Electronic Funds Transfers Act

The Electronic Fund Transfer Act was passed in 1978 to establish the rights and liabilities of consumers as well as the responsibilities of all participants in electronic funds transfer activities. Any company that wants to take recurring electronic withdrawals out of a customer’s checking account must get the customer’s signed, written permission, or a similar authentication. EFTs are governed by the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, which regulates automated clearinghouse (“ACH”) systems and telephone billing payment plans.

It’s been determined that an audio recording of verbal consent is arguably not sufficient for “similarly authentication.” One-time EFTs, where the customer authorizes a funds transfer over the phone, are less intrusive, generally, than a recurring monthly EFT (but, the company charging your account must tell you that the transaction will be processed as an EFT); in this case, a customer’s verbal consent over the phone is okay. But, if the company wants to take monthly electronic debits from your account, they must obtain your signed, written permission, and this includes debt collection agencies. Further notice must be given if the EFT amount changes month to month. Recurring credit card payments are not governed by the same legal statues; monthly charges can be made without your explicit written permission. For regular credit card withdrawals, audio recordings of authorization, with appropriate disclosures, is legal.

Paper checks over the phone are slightly different; collection agencies can create what’s called a pre-authorized demand draft (PADD) over the phone, with the customer’s consent. But the debt collector has to be able to prove this authorization; it’s a good idea to record your calls with debt collectors. Collection agencies and other companies can and are being held liable for violating the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, facing actual damages from $100 to $1000, along with reasonable attorney fees and costs. Class action lawsuits, like the one recently filed, allow for total recovery of $500,000 or 1 per centum of the net worth of the defendant, whichever is lesser.

If a collection agency has harassed you, you may be entitled to money damages up to $1,000.00, based on the FDCPA, which has been around for almost 35 years. The FDCPA is a federal law that applies to every state. In other words, everyone is protected by the FDCPA. The FDCPA is essentially a laundry list of what debt collectors can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things debt collectors must do while collecting a debt. Plus, the FDCPA has a fee-shift provision. This means, the collection agency pays your attorney’s fees and costs. Founding attorney, Michael Agruss, has settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. We want to help you, too.

Complaints - Electronic Funds Transfers Act

  1. Megan

    Hi, yes, I’m wondering what my rights are regarding my monthly student loan payments through Navient? Just that my monthly payments recently increased from $113/mo to $350/mo, which I cannot pay and which is evident by my income report. I currently qualify for Medicare health insurance. They will not reduce my monthly payments because they say that my cosigner should pay the monthly amount if I cannot. They WILL NOT negotiate my monthly bill due to the fact that I have a cosigner, and will not accept copies of tax returns that I offer to provide in order to prove my income status. Yet, because of my income level, I’m also not eligible to refinance in order to lower the payment through another company!

  2. Jaime

    Hi, I am been harassed by onemain financial, robocall calls pretty much every day, I have counted 120 calls since mid january I have a loan with them, and the payments are being really hard to pay, high interest and the monthly payment too high….then I went to the store I tried to adjust the loan but the offered me low interest, a different payment but everything were a lie. then I said please don’t call me at work (they call me at my personal cellphone) however they changed strategy and now they are call me at least 4 to 5 times per day using robocall!

  3. John P.

    I a case in the Western Dist of TX against Michael J Scott P.C. I originally filled against FIA card services and MJS. I have already settled with FIA but MJS is being a bit stubborn. It is for FDCPA and FCRA violations!

  4. Christy

    Coast Professional inc. Has been harrassing me for the last six months regarding a debt that belongs to someone else. Our names are similar, but it is not my debt. They hve even gone so far as to call my children’s cell phones in regard to the debt. And today, they called my workplace. This is not my debt. The identifying information they have on file is not my social or birthdate, adn I have told them this. I ahve threatened legal action if they do not stop, and each time they say they will stop, but then they go further. It is very upsetting!

  5. Donna

    I’ve been receiving calls from Cred X and CDR about 5-6 times per day. They have also called both of my daugthers and my husband stating that they have a claim against me. I have contacted the FTC and filed a complaint with them and will be also filing with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and BBB. I saw that your office has received complaints about this company, so I wanted to make you aware of their tactics as well. I just know that under the Fair Debt Collection Practice, a legitimate company would not disclose any information to family members without my consent and this company has done so, by contacting and harassing both of my daughters and my husband!

