The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulates the collection, dissemination, and use of consumer information, including consumer credit information. Along with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), it forms the base of consumer credit rights in the United States. The FCRA was originally passed in 1970, and is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission and private litigants. The information in your credit report is used to evaluate your application for credit, insurance, employment, and renting a home. Therefore, you should be sure the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Additionally, monitoring your credit is one of the best ways to spot identity theft. Consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) are entities that collect and distribute information about consumers to be used for credit evaluation and certain other purposes, including employment.

Credit bureaus, a type of consumer reporting agency, hold a consumer’s credit report in their databases. Consumer reporting agencies have a number of responsibilities under FCRA, including the following:

  • Provide a consumer with information about him or her in the agency’s files and to take steps to verify the accuracy of information disputed by a consumer.
  • Consumers are able to receive one free credit report a year.
  • If negative information is removed as a result of a consumer’s dispute, it may not be reinserted without notifying the consumer within five days, in writing.
  • CRAs may not retain negative information for an excessive period.

The FCRA describes how long negative information, such as late payments, bankruptcies, tax liens, or judgments may stay on a consumer’s credit report — typically seven years from the date of the delinquency. An information furnisher, as defined by the FCRA, is a company that provides information to consumer reporting agencies. Typically, these are creditors, with which a consumer has some sort of credit agreement. For example, credit card companies, auto finance companies, mortgage banking institutions, collection agencies (third-party collectors), and court judgments. Under the FCRA, these information furnishers may only report to a consumer’s credit report under specified guidelines. Information furnishers have an important role to play in ensuring credit reports are accurate. Some of these guidelines include:

  • They must provide complete and accurate information to the credit reporting agencies.
  • The duty to investigate disputed information from consumers falls on them, and they must correct an error, or explain why the credit report is correct within 30 days of receipt of notice of a dispute.
  • They must inform consumers about negative information which has been or is about to be placed on a consumer’s credit report within 30 days.

It is crucial that you check your credit report at least once a year to correct errors and detect unauthorized activity. Contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for help receiving your free credit report. More importantly, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for help disputing inaccurate information in your credit report.

Complaints - The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

  1. Yun

    Hi I am being sued by a debt collector and need professional advice I got a few mailers in the mail from attorneys saying that a collection agency had filed a lawsuit against me for debt i owe debt amount is $16,000 Chicago IL ok Yeah I saw Michael Agruss is highly rated on google. Also would like to know details of this lawsuit I was not aware that I was being sued for the debt directly and not sure where to find more information yes!

  2. Cyd O.

    RJM ACQ LLC is trying to collect BOA checking account overdraft charges which they created and it was settle in a class action law suit i got a $5.00 check. There are trying to collect 1,2900 in overdraft charges. I looked on my credit report in may and found RJM ACQ LLC indicated i owe a debt with no prior notice. I put a compliant in with CFPB but they said they had the right to collect it a case for me prior and they immediately removed it off my credit report. Thank you for that. I think I have a copy of the settlement check!

  3. Daniel

    They had ownership of our account but sold it to a company here in mms who are taking us to court…my question is if they harassed us during the time they owned the account do I now have any legal rights…sorry slow typer!

  4. Maxine

    I put some houses up for sale a few years ago. When I tried to close the sale I discovered a debt collector had placed a lien on the properties. The debt was over 10 years old, so the debtor had inflated the actual amount with late fees and interest charges. I had to borrow the money to pay them in order to sell the houses. What I would like to know if it is too late to do anything about it. Also, because I had to hire an attorney, it took almost a year to remove the lien. The collection agency (Regency) delayed sending all documentation, the buyer reduced his payment because of their actions!

  5. Keith

    I have a collection company that has recently started contacting me for a debit I owe. I am also receiving weird calls now With blank voicemails, sound like breathing!

