Though filing for bankruptcy is often regarded as a last resort, it may be the most valuable opportunity for you to start a new journey toward financial independence. However, it’s important that each and every option be evaluated ahead of time before making a final decision.

There are two common types of personal bankruptcy. In Chapter 7, many [if not all] of your debts are relieved in a process which takes three to six months. In Chapter 13, you use your own income to make affordable payments on your debts, which generally takes three to five years.

Will bankruptcy help you?

One of the most important considerations involves priority obligations, which are types of debt that cannot be eliminated or discharged by filing for bankruptcy. If these debts are your most significant, filing for bankruptcy may not be in your best interest.

Do you qualify for bankruptcy?

To be eligible for Chapter 7, your income needs to be low enough to pass a “bankruptcy means test.” To be eligible for Chapter 13, there are particular dollar limits which your debts cannot exceed. Generally, those with sufficient income to repay debts in a Chapter 13 plan will be ineligible for Chapter 7; conversely, those with too-low income and too-high debts may not be eligible for Chapter 13.

Are you facing a lawsuit?

Filing for bankruptcy implements an “automatic stay,” which immediately stops all collection efforts, including lawsuits, by creditors. If you are facing a lawsuit, bankruptcy may provide relief and help you eliminate underlying debt.

Could your lender repossess, or foreclose on, your property?

A lender may repossess/foreclose on property only if an individual defaults on his/her obligation to debts which are secured by property, such as a car loan or mortgage. This is why the “automatic stays” of bankruptcies are important, particularly in Chapter 13.

How much property do you own?

This is an important factor. In Chapter 7, there are exemptions which allow you to keep a specific amount of property In Chapter 13, you may keep all of your property, but you will owe an amount greater than or equal to the total value of your non-exempt assets to your unsecured creditors.

Should you choose Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

The most important factors in choosing between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are: the type of debts owed; your income and expenses; whether you own non-exempt property; and your goal (what you hope to achieve) by filing for bankruptcy.

For more information about bankruptcy, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for a free consultation. We will discuss with you how to get a fresh financial start and immediate relief from creditors. We will examine your financial picture and walk you through all your options, including bankruptcy and the alternatives. We will handle your case quickly and advise you every step of the way.

Complaints - Bankruptcy

  1. Sandra

    I have a question if I file for Chapter 7 can I get a mortgage? The situation is I got behind on my bills and mortgage and my parents passed away and the house I live in is under the estate and my brother wants to sell the house and I have no money to move or to even buy a home, I am working with the other attorney, but I would like more information should there be another way I can go!

  2. Megan

    My name is Megan and I am constantly getting calls from 855-974-6115. I have them blocked, but its getting really annoying. I saw on your website, that you may be able to help? Should I answer, just to see what they want before I continue talking to you? I have debts and this could be a debt collector, but when I look up the number, it says they’re a consultant company and not a collector!

  3. Sharon

    I am Juan, widow. He Passed away in 2001 . And just recently i decided to check if he still had an account with citibank. And to my amazement he sure does. Its alittle complicated. The month after he died his sister Evangelina Garcia took my identity and filed for my VA Benefits For 13 Yrs.I dident know because my husband never told me that he eligible for Benefits. Sounds stupid on my part but its the truth.i just would like to know what to do now to claim my assests?!

  4. Charles

    I’m in debt and I have to file for a bankruptcy. Is this real or what I have seen many site that are fake. How much would it cost to file for bankruptcy for my wife and I?!

  5. Liliana

    I owe a few credit card debt, I have hit rock bottom and do not know how to get out. I work a part time job and I am barely making my rent. April-July my children were helping me but they can not no longer help due to their own family, while not working I had applied for social security disability because I got a bad back. and was denied but now trying to have a reconsideration. I managed to get a part time job where I am not straining too much. I have applied for food stamps just for alittle help in which I did get but I am still struggling. I have received letters from lawyer about a case that capital one had for me back in October but I was never served. I want information on a bankruptcy and what will that cost. or do you work with low income person. can you help!