  6. Zachery

    i have a problem with portfolio recovery. i called to get a payment changed today that was supposed to come out today they said its too late and the payments will negative my bank account. i have electronic debt taken from my bank account to pay for the collections on my student loans i dont have the funds availble to pay the 110 dollar payment that they want from me today!

  7. Micau

    Hi I was curious if you could help me with some calls I have been getting from payday loan people. A person had the cell phone number before I did. Despite telling these people everytime they call that I am not that person they continue to blow up my phone sometimes 10 times a day. I receive phone calls for a Josephine Pearson on my cell phone. I have had this number for over two years. They call to offer her payday loans or other type loans. I tell them I am not Josephine and to please stop calling. There robodialer keeps calling me and they keep looking for her to offer her money. If I don’t answer the call they just keep dialing every 30 minutes until I do. It is especially bad toward the end of the month!

  8. Jason

    I have a collection agency out in California harassing me over a debt I do not owe. I have contacted them requesting that they contact me only in writing. I also requested debt validation which they never provided. I even had an attorney request the same and send them a cease and desist notice, but they still keep harassing me. The name of the collection agency is Marauder Corporation. My attorney said we could fight them in court, but the upfront cost would be quite high. They referred me to the Federal Trade Commission, but I don’t want to wait on government red tape I want help as soon as possible. I have copies of the voicemails saved and can email them over to the attorney along with the timestamp. I also have a copy of the original letter my last attorney sent them. I feel I am a good candidate for your firm!

  9. Maria

    Well i got a letter from dec. That i just received n i wanted to see what can i do to slove dis problem. Well its says that i owe 1037 with 62 n they were giving me options for payments but this letter is from dec!

  10. Cassie

    I just put in my info for a free case evaluation and just hope u can help. I just sent them to the company, so can you guys work in my state of NC? I know it says you dont pay unless u win the case, is that true? i will just wait for the phone call, ty for your time!

  11. Akram

    I have read that I can file a charge against robo calls /companies after you have been registered on the do not call registery. despite the fact i have i still receive calls form 2 numbers. now one number has attempted to call me twic in the past few days and an answering machine answerd and said press 1 i hung up on them and then later they called me again it was after 2 in the afternoon ,the number comes from Idaho i believe .now the other number says it is freedebt relief which i got to speak to one male and i was at the dentist at 4:45 pm on april 16th 2014. i asked him who he was and he said he is from debt free relief etc. i spoke with him 5 minutes and told him iam at the dentist then he said he will call me back after 5 pm i said iam busy with dentist filoing my teeth and iam numbed now. iam currently current customer with your office for another debt collection. that number from the free debt relief has called me over 30 times!

  12. Kate

    I am being harassed at work by progressive financials progressive financial services is harassing me. a rude man keeps calling me at my job at the hospital and demanding i verify my social security number!

  13. Merewyn

    I have an active car loan, but when I’m a couple days passed due, they start calling non-stop…are they allowed to do that? I have a 2009 Ford Ranger financed with Regional Acceptance. I have had the loan for 5 plus years…in December, I had some unexpected expenses and am a little behind, but never more than 30 days passed due before I make a payment. Once the payment is not made on time, they begin calling and leaving messages on my cell phone to call them…they have used strange phone numbers, called and left no message…called after 8 pm… When I have answered their calls and informed them that I am aware of the tardiness, they want to insist on making the payment by phone, even after I have stated I will make it once I am certain the funds are in my bank account – that has happened twice – last time was in March!

  14. Greg

    My family was in Katrina back in 2005 we lost everything, We move to Atlanta and I later found out I had Prostate Cancer It took all Our money and after I was unemployed for a while Our bills got out of hand we manage to lease a house for a while but lack of income put me on a road to get a job in 2009 I got a job with the state department and have a clearance with gov but my salary was not enough to sustain and we fell under a decepted practice apartment rent which I was evicted even thoe it was like two months they added full rental price from my original discounted price this lead to me unable to pay. Even the State assistance said the apt was wrong for that they gave me money to move but I was call into court which I pleaded no contest. can’t fight the lies and later it crippled us to the point my wife in her apt was evicted. We live in two different state and at first I could not afford to bring her up to DC were I’m living now (VA) A lot of old out dated bills are maybe not minds or they are just calling for someone else. We cant tell I have a security clearance and may lose my job with this crazy credit issue. I have had a lot of losses in my life and to have them not understand and harrass me at my age (58) in life is tiring. Sorry for the summary so long but to much more detail. There is many details but I not sure if we have just one credit collection or a few. Be able to answer more as question are ask of me then We ave to pay over 3000 this year in taxes and setting up a payment plane for that so I’m not sure we have enough income to handle a Attorney but I m sure you will let me know Thanks for having a web site that attracted me It let me know there is rights out there!

