA Debt Harassment

Is Santander harassing you over a debt? Is Santander placing robocalls to you or sending you unsolicited text messages? You have rights under state and federal laws! We will aggressively enforce the law to stop this harassment. Not only will we stop the harassment, but you may be entitled to money damages, too. Finally, you won’t have to pay us a dime for our services. Keep reading to learn about your rights.



Santander Consumer USA is an automotive financing company; they sell car loans nationwide, from their headquarters in Dallas, TX. Santander was founded in 1997, by a group of auto industry businessmen; the company is owned by Banco Santander. They sell new and used car loans, auto-refinancing packages (traditional and “cash-back”), and subprime loans for people with “bad credit” (this comes directly from their website).

What happens, though, if you find yourself in financial difficulty and you cannot pay your Santander bills? Well, you’re not alone. If Santander is contacting you to collect a debt, whether you owe it or not, Santander must follow the law. Santander is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau; but the BBB has received 2351 complaints about the company’s billing and collection department in the last twelve months alone.

If Santander has done anyone of the following, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for a free case evaluation:

• Called you after you told them to stop calling you.

• Called you about a debt you do not owe.

• Continued to call you after you have told the collector you cannot pay the debt.

• Communicated (phone or letter) with you after you filed for bankruptcy.

• Communicated (phone or letter) with you after you told the collector you have a lawyer.

• Called you before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.

• Called you at work after you told the collector you cannot receive such calls at work.

• Left you a voicemail message without saying the company’s name.

• Called third parties (family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors).

• Threatened legal action against you.

• Placed robocalls to you.

• Sent you unsolicited text messages.

If Santander has done any of the above, you may be entitled to money damages. Plus, you won’t have to pay us a dime for our services. Founding attorney, Michael Agruss, has settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. Now, we want to you help you, too. Contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, at 888-572-0176 for a free consultation.

Santander has quite a few telephone numbers it places collection calls from. Santander may be calling you from the following telephone numbers:

214-237-3516, 214-540-2035, 817-887-0121, 214-540-5503, 303-302-1410, 619-757-1241, 214-666-1356, 619-757-1242, 800-877-4696, 877-400-0215, 877-538-9152, 787-281-3200, 214-237-3508, 972-559-1162, 214-650-2035, 214-540-0714, 800-222-4227, 214-634-1110, 442-100-7960, 571-217-1486, 888-408-9562, 617-259-1575, 787-999-6221, 877-700-3546, 866-469-6799, 646-456-7602, 949-529-0423, 619-755-1242, 800-214-5303, 214-506-1105, 877-823-4593, 818-267-6319, 877-898-8468, 503-457-1062, 407-260-3620, 845-351-2275, 442-100-7900, 212-512-2524, 951-977-4149, 817-605-4978, 800-207-8767, 214-390-3511, 877-331-7279, 866-243-1618, 800-215-6922, 800-214-7871, 800-606-9214, 877-508-6307, 214-542-5047, 866-443-3138, 403-879-2276, 469-484-6700, 496-385-5260, 877-297-7557, 312-348-1532, 682-651-4196, 312-893-4804, 469-540-5260, 619-655-4492, 866-932-6763, 214-506-7175, 877-788-2688, 702-240-2622, 866-610-2732, 321-352-4120, 908-922-4132, 281-441-1523, 816-335-9908, 818-004-0548, 702-520-2310, 113-297-9698, 917-460-0037, 361-208-2008, 323-934-3159, 206-200-7100, 201-225-8227, 442-100-6000, 787-763-0044, 939-205-1008, 552-636-3501, 972-557-7376, 214-614-3300, 866-923-9860, 702-553-460


Comments - Stop Santander Consumer USA Debt Harassment

  1. Visitor

    I was checking a number that keeps calling me and found your site. I get calls from debt collectors several times a day, almost every day, and I was curious to see whether or not this law firm is legitimate I’m ending the harassment!

  2. Liz

    I need some info.. santander consumer is harassing us about our auto loan. Sure. We bought our 2010 honda civic here in hawaii in 2012 with financing through santander. Our payments were set at 396.34 each month and we paid it on time every time until my fiance got injured on the job in early 2014… for 2 years we have had difficulty paying the entire amount due but ALWAYS notified them if we were paying less or requesting help. They did lower our payments to 200 a Month for 6 months but that ended last august. They call every single day. I made 2 payments in march. Even though they were partial payments. I got a call last week and told the person when I would be abless to make a payment. . They called yesterday… I had to repeat the whole thing again… she just called again. Not even 24 hours later and not even close to the date I told them I’d make a payment. My fiance ended up having a breakdown and now they call me. I think they still try to call his phone but he won’t answer it. I was nice to them until I started getting calls everyday despite already having answered their questions incessantly!

  3. Robert

    I have an autoloan with santander usa, at 24%intetest.what would be an option to get the interest rate decreased?If possible. I’ve been a Santander customer for a year now,and i fall two months behind and the interest keep piling!