  6. Monina

    Hello, I have been getting calls from an unknown number and find out it is FH Cann and Associates, Inc. They sent a letter today indicating I owe for my student loans. I filed for a CH 7 a year ago due to a Student Loan Wage Garnishment. I wouldn’t have filed had it not been for Student Loans and the issues they caused financially after my separation. I included hardship info in my BK siting the collection agency as the issue, etc. The Student Loan Collection agency did NOT dispute the information and the BK was granted. I am now getting letters stating I owe $!

  7. Tammie

    I have 3 credit card debts that i cannot pay. I am not working currently and have not been for a few years… I am married but am getting legally separated. I co-own 2 homes valued at $125 and $89k!

  8. Shaunda

    Does cavalry portfolio have a right to levy bank account from a debt that isn’t even on my credit report? They are saying its for old credit card debt from 2008, with a bank I never heard of. Then cavalry starting sending me court papers saying they seized my bank account And have collected a levy out of it. This debt don’t even show up on credit report!

  9. Jasmine

    i was contacted by someone saying that i owed for a payday loan and if i didnt pay 900 dollars i would have to turn myself into jail. i was contacted by a san antonio number saying they had been hired to collect on a loan i had no recollection of, told me i had 15 min to come up with 900 dollars or i would need to get a lawyer and turn myself in. the calls came from several different numbers and i couldnt find a website for this company. scared to death i paid 200 dollars. after i looked up these numbers and found out it was a scam. i reported it to my bank and the police and filed a claim. i got a call back from this company saying they were going to refund me my money!

  10. John

    I just got a threatening letter from portfolio recovery. The debt is from 07 and they say if I don’t contact them they’ll get a judgement supposedly it is from cellar one. I have never used them and have no idea where they get this from. They called my cell (which is a pay as you go cellar service ) many times but this is the first letter . I have no Idea how they even got my address or my phone number. from what I understand they can be sued for such as this!

  11. Aaron

    What is this CKS Financial place that called me? I can’t find much info online. missed a call from an 860 area code, called it back and it said CKS Financial. I’ve had some strange, harrassing calls lately and was just sick of it (not from them) Anyhow, I googled them and saw your site on the 1st page of results and figured something odd was going on!

  12. Lynda

    I was trying to receive information regarding calls from a company claiming to seek judgement on a debt from 1996. I found this number via the Better Business Bureau. I received a call from Asset Recovery Associates out of Illinois. They referred to me by my previous married name and claimed to be seeking settlement on an old debt (Fleet Bank/BofA dated 1996). I can’t recall even having this account or whether debt came from my ex-husband as the authorized user. Either way, they are insisting I pay today or they will file for judgement. ARA sent me a letter via email and stated I needed to reply today with settlement payment!

  13. Debbie

    I’m being sued by Portfolio Recovery in Cincinnati afe. Is this a lawyers site. Summons arrived yesterday. Being sued portfolio recovery. I want to dispute as they have not provided any validation of this debt to PRA!

  14. Visitor

    I’m here because I did a search for Allied Interstate LLC harassment and this is where I ended up because I am getting seriously harassed by these people. I have a loan through Sallie Mae which is now in default and passed on to Allied Interstate LLC. A woman named Charity called me and then my husband at his work and then my inlaws. I called her to tell her I don’t have the 19k I owe and she then told me my husband was liable for all my debts, even those incurred before we were married. Which I don’t think is correct!

  15. Ken

    I’m trying to get ahold of nco collections to make payment. I have restitution to pay, but it seems I can’t get ahold of who to talk to!