  15. Kevin

    well this company gc services, has contacted my job and threatened to garnish my wages if i do not contact them to set up a payment plan for my defaulted student loan by may 1st. i dont mind setting up a payment plan. But i was researching the company and came across your website and figured i come on here before calling them. Theyve definitely called my job a few times and sent some faxes over, I’m no longer in the office, Im in a different department so I do not know if theyve called since i switched departments. I really dont have much time since tomorrow is the 30th, I guess Ill just call them. the student loan company sent me this letter saying to immediately pay my balance or enter into a repayment agreement with GC Services!

  16. Stephanie

    I have a number that I have to call but for some reason it wont tell me who an no one answers. All I know is I have to call this number get a hold of Kevin small but no one answers and I have called 9 times leaving my name and number. Saying I owe 1.327 dollars and if I call I get 40% off or something. 100 mile house canada Bc!

  17. Visitor

    Dynamic Recovery Solutions is calling. I found a link to your site and am wondering if I qualify. I am on the do not call list for my state and nationally. My answering machine clearly states I do not accept marketing or soliciting calls. I am really not sure why they are calling. My wife has a dispute regarding medical malpractice over a botched breast reduction. Payments arent being made while insurance evaluates. I have a house in foreclosure that was awarded to an ex wife in divorce with Quit Claim Deed. She didnt pay the lender so they are after everyone listed on the loan!

  18. Rob

    I’ve been receiving phone calls from Portfolio Recovery Associates for quite some time now. Your office profile came up via link on avvo.com!

  19. Kevin

    So its a car I co signed on but they have me as a primary , I dnt care about that but there telling me the account is closed and I cannot settle. Is there any way you can call me and I can give all info over the phone!

  20. Lynnette

    I am looking for an attorney to help with damages done by the city of Chicago Sewer Relining Project. Last year, the City had replaced the sewer system, causing cracks all over my house. I have file a claim with the city which included pictures, etc. Just recently, a letter has gone out stating all claims will stop at the end of this month. Mind you, I have been getting the run around about my claim. Therefore, I am seeking out an attorney to help!

  21. Robert Livingston

    ARS is calling and leaving harrassing messages at my place of employment in NJ. They called today. This is likely on some debt that was incurred way back in 2000-2001-2002. Long since out of the statute of limitations for a collection. They called today. How to get them to stop. RL. Do not know what they are attempting to collect, but it has to be a debt that is 12-14 years old at least when I was broke and unemployed after 9/11/01 in NYC. Here’s the copy of the email my employer sent me today. All I have to tell you now. Do not know more. No correspondence or anything else from them to me. This is the first I have heard of ARS today. . . ARS must have picked up my employer from my credit report. this is not something I want to have continue with them harassing my employer in Woodbridge, NJ. They are using tactics that are a bit “dirty” here. Especially to make an initial contact. I get my mail from TN about once a week up here in NJ where I am a contractor on a computer project for a NJ state agency!

  22. Robert

    ARS is calling and leaving harrassing messages at my place of employment in NJ. They called today. This is likely on some debt that was incurred way back in 2000-2001-2002. Long since out of the statute of limitations for a collection. They called today. How to get them to stop. RL. Here’s a copy of the email my employer sent me this evening. I do not know any more than this. Do not know what they are attempting to collect, but it has to be a debt that is 12-14 years old at least when I was broke and unemployed after 9/11/01 in NYC. Here’s the copy of the email my employer sent me today. All I have to tell you now. Do not know more. No correspondence or anything else from them to me. This is the first I have heard of ARS today. . .I’m a contractor. Move around the world on various computer jobs. ARS must have picked up my employer from my credit report. this is not something I want to have continue with them harassing my employer in Woodbridge, NJ. They are using tactics that are a bit “dirty” here. Especially to make an initial contact. I get my mail from TN about once a week up here in NJ where I am a contractor on a computer project for a NJ state agency!

