Student Loans

In the United States, student loan debt has reached an unprecedented $1.26 trillion, exceeding credit card debt and second only to mortgage debt, and the average student today will leave college with nearly $30,000 in student loans.

For many, this financial burden has become unmanageable. Student loan debt can not only affect daily financial decisions, but also prevent graduates from working toward and achieving long-term goals, such as purchasing a home and starting a family. Furthermore, the student debt crisis has created a niche for debt relief companies to scam students by promising loan assistance or forgiveness for an upfront fee, which bears some resemblance to the rise in foreclosure-rescue scams during the mortgage crisis of 2007 to 2009.

Here are some more statistics: of $1.26 trillion in student loan debt, Direct Loans account for about $911.6 billion and 30.5 million borrowers; FFEL loans (Stafford, Unsubsidized Stafford, Federal PLUS, and Federal Consolidation) account for about $342.6 billion and 16.8 million borrowers; and Perkins loans account for about $8 billion and 2.7 million borrowers. Also worth noting is that the majority of the student debt “bubble” has accumulated in the past ten years, as total student loan debt has increased by 84% since 2007 when our current recession began.

If you are struggling with student loans, you may feel overwhelmed or unable to find a solution, but there are people who can help. At Agruss Law Firm, LLC, we have helped thousands of clients in debt find the relief they need. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

Complaints - Student Loans

  1. Nick

    Hello, I was enrolled at the top under the pretense that I would be able to complete my bachelor’s in environmental science on my own time and that it would not interfere with me being a full-time commercial electrician. Well, I did this for a while and could not bear to do it any longer and now I have a huge debt!

  2. George

    My name is George. I’m getting calls from 8665139461. I’m trying to play catch up with my car payment from Bank of America and Google says that number is from them!

  3. Sharon

    Jefferson capital brought one of my student private loans from sally mae and they sued me for it now they have a judgment against me stating that they may garnish my wages if i do not pay or come up with a payment plan. I would like some advice on what i can do!

  4. Patti

    I saw an ad I did send in my info just reading through what others have said. I cosigned for my daughter’s student loans and she always pays sometimes she is a little late and then I get constant calls from Wells Fargo multiple times a day. I am just tired of them calling me multiple times a day at all hours!

  5. Peyton

    I have been doing some research on University Accounting Services, LLC. They have been trying to contacting me about paying for a need grant and scholarship I received. I ended up transferring schools and no longer was eligible for the grant and scholarship. I was only eligible for loans. Now I am being asked to pay back the scholarship and grant. I am unsure why. I made sure that before I left my other college, I wasn’t gonna have to owe anything out of pocket. They told me that anything still pending will be sent back to the original distributors. I am still a college student and cannot afford to pay anything back while I am in school since I work ten hours a week. I’m mostly just frustrated and confused by the situation!

  6. Jo Ann

    I was frist, contacted on April 10, of 2018. I was frist contacted by the company named( EMCM) EDUCATION CREDIT MNGMT CORP. THIS COMPANY LOOKS LEGITE BUT THE MORE I RESEARCHED THE COMPANY THE MORE I FOUND OUT IT WAS A SCAM….. THEN CAME ALL THE PHONE CALLS AND THAT IS WHEN THEY EVEN WENT SO FAR AS TH GANISH MY PAYCHECK FROM THR COMPANY I WAS WORKING FOR,TJMAXX INC. THATS WHEN I REALLY GOT UPSET BUT I really did”t realize I wsa being scamed. They took several 20.00and 40.00 payments out of my pay check and THEN I LOST THE JOB .due to a car accident. After that THIS COMPANY DID NOT STOP THERE—- THIS YEAR MY US DEPARTMENT OF TUESURY TAX RETURN 2018 THEY GARNISHED THE ENTIRE TAX RETURN!!!!!This is all very annonying and HAS PUT ME IN A GRET DEAL OF PRESSURE TO FIND OUT WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO CAN WORK FOR A SHAMLESSS COMPANY LIKE ECMC!!!!An if you are little person out in the world, when you dont have any one tho listen you are very helpless. This has gone on for me for two years, and they are still harassing me PLEASE HELP ME AND OTHERS PEOPLE !!THIS HAS HAPPEN TO ONE OF MY FRIENDS AND MY NEICE THIS YEAR ..EVERY PERSON AROUND ME. ALTO OF MY FRENDS ALL GOT THEIR INCOME TAXES TAKEN AWAY THIS YEAR!!! HELP PLEASE!!!

  7. Gisela

    I have had a school loan back in 2008/2009 now they took my full tax refund of $7258!

  8. Joshua

    My business banking account is frozen. They had me call the main customer service number who informed me to call 8885720176 which is to this law firm. They said they were unable to provide additional info. I just opened the account last week. Deposited cash from another business acct. I have with PNC for about a year. All cash deposits and went to use the debit card and declined. went to use bank check and denied. Logged on to the account and said my balance but the available is $0.0, Just curious, why would you think I would be referred to this law firm? i never heard of it and I have no pending garnishments. PNC said the contact person at your firm is Debbie but didnt see her in the directory. Can you email me a copy of this conversation?!