  16. Matt

    I’m trying to get in touch with a collection agency that I had trouble with a few years ago and I though Iw as finished with… and a google search gave me a forum thing that suggested I check here. My cell phone account went to collections 4 years ago or so. The were pretty agressive about getting the money, and I did eventually pay. Now I’m trying to get financing to buy a car (which has cost me hundreds of dollars in cab fare alone now, not to mention my quality of life has dipped below the poverty line for sure not being able to drive to work) all because the credit checks keep saying my account is STILL in collections. I did get a letter from the collection agency confirming that I had paid, but that happened more than a year an a half ago, and I have since moved a long way away from where that letter might be, if I still have it at all. I’ve been on hold for an hour now, but haven’t talked to a single human being, and I’m having trouble finding these guys online even. I called the cell phone provider tonight because I couldn’t even remember the name of the collection agency it’s been so long. They gave me the name and it immediately rang a bell… should I tell you it? I’ve never done anything like this before… but I’ve been stuck eating the same home-made soup for 3 weeks, and that’s my only meal every day… just so I can get to work, because my car died, and I can’t get financing. Both the Car dealership AND my bank mentioned that my credit report showed my cell phone account was STILL in collections (which it shouldn’t be) and the cell phone company confirmed that my line was cancelled and my account balance is $0. well, I start work tomorrow at 11:15, so before that would be ideal, otherwise I can’t be too sure. I do have this weekend off, but I assume that you guys do as well. the cell phone company is Fido, the car dealership is Yellowknife Chrysler, and my bank is RBC. I also applied for a credit card about 10 months ago with my bank, and they did mention it then as well. I didn’t put much though to it then though. The collection agency name that Fido gave me is Global Credit & Collections, and the number they gave me to contact them at is 1-866-350-1405!

  17. Angela

    Does your law office assist with repossesion. My car was reposses by santander consumer. No notice to cure was sent to after the fact. They are asking for 1500.00. Well I have until the 19th of this month or the car is gone. That is my only transportation!

  18. Tim

    I just received a very upsetting call from a CMS legal from upper New York saying I owed money and that I have a Civil suit against me. they said I had a payday loan out where I had a NSF check as a payment years ago. The situation may have been a real situation, but I have since filed for bankrupty. they said they had my bankruptcy lawyer’s information, so they should have been aware of that. At that point, they said I took out the loan after my bankruptcy and accused me of opening my bank account back up just to get “free money”. what they don’t know is that I provide services to a bank and to get hired, I had to have my credit ran and my finger prints scaned by the FBI, so I know I have none of that on my record. I’ve been getting calls like this for years and they won’t stop. just that I haven’t been in any debt since my bankruptcy. Some of the issues they are talking about were issues I got myself into, but that I took care of under the bankruptcy…years ago. I just want them to stop calling me and my parents as it is very upsetting, even though I know it’s not true!

  19. Matt

    I see that you are representing clients in Debt Collection harassment cases…specifically DIVERSIFIED CONSULTANTS. I just received a call from them….I did not answer and they did not leave a msg. I filed for a chap 7 in 2010 which every outstanding debt was included. they have resurrected themselves as a new debt!

  20. Andreas

    I have a dynamic Recovery Solutions demand for 12537.62 here which I do not even remember. I have not had the need for a law firm in the last 10 years. I did have financial problems back in 2002 and 2003 and it is entirely possible that there are OLD debts from this time. Ever since I have paid my debts religiously and there is not a single black mark on my record. This debt I cannot even remember. As far as I am concerned that is the first time I hear of it!

  21. Martin

    I have a mortgage with them and Had a little problem with oct 2013 and have since caught up but they keep calling me over and over and sending me stupid ;etters and assigning me a loan person. in oct I was about 20 days before I made the oct 1st payment I checked out their web site whereas they have home loan help listed well that started a avalance of calls and a person being asigned to my loan which by the way has been 5 people now, my loan is current but they keep calling and also They got into a fight with me about my bankruptcy because they said I did not reafirm the debt however I DID Reaffirm it they were not reporting it to the credit companies. I reafirmed to build my credit however because they did not report it for over a year I lost all that positive info!

  22. Melissa

    i pressed on chat by mistake ….. I am very confident in moving forward with legal action, based on the advice and information surrounding my case with “Consumer Protection BC”. the Investigating Officer from Consumer Protection, is currently working to make a final ruling on my case regarding “Harassment”,”Unfair Business practices” and \r\n”Administ. the investigating officer is currently seeking legal advice regarding some issues of my case before making a final ruling as he has informed me that in the length of time he has been dealing with these types of cases, he has never dealt with something as complicated and intense as mine. He has informed me that he would like to use my case as a “Test Case”. I was going to wait until he makes his final ruling and then move forward with legal proceedings. The final ruling documents and evidence from his investigation will be very helpful, But I have been advised to file court proceedings ASAP to be within the “Statue of Limitation Law”. The last phone call CBV Collection Inc. made to my phone number was April 2, 2013. He has obtained records from Telus that shows over 130 phone calls to me from CBV Collections Inc. to collect debts.. Calls were made from CBV Collection Inc.after multiple requests to “Communicate in Writing Only” including a registered mail request to communicate in “Writing Only”!