  23. Luis

    I got a letter from DRS today saying i owe $108.68 and tha Sprint Pcs was the original creditor. This is not in my credit report and I closed my account with sprint in 2002, It sounds like a scam to me!

  24. Cheryl

    I am writing because I found your information during a search on information about a firm called Weltman Weinberg and Reis. My bank notified me that this firm (through a local office in my area) has placed a hold on my accounts for a debt that I do not believe I owe. I received something from the lender called a 1099c which said that the debt was cancelled. I subsequently reported the amount of the debt cancelled as income to the IRS. When I called the IRS to find out what to do about the firm trying to collect the debt that was cancelled, the IRS said that no one was supposed to be trying to collect on a debt for which a 1099C was filed. I received the notice from my bank on April 29th. It says I have 14 days to file an objection or the hold can go through and this firm can be paid the money that was in my account at the time. I have sent the firm a copy of the 1099c and what the IRS told me. However, it would appear that unless I file an objection in court, this firm will likely be allowed to collect the fund held. I reside in Detroit, Michigan. correction: “funds held…” This is extremely time sensitive based upon the window of time I have to file an objection!

  25. Ward

    I am looking for information about debt collection practices. I believe my rights have been violated by a debt collector. I sent a debt verification letter certified mail to the company because I didn’t believe the debt to be valid. The day after they received my request for debt validation, they posted entries to my credit bureaus. It all goes back to a two year agreement that I signed with DirectTV in July of 2013. We moved in July of 2014 and moved DirectTV with us. They wanted a new two year agreement signed. I did not sign it. We had DirectTV for another 14 months after that and then we cancelled. DirectTV said we still had 8 months on our contract, which I never signed, and that we had to pay $20 for each month. Somehow the amount they came up with was $279. I refused to pay. I received a collection letter from a company called AFNI. It was dated April 5, 2014. I sent them a Debt Verification letter certified mail asking for a contract that I had signed agreeing with DirectTV that we had a two year agreement from July of 2012. They received the Debt Verification letter yesterday according to USPS. I checked my credit report and nothing was there. Today I got a notice from a credit monitoring service and AFNI has entered negative information on my Experian and Equifax bureaus!

  26. Natalie

    I recieved a message to call just wondering why I recieved this message. they said to reference file # 3398074. just left me number 866-862-2789 and case # 3398074!

  27. Kristen

    i had this number call me saying i rented something!

  28. Annette

    My mother received a phone call today from this number 866-695-0731. I looked it up to find that it was listed under Bay Area credit services. She lives in Florida and I live in michigan so I don’t know why they are calling her asking for me. My mother asked me if I had given them her number which is her house number which I do not have. Not that I know of only that we have several numbers calling us as well at all hours of the day for my husband and myself. We eventually had to get new phones and numbers and even then they started calling my church asking for me and leaving fake names. I understand I have debts but have not had the means to pay them yet. But calling all the time is ridiculous and now calling my parents and my church!

  29. Sharon

    I just stumbled on this website and was wondering where your firm is located? with some debt collection issues pertaining to credit adjustment inc. I was sued by credit adj and I called cred adj prior to summons response date to discuss payment plan. I in no way admitted this was my debt but set up payment plan to avoid judgment. Well few weeks later they got default judgment dispite having paymen plan in place. Well here’s where it gets interesting. About a week later I got letter from department o justice saying I was a victim of a crime. Wen I called victim advocate she said it was an id theft case. Since then I have been to police station to file report. All went well. There’s more to this story if you want to know ahead of time!

  30. Linda

    I have an issue. People by this phone number keeps calling me. They want to take me to court. 5126289511. They are accusing me of check fraud. They claim that I have two payday loans that I need to pay for. They said that I did these on closed accounts!

  31. John

    I keep getting harassed and threatened by Global Credit and Collections Corporation. Is this a case you take on?Well I owe about $11,500.00 to Citibank. They are handling the debt as a third party collector. They call several times a week and have threatened to take my home away from me. I was also told by an agent that I would be jailed if I didn’t pay. just fyi, I offered them a $2,000.00 settlement and they continually refuse the. I’ve told the company that if they didn’t accept the settlement by the end of this month, that I would no longer entertain or engage in collection calls!