  9. Jeannie

    My phone no. is on the other page, can you contact me tomorrow or next day please. This is regarding 4 collection agencies that are sending me letters about my student loan with 2 of them Delta and Windham garnishing my pay. They are taking so much that I am starting to lose everything. My car has been taken and my home is next. Im 63yrs old and care for my daughter whom has cancer and is bed ridden. I work at a very physical job in a factory and barely get by. Now I am so stressed out I cant stand it and dont know what to do. Please Help. My job is about 15 miles from my home. It is very hard to get rides without having money to pay people for gas. I have written the 2nd Company over 2 wks ago but have heard nothing. I did not get any court order before they starting taking my pay!

  10. Zelma

    My name is Zelma. I’ve received a call from this number when I called back to speak with someone I received a voicemail and no one has returned my call. I’m just trying to figure out who keeps contacting me from there and why!

  11. Tracey Strong

    My student loan has been sold to this group. I paid 5.00 a month to Pioneer Credit Recovery and now they are saying that I didn’t fill out the paperwork correctly and that it didn’t count and I am still in default. Is there anything I can do?

  12. Kathy

    I have been struggling with student loan debt of 30k since 2000. The loans are continuously be sold to other companies and I cannot keep it straight. I was not able to finish school and when I moved the credits were not transferable. Long story to this mess. Regardless, I am now 50 years old and I am tired of this hanging over my head. The degree that I wanted really is of no use and has no benefit to me at all. It was a waste of time. Is there a way to get this forgiven or reduced down? Seriously, I cannot afford to pay out an extra $200 a month. I know you have bigger issues to help people with but any insight and or direction would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  13. April

    I have over $125k in student loan debt. Sallie Mae is my student loan provider. I graduated in 2015 and am working in my field and only make $12/hr at 40 hours a week. My Sallie Mae payments are $475 a month and they cannot lower anymore!

  14. megan

    I get calls that I can give forgiven my loans and that I have to pay but I’m stulk enrolled and cricket attending school about to graduate. I know they aren’t my loan company so how did they get my info and why don’t they stop, I’m tired of it

  15. Rosemarie

    I went to college to earn my LPN license. I do have outstanding student loans, which I know I need to pay. My husband and I adopted a sibling group of seven children and we have had medical bills for the children and myself and have been unable to pay the student loans. I have had my income tax return offset because of this problem!

  16. jeannie culbertson

    My name is Jeannie and I am 63 yrs old and work full time in Kingman , Arizona. Back in April of 2017 Delta Management
    services began garnishing my wages for Student Loans in the amount of 20,221.00. at 15%. They have 5 student loans that
    they say I have defaulted on. I did attend college in 2007-2009. 5 semesters in all but did not get my degree nor was
    I able to work in the field I went to class for. I did receive
    some money but still have my receipts for the loans I got and they were not even close to the amount they are taking from me now. Anyway now another collection company is taking 10% for the same amount. Windham Professional s, Inc. These collections are about to make me lose my home I live in with my daughter whom is disabled and has
    cancer. I work full time in a factory and pay a lot of medical bills. I just lost my vehicle due to this garnishment and I have tried to tell these people that if I cant get to work noone will get money. I am so stressed out and it is beginning to take its toll. We are barely paying bill now and I don’t know where we will go if they keep robbing me blind. HELP PLEASE!!! If you could contact me please , I work from 11am to 7:30pm Mon – Friday.
    Thank-You very kindly,

  17. Visitor

    I would like more information about a situation I am having with asset recovery associates Last year I received a call from them to satisfy a debt, which I rightfully owe. Because I couldn’t pay off $8000+ they asked for a payoff of about 3800. In the end we agreed on 25 dollars a month. I called them today to see about increasing my payment to 75. The man was accusing me, threatening me etc. I ended up having to hang up on him. He called saying that I spoke with a different person and that he was someone else and wanted to try and resolve it. Low and behold it was the same man and he started yelling and threatening and accusing me. He has called back 4 times since. This has been in the last 30 mins I have to say I’m a bit leary only because of this situation!

  18. Joe

    I have been getting numerous phone calls from CDR robo calls and not just from them I have no idea why they are calling I do owe some businesses money however I cant afford to pay them at the moment but these robo calls are getting ridiculous 888-236-7147 is the number however if I block it they just call from a different number!

  19. Leroy


  20. Fred

    I paid 1800 to mns are they for real or scamming me. got call from joe grading said pay by 31 or lea gal action against me get prepaid card so I had to by 3 500.00 card and 1 300.00. i received a email official looking saying I paid im going to go to3960 Harlem road suite 14 and kick the shit out of joe Harding ext 106. Like I said joe called said I had to pay by settlement of 1800 by the 31 or there would be legal actions against me. For what I’m going to call police if I got scammed to who / who do you work for. wtf did I get robbed there was a web site on internet. is mns a legal bill collector or is a scam. We’ll if I got a confirmation email that I paid then that’s good right. He diffently threaten me with going to jail and court fees so I used my rent money. Had to be paid by Oct 31 he sent a email 2 days later saying I paid and that a letter would be in the mail I never got it!