  23. Jonathan

    I’m bring harassed by Ashton and weinburgh. Yes I do owe the debt but I called today to set up payments and was talked to ungodly. I was cussed out called a fucking bum and a tattoo artist and told I can’t go file for bankruptcy to solve my problems like I did last year. Im so mad I can’t hardly recall. I just stumbled across u doing research on that firm!

  24. Visitor

    Nations recovery is trying to collect on a judgment from 2001 in state of il. They say credigy owns the judgment that was originally with 1st merit bank.. They say they have settled with credigy for me to pay a reduced amount to nations recovery and they will satisfy the judgment. I’m not sure I believe them. I have read some bad things about the, Nations is on me to collect on a judgment from 2001\r\n[1/22/2014 3:29:45 PM CST] Vicky: I understand. It appears you are typing on a phone or tablet. If it is more convenient for you, I could forward your contact information and have someone contact you as soon as possible!

  25. Anthony

    I got a call from Dynamic Recovery Solutions but they would not confirm who they where. They called today and asked for me but said they where D R S. When I ask what that meant they said Doctors. I want the calls to stop because they are calling my cell phone. I’m not sure if I have a debt but I know from past experience that these companies won’t stop!

  26. Robert

    I was considering filing suit against Portfolio Recovery Associates for illegal collection procedures. They have: 1)Called my cell phone 100 times using an automated system (a cell phone I didn’t purchase until years after the debt was incurred. They have: 1)Called my cell phone 100 times using an automated system (a cell phone I didn’t purchase until years after the debt was incurred. They have: 1)Called my cell phone 100 times using an automated system (a cell phone I didn’t purchase until years after the debt was incurred.) 2) Contacted my wife, and disclosed information to her about a debt that was incurred 7years before our marriage, without my permission 2) Contacted my wife, and disclosed information to her about a debt that was incurred 7years before our marriage, without my permission!

  27. Felisha

    I am being harassed by ARA inc about an old credit card. I started payment arrangements with them, but they want the rest of the payment with tax return which I need. I finally search this and just found out about the company and the statue of limitations which I guess starts over since I started making payments to them. What should I do. I’m in the car with a few people and I really do not want anyone knowing my situation!

  28. Russel

    Some questions related to employment. I have what I think is a case of retaliation and harassment. It has been a combination of things inside and outside work. I’m an accomplished engineer, but have been run through numerous jobs, usually after exception accomplishments, someone has methodically destroyed property in my house and two of my vehicles. Theft of property, account tampering, difficulty when switching jobs. All my mechanical computer hard drives have been destroyed, rendered unbootable, since 2007! Usually, I come home to find damaged equipment. There has been a systematic campaign of harassment, like residential picketing. Summarizing it: since 2007: Sharp, skilled engineer. Squeaky clean! harassment outside work – picketing residence – destruction of personal property – account tampering – interference in job search – running through jobs – cyberstalking – extreme difficulty in job search. I feel that there is no question that something unusual is going on. Mainly, large monetary loss, and a lot of distress. This is the thing, I cannot and have not been able to make any progress, in retirement, work, education, or personal life, and barely any monetarily, despite, having complete more than 20 projects in the past 2 years, in an exceptional fashion. I wrote a summary as to what I understand is happening, as briefly and to the point as possible. Here is the summary: Systematic campaign of harassment, barely at a level that can be tolerated. Employment related harassment. Run through numerous jobs unrelated to actual performance and ability. Picketing residence by various means. Intrusion into residence. Systematic vandalism of vehicles. Theft of property. Tampering with financial accounts, equipment and property. Significant monetary loss. Interference with family and personal relationships. Almost daily threats allegedly from “Bob.” Obsessive threat to follow. Similar to cyber-stalking both inside and outside work. No privacy, watched like a hawk at all times. Considered filing EEOC complaint. Seeking some relief from these events which started in 2007!