  32. Michelle

    I have a student loan that is in default and my wages are being garnished for 15% of my pay. I requested an itemized statement from my collector and am very concerned that each time the money is being allocated to varying collection costs, etc. I called in April to request they check to make sure they had my new address that I had not received my interest statement to file my taxes. They claimed I hadn’t paid enough interest to qualify for one of those forms. I called ASA American Student Assistance and received the form and the interest paid statement. So I requested an itemized statement from my 3rd party collector. When I received the statement, I see varying amounts (not the same deductions each time I make a payment) — I am continuing to be charged each time I make a payment…example: I was charged almost 5000 in collection costs when the loan when in default – I should not be charged varying amounts each time I make a payment. I have the itemized statement dating back to 09-28-08 and I have access to all of my pay stubs to show what was deducted from my pay]. It is a government student loan. I borrowed 25,000 and made regular payments for 7 years around 300 a month until I needed help after the passing of my grandfather. the only help I was offered was deferment – at which after 3 years of asking for help I was placed in default and a garnishment automatically issued!

  33. Michelle

    got a letter from Dynamic Recovery Solutions on a debt that I can’t remember if it was a credit card or a car loan. It is from a long time ago. The letter from Dynamic Recovery Solutions says I owe $9,416.28. Original Creditor is Tokai Bank. I think this debt is from early 1990. This is the first letter I have received from them, it says I have 30 days from May 1, 2014 to dispute the validity of this debt. I just received the letter today!

  34. Katherine

    Mississippi can you help me with harassing collection calls. One called leaving no company name just told me that I would have court charges filed against me if I didn’t pay. They block the caller ID and they have called my mom at her house. When you look up the number they left me to call google says it is Johnson’s Blind Cleaning, when I call they tell me they are Coastal Litigations, but you can’t find them on the internet anywhere. I am getting calls from several other companies and most of the time I don’t answer because I don’t recognize the number, I do look the number up to see who it is!

  35. Victoria

    I got lots of calls from Midlands & they filed a lawsuit against me & served papers about to me. What can I do to stop it? It’s $5800 credit card debt. I’m unemployed now & don’t have money to pay it. Also: Midlands are calling me several times a day every day from different phone numbers!

  36. Maxine

    I would like to know if I could request assistance for a Debt Settlement or if I qualify. I have over $7000 dollars of Pay Day and Installment Loans I am no longer able to pay after a recent lay-off went indefinite leaving me with just enough money to support myself. If possible I hope to consolidate all the loans to make a much lower payment, but if this isn’t possible maybe the lawyer will make a better option for me!

  37. Visitor

    I just wantt further information on how to stop Portfolio Asste Recovery from contacting me about an old debt that expired since 2007!

  38. Angela

    Have you handled any cases with One Main Financial. I signed up for debt settlement company last year and they are handling all of my bills. One main financial has been harassing my family since last year. They call my work number, cell phone and family members. I had to file a report with Better Business Bureau about contacting my family. I have contacted them and let them know to stop calling my work number!

  39. Visitor

    We just had a tornato hit our house and were declared a national disaster can a dept collector summons us to court for an in paid medical bill ? What’s the law state about trying to collect a dept from someone that just had a natural disaster!

  40. Nick

    I landed at your site after googling lawyers who can help me with Pinnacle Credit Services. They are reporting, in error, against my credit, and will not speak to me about the matter. I switched cell phone providers in 2010, from VZW to AT&T.. I had no idea there was a small balance remaining until I saw that Pinnacle Credit Services was reporting it as a collection. They are reporting as the owner of the account, and that it is 120 days late, and being opened in Dec ’13. They do not list a date of first deliquency. I believe they are positioning themselves as the originial creditor, and using another agency to perform collections. And in doing so, intentionally providing false information to credit bureaus!

  41. Jasmine

    I just received a call!

  42. David

    Hi. I have been dealing with Cogent Financial in regard to a debt that is 8 years old. They just got a hold of me last year and I have made a couple of payments. They are threatening to suspend my CDL in lie of a $250.00 payment that I cannot make. Can they do this. I went to truck driving school 8 years ago. The company I went for did not pay the debt. Contract was signed with Cogent for the schooling. 8 years later they are calling me demanding monies or they will garnish my bank account, my wages and suspend my CDL until balance is paid in full!

  43. Paula

    I’m searching your website to see if i can get some guidance. there’s a company called PR Associates that is calling me and my employment, requesting my personal information from my HR department. Though i have no idea who they are. they requested to speak to my HR VP, which happens to be my boss and asked her for her fax number so they could send informaiton on a Pre-litigation matter about me!