  21. Katie

    I have been harassed from MNS saying I owe a debt. Received a voicemail stating that I owe them money. Called them back and the guy was laughing when he answered the phone. His name was Joshua Elliot. I hung up because it just didn’t sound legit. They called my sister right after wanting my SS# and form of payment. She said she would give me the message to call them back. Then they called my husband. He gave them his email address to send a letter stating that we owe this. They sent the email a week later!

  22. Katie

    I had spoke to someone yesterday. Was just checking the status. Katie Hebert. I also have a letter that M.N.S. had emailed. Should I forward that? No I didn’t send the letter!

  23. Tim

    i work for a company that is exposing employee to asbestos an knowing they are doing it an even the safety person knows it is going on . lots of people are being exposed an loading an unloading this material with out a license , what are my wrights , its been going on for the 3 years sence i have work there . i caint it no more want to do some thing about it for my heath an my life . yes my heath in the last year has been going bad have been seeing a gastro for abdominal pain an pooping blood( sorry ) if u truly can not please be ohnest help. dirty trailers bags broke open . i have lots of pictures an lots of samples from trailer equipment close.2!

  24. Seun

    I wanted to set up a consult with a collection attn about a judgement I have against a company…Is that possible? I won a judgement (half the amount I asked) against a tow company. 3 weeks after, the company hired a big shot lawyer who filed a “Motion to modify the judgement from about $6,000 to $700. I went to court today and barely 5 mins late(cos I had to leave my clinic class again), I was told the case was called already in my absence and they entered a “contested motion briefing schedule order”. I waited and the judge called my case again. Judge was mad at the Lawyers for the company for not telling her I was coming and not waiting for the case. And said she would warn them herself. Anyways, she gave me the signed order. What do I do now? I tho you can only Vacate or Appeal a judgement? Is there such a thing as “modifying the amount”. Should this not go to Higher court..not small claims court? Just the day before this court date, I was in court for a Citation to Discover Assets 3rd party. Neither the Bank or the company showed up to. So I got a conditional judgement against the Bank. Now I have to be in court again for the bank issue. My major concerns is that they filed an inappropriate/incorrect motion. Am I correct?? Or tell me how to go about “contested motion briefing schedule order” The “contested motion briefing schedule order” states I should response in 28days and the also gives a date for another hearing in 60days!

  25. Pamela

    I have debt with Franklin collections for hospital bills. They refuse to take any payment unless I can give a down payment of over $1,000, which I cannot do. I want to pay off the debt but can only pay $25-$50 a month. Do I need an attorney, what are my options if they won’t accept my payments? I filled out paperwork for financial hardship with the hospital, they never responded and said they were still working on my papers. There are three separate hospital bills. Two for my infant daughter being in the hospital and one for my cervical spine surgery. I’m disabled, seeking disability, and haven’t worked in four years. My husband works full time but he supports me and our four kids, so we cannot afford the large down payment they are demanding. The hospital is DCH in Tuscaloosa Al, the bills were sent to Franklin for collection!

  26. Patrick

    NCA has been leaving multiple phone messages on my voicemail in regards to my brothers debt. I know this is illegal to under fair debt collections act but I don’t want to deal with my brother or NCA. Its not my debt. Its my brothers debt. I don’t speak with him and don’t know what type of debt it is….but I assume its been purchased from another collection company…because I have been getting various ones for the past couple years. they come in spurts. I can provide information on my brother if it helps clairify the case. Because … even though I don’t speak with him or agree with things he’s done in the past….Im pretty sure the illegal collection activities of this company and others has been going on against him too. Im just tired of my information being dragged into the mess. anyway, thank you!

  27. Marcus

    yes I called about 4 month ago reference number 7941241…my name is mr. Vaughn Washington,tower loans has really been harrashing me non stop and I really need your help,and iam checking to see do I have a case against them.they have been calling the house day in and day out and harrashing me and my wife.i really could use the money to help pay them off in a hurry!

  28. Geoffrey

    I have been attempting to repay my student debt since graduating UIC in 2011. Last year I paid $7000 towards student loans and my gross income was $21,000. Despite sending away 33% of my gross income, my loans managed to accrue $6,000 in interest during this time. I have tried to be responsible and pay my loans back in good faith to this point and have only had them grow in size. I pay more a month in loan repayment than living expenses, and cannot foresee ever paying off my loans, let alone affording anything. I can hardly manage to feed myself and only do so thanks to great assistance from my significant other. Navient has recently raised my interest rate to 10.5% and refuses to lower it. I cannot spare anything to stop my federal loans to continue accruing interest while I attempt to keep my private loans from doing the same. I am open to any solutions that will allow me to stop having this situation continually ruin my life and my future and appreciate your response in advance.

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