  29. Daren

    And I have a new collection agency contacting me. I received a call from Brachfeld on 10/8 followed by a settlement letter of 10/11/13 outlining the payment agreement ($212 on 10/31 and $200 on 11/29). I made the payments and thought I was done. Then I got a letter dated 1/20/14 from CIR Law Offices trying to collect the same debt. I called GE Capital and they said they didn’t see any settlement record so they hire CIR Law. GE Capital is now telling me to send them a letter explaining what happened. But I think I need to go after Brachfeld too. It seems they’ve done this to others!

  30. Josh

    As did recieved a call from u but in able to answer right now babysitting 3 kids right now sorry!

  31. Mr.

    Resurgent apparently bought some debt from BofA.. based on my Securiization Audit… its a BIG mess (Southstar, Countrywide, BAC Home Loan, BofA, then Resurgent… changed hands 4-5 times (MERS)… I know these guys are the ultimate bottom feeders… can we sue them if they foreclose? BofA knew my home mortgage was super toxic after I pressed them for docs thru CFPB, FTC, FDCPA… Countrywide junk… BofA stated in writing on Resurgent Letter Head they would not sue me nor would CWalt Mellon Trust. BofA apparently sold debt to Resurgent. No word from them in a year.. wierd…. this one is ugly!

  32. Elaine

    Are you licensed in MO? Having a problem with Rent A Center – they have been harassing me even though I was supposed to be covered by their Benefits Plus protection plan. They were overcharging me for a king size bed. I finally questioned them about it, and they said “Oh sorry, looks like we’ve been charging you for our Benefits Plus plan, so let’s go ahead and sign you up” Benefits Plus is a protection plan that protects the consumer in case of job loss or other situations where the consumer cannot pay their bill for a while. It allows for up to 4 months of payments to be waived by them. Shortly after they signed me up, I lost my job through no fault of my own. They continued to harass me for full payment. After two more months of making full payment I stopped. They made me fax in my unemployment to them every week.I have been doing that. They told me they were receiving payments from the home office. The whole time they would continue to call me and ask for full payment. The last month they’ve been coming to my door, banging on the door and yelling inside my home, scaring my kids, being obnoxious. If I called them they would yell at me and call me names on the phone. I am broke. I am a widow. My husband died of a heart attack at age 37 and left me and our two kids with no life insurance. I was on unemployment, the extensions started mid December, then they were cut off on December 28!

  33. Joseph

    I have received three calls today from Dynamic Recovery Solutions with messages that I call them back immediately regarding a debt collection, never identified themselves by name or who they were calling for. I decided to call them back, they verified my phone number and that they were looking for Jamie. I told them my name is Joseph, there is not a Jamie at my residence, and that I have never met someone named Jamie in my entire life. They let me in on that Jamie owes thousands (over 13) in credit card debt and that I should pass it along to him to give them a call. I restated to them them that I would not be able to help and to lose my number. Twenty minutes later, they left another message on my phone. How do I get removed from their database and stop them from calling? Today is the first time they have started calling me.\r\n[1/31/2014 9:20:38 AM CST] Alicia: Please give me a few moments to read your message. Again, forgive me for being skeptical, but I would prefer not to give out more information than I have to… My first name and email should be enough for a conversation!

  34. Visitor

    I was just looking up the law firm for a possible job. I was more curious of what the site was and didn’t know what I was clicking more out of curiosity. BUT I do have problems and is interested in looking at this!

  35. Andrea

    im having problem right now with wrong medical bill. but somehow somewhere the code was ended up wrong. i tried to contact sharp medical billing to tell them they sent us the wrong bill because of the wrong code. the billong person who was originally involved in this matter kept delaying it. now it got sent to the debt agencies!

  36. Emily

    I’m sorry I don’t know if you can help me with this request but I am looking for Pooja Dosi’s email address or an email address that I can send a job application to!

  37. Loma

    I apologize. I saw an opening this is firm, and was wondering if I am able to apply directly though this web page. for this firm!

  38. Shondale

    I have had three neck fusions 03-07-2010 all performed in Chicago,Illinois I received nerve damage from 2007 surgery and had a revision surgery in 2010!