  6. Wes

    I incurred student loans from a school that closed halfway through my studies. I requested and received a denial of garnishment from a District Court Judge at the National. arbitration center in Texas. GC Services went ahead and garnished my wages. I believe my loans amounted to about 19,000. To date they have collected 21999.50, and all three tax refunds from 2011,2012,2013, amounting to approximately 2500. How much more bloodletting must I stand before I can receive a payoff balance, since they have never sent me an updated accounting.?? actually, I work graveyard and will be going to bed within the hour. When would be a good time, and number to get back with you after Monday? There appears to be no way to contact anyone from GC Services with knowledge of my loans, since I was told yesterday @ 866-770-7241 by “Carla” that to date I had paid less than 10,000 of my student loans. I can document from payslips from my employer the 21999.50 listed on my paystubs (end of year) of total Student Loan payments amounting to this figure. I would have to go back to my 2011,12,13 returns to determine exactly the 2500. amount, because I would have received refunds each of those years, and my last,2013 was for more than 1700. I was notified each year that the IRS had applied all of my refunds to my student loans. The worst part is that I will never be able to finish the school, because the closest school to me that offers court transcription is in Phoenix, AZ. However, I am 61 years old and that was to be my retirement job. Since the school closed, and at the time I was on a leave of absence for my Mother’s Health reasons, NELA said I owed it even though on June 1, 2011 I received the denial of garnishment letter and finding in my favor. I don’t really have a lot of money, and this garnishment has made it very difficult for me since two of my sons live with me, neither one able to work, one fully disabled with Tourette’s Syndrome, the other with Neurological disorders. I feel at this point that I have overpaid NELA and their agent GC Services, and would like to know just where my loans stand. Right now I am with Cricket — they just sold out to at&t, and I don’t have a valid number to give you. I’m told the tradeover of accounts could take up to 15 days, so I don’t know if my present number will be the same or not!

  7. Visitor

    I was deceived into accepting finance through local Toyota Dealership, who told me my new Toyota would be financed through my local Savings & Loan; however, when I got the finance papers, the amount was incorrect, the % rate was 2% higher than promised, and it was through Toyota Finance; can you help? Its too long to “chat” on, but in a nutshell, I was deceived into accepting financing, which was supposed to be at 0.9% at local Savings & Loan Ass’n here in Florida, with whom I had a good working and payment relationship with; when the papers came in from the Lender, I discovered it was Toyota Finance, and at 2.99%, not the 0.9% promised on a 2014 Toyota Prius; I have contacted the Dealership, but they won’t talk to me; I called to Toyota Fiance and they tell me they don’t know anything about what dealership did. Its a bit “run-around.” HELP. Since talking with both of them, Toyota Finance calls me almost everyday, but hangs up before I can answer the phone, and when I do answer the phone, as happened twice in the past 10 minutes, they hang up. I live in Crystal River, Florida!

  8. Shay

    I saw your firm online. FCO is trying to collect from us. Its an apt move-out bill that was paid. The mgmt company went bankrupt and doesn’t exist anymore. Money order in April last year. Heard nothing from them again until March this year and this FCO is suddenly treating it like a collection!

  9. Lynn

    my husband passed away in september and now my 80 yr old father is getting calls from some “slugs” at ascension recovery services. hes too old to deal with them. is there anything i can do? im so angry right now about this so i thought id get some advise before i just angrily call them!

  10. JoAnne

    I apparently have a debt which isn’t real with Fidelity Information Corporation. I wanted to fight it but I am in LA, CA. In Feb 2014, my sister and I received a letter from Fidelity Information Corportation saying that we owed $12,000. We were in shock as we had no idea where this came from. My sister did some research and a previous landlord company is claiming we didn’t pay rent for several months. I personally have evidence that I moved out and was no longer on the lease in 2012 and the company that is saying that we owe money to them – I never signed a lease with nor did my sister. We never received any communication – written or verbal – from the landlord saying that this money was owed to them. If I had, I would have shown proof – which I have physically as I write this – that I was never under a lease with them and that I had left in 2012!