  44. Kris

    Have question. Midland credit management got a judgment on a card that was paid in full. What to do? They are trying to garnish my husbands wages. The card has been paid since 2008!

  45. Carla

    I am texting you on behalf of my father in law who is 88 years old my husband and I have power of attorney for him and we are showing up that he has a date with you his birthday is 10 11922. we are showing that he has an outstanding balance with you and we would like to know what this is 40 it is holding up a credit issue with him we don’t know what it’s for and how would we go about getting this taken care of? dad applied for credit was turned down because of an outstanding balance his name is George Edward Benson his birth date is 10 11922 we need to know what this is 40 Indiana. no I prefer a phone call this is ridiculous his daughter was taking out loans and having him cosign for these loans and now it is completely destroyed his credit and we need to know what this is and how it should be taking care of. I don’t know what lawyer you’re talking about is he being sued by I have no idea what this says he’ll just have someone call I was so we did we know what is dead is store and if it is a valid dead!

  46. Matt

    ive had a hard inquiry on my account for a year or 2 from j&l teamworks. well not sure who they are what the bill was where it came from. I have had no corrispondence and then i have been watching my credit report and I noticed a hard inquiry from the company on my credit from experian. happend a year or so back now that i need to apply for loans it has affected me. so im curious who these guys are. I sent them a letter asking them to prove that I authorized this!

  47. Caron

    CBV keeps calling me and the one time I tlaked to them they told me I owed money for a time period that I had gone bankrupt. How do I stop them from calling me as I do not owe them money. They have calle dme for about 6 months now and they keep leaving messages asking for Caron Fulop which has not been my name for at least 19years. Right now I can not take calls I am at work I will try and contact you again later. Ok it is 519-222-7504 but I do not want to be contacted that way right now. That is the number that CBV is contacting me on I don’t even know how they got the number as my name has not been Caron Fulop for many years I changes it back to my maiden name after I devorced my husband. I claimed bankruptcy at the time that they are saying I owe money for and they will not tell me who I owe the money to!

  48. Tito

    I keep getting phone calls from 877-224-6529 they never say anything and when I tell them not to call this number anymore they hang up and call the next day I have all the time they have called me in my phone. I really do not know what this is about because they have never not one time have spoken to me . They just remain silent so now i tell them to stop calling but they do not stop so I do not have a clear understanding why they are calling me or won’t answer me!

  49. Andrea

    I have a question about stopping Citifinancial harassing myself over payment. I got a personal loan lay September to help move for work, the company I worked for closed with no notice, I’ve been unemployed since October 2013. I just got a job last month. Citi had called 5 times in less than 24hrs. I had no means to contact them during the llast few months due to power cut, no home phone and no cell. My spouse and I moved to a cheaper home, he then got laid off. They are talking about garnishing my wages when there’s only my income and my daughter in the house. That will take food away from her and I don’t have the rent money then. I do plan to pay just can’t till finances get in order!

  50. Eric

    I have RTR on my credit statement for collection even though I have a 1099-C from them and BoA from 2010. Anything I can do legally? If they fail to act or drag their feet, what options exist for. My wife and I are in the process of a refi. On her credit report, RTR shows up even though they provided her with a 1099-c. Is this just bad record keeping or does thus constitute as an unlawful debt collection!

  51. Danny

    i have a question about dynamic recovery solutions. they sent me a letter demanding payment for a credit card debt from long ago i dont remember. i cant recall if i ever had the account.. or maybe it’s been too long but it ‘s not on my credit report. the letter i got from them dated May 13th, 2014.. saying they might put a negative remark on my credit report after 30 days!

  52. Deborah

    do you assist with tickets on GC services. I have 4 tickets Toby $3,40. $3,499.00 2 in metropolitan 2 in Inglewood!

  53. Visitor

    do you deal with identity theft, someone from Yahoo is using my identity to get money from people, do you understand what identity theft is? have you been there before…its obvious that you don/t understand someone out there is abusing my identity and getting away with it big time and you have no clue what it feels like, i am suspicious of anyone I contact electronically…thanks for your patience and understand. bye!