  39. Alejandro

    I had representation from Mr. Agruss in the summer of 2013. It was a case of a collections company calling repeatedly and I was awarded $500 by Agruss Law. Now, a former employer is stalling with two paychecks that come to about $400. Can you help and is there a retainer fee? I voluntarily ended employment with Wex Valet in Falls Church, VA, but the actual work site was at BMW of Fairfax. I was a valet earning only $13 per hour. I added up the hours I had worked within the most recent pay period, and texted and spoke with the owner, Gary, early Wednesday morning. He claimed I was responsible for a broken SUV mirror, and said I it would come out of my final check, which I have yet to receive in the mail, as he said in the last phone conversation we had that day. I texted him again and followed-up with a call, but his answering service picked up. I left the message for him to return my call to confirm the envelope containing two separate checks–one hand-written and untaxed, and the other through the normal payroll deductions that is printed out with the standard perforations paystub. Mr. Agruss personally handled my case last year and I received the $500 award almost exactly one year ago. Yes, the person, who’s name I only know as Gary, but can get his last name, has been hostile and insulting when speaking to me in person and on the phone. He is now being evasive as it shouldn’t take 48 hours for the envelope to arrive in the mail just a few miles from my home!

  40. Yunchiao

    Hey, my name is Yunchiao lu, & Capital management have been calling me Yun Lu and asked for my address, ss#, and birthday. They won’t stop. I have no Idea what why Was about. They claimed that city bank ask them to handle a matter that pertains in the past. I just call all my credit card company and they said they never did that. All my data was updated. Capital management has been call me every single and they will not stop. My phone # is 781-344-0146. Please make them stop!

  41. Jennifer

    I am looking for someone to help me file suit against several individuals, including an accountant, law firm, and others that maliciously created false and fake evidence to have me charged with fraud. After three years fighting for my life and freedom, I was acquitted. I am a single parent of five children, and these people destroyed my life, my reputation, and more. I really need someone’s help. i was very ill in 2002 until 2007. I was at home, on oxygen machines and went through mutliple surgeries. in 2008, i tried to go back to working and was offered a position as a sweat equity partner of a business. i took out a loan to put the down payments together. half way through this business venture i found this guy was a majjor fraud. i hired a lawyer to find a way out of the partnership. he negotiated a deal for this guy to be bought out.he was. in a lawyers office a few month laters. he came and changed the locks, stole everything out of the place. soon after, we began this huge court battle where his lawyers and he stated i was never an owner never a partner, just a mere worker at the same time, he contacted the FSSA (family and social services, telling them that i was neglecting my kids. when he found out that didn’t work, he met with an investigator from the fssa and the two of them came up with a scheme to have me charged with fraud. i know this for a fact since the investigator audio taped it and gave it as part of discovery anyway… the two of them talk about how much i am paid to be there, and my expartner told him, nothing, the investigator told him in order to charge me with something, he would need his help creating me an income. so he filed a false 1099 claiming that he paid me $164980. so, i was charged IN TWO COUNTIES, for the same dates, times, and crimes.. i am a single parent of five children.. needless to say, this destroyed our lives. Whiting, Indiana. i was acquitted!

  42. Scott

    I’m having a situation with a new collection agency. Cut to the chase they withdrew from my account andwas not authorize to do so. Middle of my work day I’ll try calling myself later. Will I get spam or more phone calls? Basically I was told I needed to make a large sum deposit to start making smaller monthly payments I agreed they sent me a letter saying they would take it out of my account unless I said otherwise. Turned out I couldn’t but offered to pay a smaller amount they agreed and not only did they take it out on the wrong day they withdrew twice and over drafted my account. I never physically signed anything and I have the agreement on paper for the small amount!

  43. Scott A.

    Basically I was contacted by a collection agency about a month ago through my employer phone number. I promptly called them back I knew it was an old debt and I was in the process of paying another one off both student loans but this collection agency wanted me to pay 10% up front or we couldnt set up monthly payments. I agreed to try to pay it. Turns out I couldnt so I called back and made an agreement to start monthly payments at a smaller amount. They not only took out the withdrawl on the wrong date they did it back to back days and overdrafted my account without my permission or my signature. They have been pretty rude even though ive communicated with them and offered as much money as i could afford. Hung up on me numerous times during phone calls too. ive tried to work with them but just seems like they want to abuse the account information I gave them. My bank will being reimbursing me my money because i have a written statement from them saying they were only going to take out the amount on that day, I would prefer by email if possible at first? i mean this debt is delinquent but my first try at reaching out now that i am some what employed has been a fail!