  4. Kameelah

    I believe Santander has harassed me with their collection practice s. Up until a month ago, Santander would call me at least 3 or 4 times a day. My car loan is currently 40 days past due. I’m no longer eligible for deferments and have trouble making monthly payments. Yes and at this time I’d prefer to type if you don’t mind. I will seek another option. I’m not totally comfortable giving you my information!

  5. Angelica

    Hello, I have a car loan with Santander and they are very annoying. They call after 8pm some days and they have even called my job and my families number after I have specifically told them to stop calling my family. I have been having a hard time paying my loan due to financial hardship and trying to help a family member financially and I have to them that and they are considerate at all. I just need help with these harrassing phone calls. And the phone number they use to call my job is a 401 number which is very strange. I hope you can help with this. Thank you

  6. Stephanie

    I received at least 20 robocalls from Santander USA.My cell phone number was provided on the credit application when they purchased my portfolio from the original lenders. Can I sue them for the calls or does it depends on if I checked a box saying I give them permission to call using the robo system?

  7. Angela Schumaker

    Santadar is contacting me pretty much daily and have been for a while, most of time is robocall, when they do leave a message they do not ID the company that they work for, They have left message for 2 or 3 different people…. I DO NOT have anything financed thru this company at all and never have, I have had my phone number for 4-5 years now…. I have requested that they remove my phone number from the system 9 times now, they refuse to do such and continue to call and harass me, for a debt that does not even belong to me…. When I called Santadar main company, they told me i need to go to a branch and request my number to be removed… really….. I don’t live near a branch… I am not at all in debt to this company I DONT owe this company any money, I HAVE NEVER had a load with this company, they are making my life stressful because they call all the time…..

  8. George

    I co-signed an auto loan with Citi Bank for my exwife several years ago. The loan was subsequently sold/transfered to Santander Consumer USA. I was informed recently that the loan had a remaining $4K+ balance due to changes that were made in the terms (this loan should have been paid off several years ago). Santander is now demanding full payment with any payments being made in less than the full amount going only to “interest charges”. I contend that the changes made to the loan were not approved by me and that this constitutes a TIL or Regulation Z violation. I would like to have the loan dismissed with title to the vehicle going to me (or my ex-spouse) with a refund of any principal or interest payments made in excess of the original contract. Do I have a case. Please note, while some payments were late in being made, the note was never delinquent by current lending standards.

  9. Heather

    I have 2 car loans with Santandar and have had nothing but issues with this company. We have had my car loan for 6 years, the maturity date is up, we still owe money and the balance went up. The original amount of the car was an estimated $14,000.00…maturity date was up and it looked like we still owed estimated $3,800, the next month the balance jumped almost $1,000.00. They rhave also epossessed this car once with no notice and we had to pay $2000.00 to get it out of the repo shop. They have also called on nights, weekends, my husbands job, etc. My truck is also through Santandar and we are comin up on the maturity date and still owe a lot on this vehicle. I do not see how after 6 years paying $400 each per month that we still owe this much money on these vehicles. Granted, we have had late payments and defferred payments on both vehicles but it seems outrageous to still owe this much money on these vehicles. I requested an itemized statement on both v ehicles from the start of the loan in June or July and I can email them to you if needed. We also had to take out a small loan at a company calles EZ Money loan service. It was a $1000.00 loan, I pay $200.00 bi-weekly a month in interest…that’s $400.00 a month in interest alone so of course I am not able to put anything on that actual principle so the balance stays the same. Is that high of an interest rate legal. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do about these companies. We feel helpless. Thank you.

  10. Angela Clark

    I have received numerous phone calls seven dayss a week even sunday morning before church. I have asked for deferral. They have denied it. Now they have repossessed my car and they want 1500.00 before they release the car plus auction fees. By 19th. I have tried to get loan ams retirement unable to get ths funds. I offered 1000. They wouldnt take it. I need help

  11. CECE

    Hello, I had that exact problem a year or so ago. The calls stopped coming, but then when I tried to go into the login and pw page to pay a bill, I could not access it. So I started sending in payments by mail, they cash them but no matter how many times I put my phone number down, or notate, that I need contact so I can find out my balance. No response what so ever. When I call the customer service number 888-222-4227. I enter the account number 1902008. They never come on the line, and I end up hanging up. I contacted my attorney that handled the case when they were harassing me, he cannot get any answers either. Maybe you can help. I would appreciate it.

    1. Michael Agruss

      Hi Cecilia,

      Please call me so we can discuss your problem with Santander. I have settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases, and I think I can help you, too. Under the law, we can get the collector to stop harassing you, and get you money damages. Plus, the collector will be responsible for our attorney’s fees. You won’t owe us a dime for our services.

      Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Mike Agruss
      Michael S. Agruss – Agruss Law Firm, LLC
      22 W. Washington St., Suite 1500, Chicago, IL 60602
      Local: 312-224-4695 / Toll-free: 888-572-0176 / Fax: 312-253-4451

    2. Magruss

      Hi Cece, I have helped several other consumers who’ve had issues with Santander. How frustrating that you’re paying your bill, yet Santander calls and harasses you. Let’s talk about this on the phone. I’ll call you. I’ll help you write a letter to Santander to work out this issue. Thanks, Mike.

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