  54. Jaceica

    My name is Jaceica Singletary. Someone keeps calling my WORK phone from this number. Remove my work number from your system. I have consulted with an attorney and will move forward with charges for harassment. I never listed or gave permission to call my work number and the company has my cell phone number. Just because you don’t reach me there doesn’t mean they should then start calling my work phone 4-5 times a day. This is my final request and I will be filing this along with any other correspondence with the company. I know you aren’t the one calling, but you can relay the message. Thanks!

  55. Mary

    How do you assist when you are out of state? Is this Federal? I receive multiple calls/day. I learned in the past 2 days that my computer is filled with spyware and that my pictures, emails, documents, bank accounts, have all been copied. I’ve done my homework and I believe I’ve traced it to Asset Recovery Watch, led by fmr Fed prosecutor Charles Intriago. IMO, they are disputing my worthiness of either disability or Medicaid!

  56. Mary

    I was told someone would get back with me immediately. That was hours ago. Neither of those were accessed in the last several hours. How do you assist when you are out of state? Is this Federal? I receive multiple calls/day. I learned in the past 2 days that my computer is filled with spyware and that my pictures, emails, documents, bank accounts, have all been copied. I’ve done my homework and I believe I’ve traced it to Asset Recovery Watch, led by fmr Fed prosecutor Charles Intriago. IMO, they are disputing my worthiness of either disability or Medicaid!

  57. Sherrie

    I answered the phone with private caller because we get several a day and it is from Allied Interstate LLC. I looked it up and it says there are several complaints about the is company. It took her almost 3 minutes to tell me the company she was calling from but because my husband wasn’t here she would give me much information other than they are a debt collector. she was also looking for the spouse but because I didn’t know what she wanted because I could hardly understand her. We are in Trinity, Fl!

  58. Cliff

    M n s associates keep calling. I owe 400 and I said they could take 100 out of my account but an emergency had come up and I needed that money and they are saying thay are goI g t. Going to sue me and all this. I told them they would w. Get the money before February!

  59. Nancy

    I have a company that has been harassing me by calling my job, myself at all times of the day, my friends, my old jobs, etc I would just like to know how I can make them stop before I lose my job due to harassment ? It is constant and has been for a while. They are calling from different numbers each time. Thank youcall? Yes I am working and it convenient for now. I can be contacted after 5:30. If I don’t answer please leave a message because I have stopped taking calls from numbers I don’t know due to this company harassing me so often. Thank you. Coastal Professional is callimg my place of employment and asking for me and my employer is getting frustrated so they told them I no longer work here , but they keep calling telling my employer that we see on your website that she is there. They call friends personal phones somehow, my house landline, etc. I do not know this company but have researched them and it seems I don’t have to pay them anything. They call often and call from different numbers every time!

  60. Shannon

    I have been getting multiple calls from different number stating they are from Halsted Financial on a payday loan I have never heard of and doesn’t show on my credit report. and now I have received a letter from said I owe on a payday loan from cash central I keep ignoring the calls cause I have been a victim of scam before. and just last month I told a different caller to stop calling me about this other loan. I also have taken payday loans out before with speddy cash and check into cash but there paid in full and im in good standing with them there the only ones I have ever used that’s one of the reasons I know this is a scam!

  61. Visitor

    do you help people in Cali? Resurgent reported a debt on my credit, they do not owe the loan!

  62. Shaunta

    i am curious how your services work when it comes to haressement. On July 21, 2014 I called Care Credit to resolve a debt issue. During this call my intention was to establish some sort of payment arrangement on the account. I spoke with a representative. She asked me “why did I fall behind on payments.” I explained to her my situation. She asked me a few other questions and based on my answers she said I would be eligible for a hardship. She told me that she could offer me a settlement of: $1678.06. She told me if I take it this, it would have to be paid in three payments starting in July, with the next payment in August and the final payment in September or the entire settlement balance in full can be paid which is: $1678.06. I told her I would need to speak with my sister to see if I can get money from her for this. I asked during this call, if I call back will this offer still be available. She said yes she will make a note on my account about the offer. i will add the additional information as you read further. I called back forty-five minutes later and I spoke to a representative and I told him that it is noted on my account about a settlement and I wish to accept it. He went through the process of telling me how many payments was due and that the first payment would be due that day, the next one due in August and the final payment will be due in September. I told him I would like to pay the entire $1678.06. I asked once this payment goes through may I have a letter for my records. He told me yes. I proceeded to pay the exact amount of the settlement which is: $1678.06. He told me I should receive a letter in the mail within ten days, once the payment clears!

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