  44. Clay

    I keep getting calls from this number… 575-449-8143. Claiming there is a judgement against me. are you familiar with them? I never answer the call and sometimes the numbers change. But they leave a voicemail… claiming to have information regarding a judgement and I have 48 hours. Clearly thats a lie cause I have never answered them and it’s been two months!

  45. Karina

    I’d like to get a consultation because a debt collector had called a neighbor and left a message for me. They gave them my name and address. I believe that in Indiana if they know my address it is illegal to call my neighbors right? One of my neighbors came by today with a note with a name and number for me. He was told to deliver it to me. They gave him my name and address. The note said to call Christine Sikes at (855)222-0328 concerning a private matter. I believe it’s Integrity Financial Partners because I searched the number online. I also believe the fair debt collection act states that if the agency knows my address they Cannot contact third parties!

  46. Karen

    i just received a letter from a law firm in colorado representing american express. do they have the right to ask me my place of employment or bank account information? I have a letter that states that i, the defendant waives any and all claims counter claims or causes of action including actions under the colorado fair debt collection practices act. I am feeling I should not sign this but if i don’t sign or provide the info they are requesting what may happen? sure i have an american express credit card with a balance of 10,700.00. I set up a payment plan of $55 per month for 6 months afterwhich it will be reviewed as Am Ex untimately wants $200 per month. I was sent an agreement to make the payments and if I make the 6 $55 payments there will not be a judgement. If I miss a payment the law firm wants to proceeed with a judgement. In the letter it asks my name, address, home phone, work phone, place of employment and bank account information. There is also a paper attached that needs to be signed by myself and a judge titled order for non judgment stipulation. I have 7 credit cards that I am trying to payoff. I am trying not to declare bankruptcy but I really do not have enough income to pay all the cards at the moment. I own a home but I am behind 2 months on my mortgage and am trying to catch up.Above all, I want to keep my home. I feel I can pay the cards off over time. Total credit card debt is now at about $45K. I am concerned by signing this agreement, that I may be giving away my rights and I do not want to do that. Name of the law firm is Vinci Law Group from Denver, CO. Also, I have not used credit cards for about a year and once they are all paid off I intend not to use any credit card again, although some of the cards, including american express would love to keep my business but I am not interested. I just recently (in May) was finally able to get a full time 40 hour a week job. Prior to that and for the past 7 years I have lived here I have had part time jobs. I live in a tourist area so most jobs are seasonal. Now that I have the full time job I am just trying to catch up. Also trying to get a part time job along with the full time job is nearly impossible as the part time jobs are seasonal during the spring and summer mostly\r\n[10/9/2014 11:28:23 PM CDT] Elaine: I will mention that to the lawyer!

  47. Jennifer

    I was talking to Janine and was disconnected can I speak with her. Yes, will I be charged for a phone consultation. I think someone should gather us all together and form a class action law suit. I see you guys had filed a lawsuit against medicredit. I received a letter from cogent financial group/medicredit, it’s a court document that I believe is fake. I borrowed this loan 10years ago and settled it around 6 years ago and I don’t owe them anything. I haven’t heard from them in years and I get a court document saying they are seizing my bank accounts next week. I traced the phone numbers for the lawyer, the mediator # the lawyer gave me and cogent financial groups number of the court document and all three numbers are being routed out of India, even though the cogent number has an Arizona area code!

  48. Eric

    trying to send data , via a memory stick , to Samantha jesulaitis . ok , but I feel silly , not good at computers & was to fax this ,but ……cant make the long distance call . can I e-mail it ? I scaned it off my fax , but I don’t know what I’m doing!

  49. Abby

    I just called Boost Mobile today to close out my account. On October 2, 2014 I opened an account with T-Mobile, and a few days ago, I was at my local t-mobile store to change my telephone number of which I had with boost mobile over to my new phone and account. I’m here, just a slow typer. Approximately two months ago, I inadvertently overpaid my bill by $ 10. Since then boost took out 50cents from t!he $10. Also my bill is paid in full through the 27th of October. Since I’m not using their services any longer, shouldn’t my remaining paid funds and my full. $10 be pro-rated back to me? They said no, but wouldn’t provide a reason why. Along with the remaining funds paid up to the next billing cycle!