  11. Mike

    Yes I am having an issue with a debt collection agency and have actually used your law firm before. I contacted Midland Credit Managment within 30 days of first communication asking for proof that the debts that they claim to have bought were mine, I have a lot of debts because of medical issues, and I asked for proof that they own the debt in question if this debt is trully mine. This was back inMarch and the request was sent certified. To this day, they have only provided bills from the original creditor that I do not recall doing buisness with. I have also contacted the CFPB and they have only provided them with these same documents but no contracts that I signed with the original company or any docuents that they bought the debt and to this day, I am still recieving letters trying to collect and even though they did report the debt desputed, they are still on my credit report. I appologize for the length!

  12. Kevin

    hi ok getting calls because my account is 170 dollars past due. it’s only a month past do. I told them I would pay them when I can but they continue to call everyday around 6-7 pm. I do plan to pay them but ran into a family emergency. unexpected bill came up. my account has always been in good standing and just now I need a break and can’t get it!

  13. Donna Sanders

    d released I have heard nothing since. I was injued by a fkying umbrella in a restaurant taken to hospital released w meds spoke to comoany once since then. Yhe umbrella came out of the holder two tables away from my friend and I I avoided it fell to the ground the chairs fell on me my keg was caught in chair and one fell on my bsck. The umbrella was not secued and Im still in meds and in pain!

  14. Guillermo

    I got a call from a 8557071503 saying the im being sued and served with a sunmmons for a debt the companys name is American Portfolio and Recovery and I looked it up and it look was fraud. they gave me a case number and a phone number to call back. not that I know of this is the first time I got a call like this and I have to call them by the end of the day or ill be served at home or work that’s it!

  15. Mary

    My employer (Hardin Co Atty Office) received a wage garnishment from an attorney through Louisville KY on behalf of a Palasides Collection Agency for something back in 2004. I do not owe this. This was paid off. How do I get this attorney in Louisville to STOP the garnishment. I have a letter but it is not the original (I do not think) 2004 divorce action in Hardin Co KY. My ex-husband had applied for (several) credit cards with my name attached. This particular one through a Providian Bank (credit card) apparently was never paid in full. My ex did pay it while we were going through our divorce action. Palasides Collections filed a case through an 04-C case action against me since the card was in my name in 2004. Nothing ever went further since my ex paid it and i ASSUMED was completed. Now an attorney in Louisville KY has filed as an ‘intervening petitioner’ and then submitted a garnishment to my employer. I had contacted the attorney back in October, 2013 to advise this was not my debt nor was it owed since my ex-husband satisified this particular credit card. But now, (obviously) the attorney in Lousville KY has filed against me!

  16. Alissa

    I wanted to get some information. What qualifies for harassment on behalf of a debt collector? I was called 10 times today by the same phone number. Advanced Call Center Technologies. Well I’m in the process of filing bankruptcy and I am obviously getting a lot of collection call. I noticed this phone number has been calling very often. Will I be called from a local number. I don’t answer calls that are not identified!

  17. Kiersten

    I am trying to find out is my current auto loan company can deny another bank from paying off my trade-in as well as falsify information pertaining to said vehicle. My husband and I applied for financing on a new vehicle and to cover the negative equity from the trade. Wells Fargo contacted Santander about our loan (behind 99 days) asking to have them release it. Santander responded by saying they would not release the lien because it was 4 months behind and they are going to repossess it. Wells Fargo was going to approve it until Santander did what they did!

  18. Charlene

    I have these debt collectors harassing me. leaving all information on everyone in my family about charges filed against me at work. they are calling my place of employment. they are violating my rights under the FCRA. they don’t like me much because I harass them right back leave all kinds of messages and interfere with their quota by harassing them. they don’t like my imaginary friend Jimmy either LOL. so it looks like they now got this levy brown in volved and tell me to call them and the number does not take inbound phone calls. I sent a letter to the attorney general , ftc and consumer protection. but this has taken a toll on me and my family im on the verge of a nervous breakdown had to go to the doctor and big argument with my family that will now possibly result in a divorce. was not sure if you handled cases in PA and what is actually involved and costs!

