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  1. Vishal

    Hello, I had two Amex charge cards with avg. of $2K on each one. I do have other Amex CC and have been making payments on those. Unfortunately, I tore my Achilles on top of my father having a heart attack a year later. The bills have piled up and wanted to figure out a way to debt consolidate maybe all my cards into one payment and get it squared away. I’ve been getting calls by 855-344-0244 which is one of AMEX collection agencies. I don’t feel comfortable making payment plans with them and being fleeced at the end with my already negative credit report. Not sure if this is something your firm does but figured I would reach out since I’ve been filing inquiries after research online. Thanks!

  2. David

    After my divorce in 2012, I lost my house. I left the country, desiring a “new start”. I came back 8 months later. Almost two years later, I received correspondence from the Michigan Attorney General’s office that the attorney I hired to try and save my house was being prosecuted for fraud. There was a 2nd mortgage on my house that the attorney said would “go away” IF I lost the house, which he assured me would not happen. As the case against him was closing, I got a garnishee notice from an attorney firm in Wixom, MI, on the 2nd mortgage. The AG’s office intervened and I was able to pay $150/pay. This arrangement had to be renewed every 6 months. I missed the renewal, being very busy at work, and they put a hold on my bank account, taking $1098. They claimed to have tried to contact me, but I never received word. After the hold, they did start a garnishment of $477/pay. I no longer have the money to pay other bills. I am now being garnished over $954/month. With rent, car payment and insurance, and all other utilities, I do not have enough to pay for food and gas. I also have a Parent Plus loan I do not remember taking out for my daughter. My ex said that since my name is on it and not hers, she will not help with it. She took half of my pension, I feel she should take have of this debt. I did send a letter to the attorney, asking to not take more than $200/pay, which they never responded to. An attorney here in Grand Rapids says that bankruptcy is my ownly option, but I really do not want to do that. ANY help is greatly appreciated!

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