  50. Nikki

    I’m having some issues with aarons. I have told them many many times that when I’m at work I do not have cell phone service and that I leave home about 7 and don’t get home until 7 and that it doesn’t do any good to call me and they said that I must provide my work phone number because they have to have a way to get in touch with me. They also continue to harass friends and family. Two things..One they are telling me that I’m three payments behind and I’m not. And in July I was at the hospital with a family member that we were certain wasn’t going to make it and I told.them to stop calling and harassing me during that time and they refused. The store manager lane basically told me that he didn’t care that I still.had responsibilities and that I had better pay. I told him I was two hours away and that we left so abruptly that I didn’t grab my credit card and he demanded that I leave the hospital and drive the two hours home just to pay them!

  51. Stephen

    I am trying to submit info on your “Free Case Evaluation” page, but it takes me to a “404 Page Not Found” page when I hit the submit button. I am being called 1 or 2 times a day by Account Services, USA. They are trying to get me to use their credit card service to reduce my payments. It has been going on for months now. Here is what I was trying to send on your website: Account Services, USA has been calling my house 1 or 2 times a day for months now. I am on the federal Do Not Call List, but they still keep calling. I have asked them to take me off their list, but they still keep calling. Their caller ID number changes almost every day and sometimes it lists my home phone number (on the phone I am answering!). They keep making up their “Facts” about my credit history and get VERY abusive about me using their services sometimes, even threatening that I will be homeless and my kids will starve if I don’t use their services!

  52. Annie

    i just posted a ‘comment’ and question. will someone email me back in a day or so? wow… i Just wrote (typed… & i am a ‘challenged’ key boarder) ; ) .. all the details.. it is good. they would like this case.. but i am typed out!

  53. Terri

    I received a phone call on my home phone and I don’t believe it was intended for me. I tried to call back, but get a busy signal. i just moved to this home 5 months ago and it is a new number for me. the number that called is 862-902-5349. they can reach out to me, but they should the name of the person they are trying to reach!

  54. Orlando

    I’ve been receiving several calls from P&B capital group, they have also called my family telling them it’s a friend from back in the military, I’m not sure who they’re collecting for. I have never called them back, they have left several voice messages from Andrew Foreman, saying that my case has changed legal status. I have ignored their messages but it seems that they have resorted to contacting my brother who lives in NV. I have a suspicion that they may be collecting for Santander, they repo’d my car back in 2010 but I never heard back from them as to how much is owed!

  55. Alicia

    I have been receiving calls from portfolio recovery and I am unsure of what I can do. I had a credit card from us bank in 2009 and I was unable to make the payments after my husband lost his job. After portfolio contacted me they had a Lester contacting me. I just set up payment arrangements with them. Afraid they would put a lien or something on my house I make 2 payments. But today I received a call from portfolio so I am confused!

  56. Rand

    I have an FDCPA claim against EOS CCA. Simple. I canceled with ATT UVerse. They sent me a bill. I paid it 30 days after it was do. But I paid it in full. They cashed the check for LESS than face value of the check. I don’t know why. Probably keying error. Then they sent the ENTIRE amount (about $100) to EOS CCA. THey contacted me on my cell phone and by mail. I disputed the debt and told them to stop collection actions and to stop collecting me because there was no valid debt. They sent me mail with a copy of the bill only (no proof of a debt). They continue to call me despite both WRITTEN and VERBAL demands to stop. I tried to call ATT but they wont help because the account is closed. Im on hold still with ATT too Wasting my time. EOS has already sent the creidt bureau negative info 3 months in a row!

  57. Dennis

    I paid my at&t cell bill in full and now they say we owe them 196.00. they call me almost daily and harass me. I was with them for 10 yrs plus the wife and I are divorced and the phones were still in my name so I called them and told them i wanted to leave and pay the bill so i did and we went with net 10. i owe them nothing. wheneever i called them to pay the bill I told them to. I new they would do this AT&T are corporate crookst!

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