  19. Ashley

    i came across your website after looking for information regarding a debt collection company. well they are calling me several times a day i am from canada. and i’m unsure of how I can get them to leave me alone of if there is a way I can move forward with harassment!

  20. Maxine

    a few months ago needed to make an emergency loan. The company told me how much the loan had a three year term and my payments would be.. that would be much easier. But all in all I made a $2500 loan but the company agreement was to pay back $18,000 with almost $400 a month payments. everypayment I made went to company fees and none towards the principle loan, Can they do this? I realize such lenders must make their money, but my payments were not applied toward the loan, and the repayment amount was triple plus the loan. I just want to know what i can do. I have lost my job and is unable to continue making payments. They call me night and day, and threaten to turn the collection to an agency. I hope I have an alternative to help me in this bad loan deal. It is unfortunate that I have lost my job, but the payments are too high. I had intended to repay the loan i full and avoid the three year term which meant paying $18,000. I hope someone can help, I try to manage my own finances and needed a loan but the % seems to be too much. I live on a fixed income and sometimes need a loan for a crisis, but do not care to be ripped off jsut because. I usually pay my bills, but this particular company seems to be taking an unfair advantage. If I am obligated to repay their loan why not for the amount borrowed with a smaller fee? I do not understand why nit is so much!

  21. Wakonda

    i’m trying to find out how and who are these people calling me and telling me i’m going to jail. in 2007 i did an pay day loan i don’t how for how much it’s been a long time so they call me i asked how did she get my number because this phone is not in my name but any way she said that she works for an investergtion company. so i told them i can pay 25 dollars a month so today a lady name ms.grodon just call me to tell me that i’m going to jail cause supossed have wrote an check in 2009 i didnt have an bank account no check. she told that wednesday the police will be coming to arrest me. that i’m paying one company an now another one is calling me. what should i do i dont have money!

  22. Martha

    Hi Claire, I just received a call from 866 627 4055, calling themselves Transdelta Corp. Is this correct? Seems this corporation is a debt collector, and I was just trying to verify anything because I paid them some money. They had a case #. I see that, I haven’t been harassed, but the number they listed seems to be associated with your firm. Are you associated with a collection company I wonder!

  23. Visitor

    Hello ..the debt that North star is trying. To collect on is not mine.The credit. Card is under my 86 year old mothers name..i was. Paying on this. discover credit card for her..i told them to stop calling. Her. And stop sending any bills to her however they have not.They offered. A selttlement of about 8800.00..i was even going to borrow against. My 401k…They told me that. My mother had the available credit on another card and she could do that..I told them I did not want her to do that.. My number is 404 903 3166..These people call from New york and Texas..i gave them my number. And my address..i sent them a payment..i filed. chapter 13 and i was. Hoping to put this with my bankruptcy..I was told that i could not include this since. It is not. In my name..My mother. Will be 87 on the 8th of.February..she has. Disconnected her answering machine because these people call all of the time!

  24. Grant

    I received a call from the “Asset Verification Dept.” for MNS. Asking for information on my sister. This is the second time they have contacted me. The first time I asked to be removed as they refused to give me any information. Too, my sister and I called together and they refused to give any information. This was two months ago. They called again today and said they have never called me before. I think it is scam; they are also very rude and shady. I don’t know what my options are and I found this website!

  25. Betsy

    I just received a call at my place of employment (which no personal calls are to come through) and they said that they wanted to speak with me about a legal matter. it took him for ever to give me anumber to call back, he was like” well I have the number here somewhere”.. I have no idea what he is calling about, he asked for me personally and I told him that that person was not in the office today. we are not allowed personal calls at work. and I don’t feel that it is legit that someone can just call about and say they need to speak with someone about a legal matter. when I look up the number he gave me, all the reviews say it is a scam and that I am entitled to a validation notice!

  26. Jordan

    I was interested in speaking to an attorney about credit repair issues. I requested a credit report and there was an error. I disputed with all 3 bureaus. After 30 days they all said it was valid but provided me no proof. I disputed again and still no proof just a letter that it was still valid. At this point I want to see what legal actions I have against them!

  27. Visitor

    I’m making payments on a debt. Its a debt from school!

  28. Valerie

    Hi, Can you help stop a creditor from calling my place of employment? I have a company who calls my cell phone at least 10 times per day and calling my place of employment daily. It is for a delinquent payday internet laon. That would be wonderful. This company called me today saying that they were having me arrested for nonpayment and that they would arrest me at work!

  29. Tom

    This widow popped up. I keep getting calls from 308-632-5150. Nothing else to sy except I don’t know who they are and they call at least once a week. I never answer. Who are they!

  30. Rene

    Hi, I am Rene. I paid allied interstate but they can’t issue me a receipt. What should I do in this case? It was about a cosign on my wife’s student loan. My name was on it as a cosigner. I paid my part but they don’t want to give me a relief receipt!

  31. Visitor

    i have recieved phone calls from numbers associated with halsted financial services and spoke to them twice they have been hatefull this lastiime and i hung up!

  32. Rita

    My brother is getting harrassing phone calls from Allied Interstate seeking to locate me. I want them to stop calling my brother’s house. The calls started two weeks ago. I don’t recall them calling me. I am not aware of any debts that I owe to any third party related to Allied Interstate. My brother says he gets automated calls, requesting that he press one, if he is me, and two if he is not. He presses two and the call disconnects. But the calls keep coming. I would have never put my brother’s number on any credit reference nor would I use my brother as a credit reference for contact in case of emergency or otherwise. We are not close in that way. So clearly Allied found our relationship via an internet search and was able to get his phone number and is now harassing him to get to me. I asked my brother to press the number one option the next time and say that he is me and get information about the purported debt!

  33. Visitor

    I was just in chat with Nina I just got disconnected. I have 5 outstanding Tickits in Nyc. In collection at allied interstate totaling about $780. I live in upsate Ny the tickets is parking tickets in Nyc. It’s under a plate which is surrendd already. But it’s still under my name!

  34. Michael

    Hi, this company has been consistently calling my father in law’s house looking for me. I am wondering why? Also why would they be calling a family member’s house for me? I would just like to have my in-laws removed from the list. The only details I know are that somebody from this number is calling my in laws from me and they are extremely aggravated!

  35. Lisa

    I have a debt collector called and my number is on the do not call list. Is this something your law firn handles? They call me and I also inform them my number is one the do not call list. After stating that to them, I received a call from them that was block!

  36. Joana

    Hi there, I juts found your webpage saying that you help with harassment from collection agency Halsted Financial, is that correct? Sure. I received a call from someone saying they are hasted financila, financial*. the guys asked my social security last 4 numbers, my birth date, etc he said, he just spoke to my boss, i asked who gave him permisiioon to speak to my boss about my debt, he said thats state law. i then said i will check laws and will call him back, so what i found said he cannot discuss my debt with anyone but me, spouse or my attorney, i called him back said thta, he then said ‘i am not obliged to tell you what i said to your boss’ and he tells me to set up payment over the phone or email, with my debit or credit card. I told him, i want documents mailed to me, so I will pay after that in parts as much as I can, that i will not make payments over the phone,he refused to do anything, but my cards info, also, he then said that if i dont pay by card now, he will mail letter to my boss and he absolutely refuses to mail me any paperwork, i am aware of this debt, just don’t like the way this collection agency is harassing me and contacting my boss, and refusing to mail bills!

  37. Edward

    Hi Kelsey. Halsted Financial is phoning on a multiple times per da basis, and sending mail to my elderly parents, with whom I have not lived with for over 25 years. The letter my parents gave me indicates that I owe $300.00 and they will settle for $180.00. I am unaware that I owe this dept. My name is Edward and I live in Baton Rouge, La. The supposed debt is with Cash Central Payday Loans!

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