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Is Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates harassing you over a debt? Stop the harassment. Get Money. And you won’t pay us a dime for our services. Whether you owe the debt or not, you are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates is a collection agency (and a law firm) that has been in business since 2008. Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates is headquartered in Sherman, Texas.

According to the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates has been sued four times in the last two years for debt collection harassment. The Better Business Bureau has received eleven complaints on Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates, which is a lot for a small office.

Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates has several telephone numbers it places debt collection calls from. Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates may be calling you from the following telephone numbers: 866-945-8627, 866-945-8634, 903-813-3830

If Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates has harassed you over a debt, you may be entitled to money damages up to $1,000.00. Plus, the FDCPA has a fee-shift provision. This means, the collection agency pays your attorney’s fees and costs. We have settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. Let us help you today. Contact Agruss Law Firm at 888-572-0176 to stop Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates once and for all.


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Submitted Complaints

you sent myself a collection notice acct#16701849-he is waiting on Clark Co. Job and Family Services to complete his paperwork for Medicaid!

Tried sending a payment for a medical bill to there PO box # MBA PO box 3269 sherman tx 75091 US post office could not match PO with zip code when I tried to send it certified mail recived calls from 361 area code 520-4546 asking for payment of amount. Just one thing if the payment is recived by end of this month I would be saving 740!

My name is Varun. I was pinging you on the other window. I have been getting calls from debt collectors for a medical bill in the year 2013. I mean this is affecting my credit. I had full insurance on the rental car and I was a passenger. I did submit all the documents, not sure why they have sent it to the collection agency!

I received a phone call from a female who asked if she was speaking to Joseph Marti. I asked the female why she was calling and she said that it was "a personal business matter for Joseph Martin". When I acknowledged that she was in fact talking with the person she was seeking to contact, she said that I owed a hospital debt dating back to 2016. Well, I would be interested in knowing if I would pay your firm a fee for representing me (if you take my case). The female identified herself as a representative of Mitchell D. Bluhm claims. She called my grounded number but I do not know how she obtained it!

Called from 361-520*4106. Calls at all hours. I answered the phone this AM and asked whom was calling. They identified themselves as Mitchell Bluhm & Associates. Kept asking for ID such as DOB, SSN, but would not explain why they were calling. Finally they said they would call back later!

I received a call with Mitchell bluhm and associates looking for me. I confirmed my name but when I asked what this was regarding, they pressured me for my date of birth which I did not give. I just hung up on them.

Medical bill from 2016 as the result of an ER visit. I thought I was having a heart attack. Luckily, this was not the case. I was seen mostly by a student doctor with a 5 min follow-up and prescription by a practicing doctor. Received a bill for almost $1900. The insurance covered very little because the billing doctor was not in network. This was an ER and I don't know how one can verify in advance, during a medical emergency, whether or not there is an in-network doctor on call. I paid the hospital portion of the bill and for the EKG. I then disputed the bill with the insurance company. They agreed the bill was of a high cost and paid $22. This was the cost of the EKG and obviously not what I was asking of them. I disputed again to no avail. By this time I was no longer insured by the same company. Meanwhile a debt collector had begun to contact me and I explained that the matter was in dispute and I would not discuss it until it had been resolved. Next time I heard from them, they had not sent anything in writing and I explained that I would not discuss the matter until I received something in writing. It took 2 more calls and the same request before I received anything in writing. I let the matter drop as I am loathe to pay the remainder of this due to the out-of-network issue and have heard nothing from them in at least a year. Received a letter from MBA on the 21st of Sep offering a deal, still too high. The letter has no signature and states that no attorney has reviewed my case. Included with this letter is a "Company Privacy Notice" from CF Medical, LLC. I am willing to pay a reasonable portion of this bill but am a single mom with low income. They have not reported this to the credit bureaus as of yet. I don't know how to handle this and am wondering if anything about this letter is in violation of the FDCPA. Any help is appreciated!

Receiving notices from Mitchell Blum and phone calls trying to collect on an old hospital bill!

I have been getting phones calls and letters from Mitchell D. Bluhm. I looked him up on the better business site and found he was not a member. Then I saw your site and decided to contact you. The bill was from a hospital that accepts indigent patients. I have gotten bills before but I am on disability and cannot pay. They have never went to a Law firm to threaten me!

my husband and I have been receiving serval calls and letters from Mitchell D Bluhm collection office. But I was wondering if they were registerd to do business in my state. I was told that If the collection agencies are not registered for my state they can contact me and I ca go after the company that sold my information because they validated HIPPA law. is that true!

I have been getting calls and letters from Mitchell Bluhm offices regarding a debt I do have. I set up a payment plan but had to stop when my company closed and I had to find a new job. I am now set-up and was getting ready to call them again. Looking for some guidance. Thanks Burt!

have never heard of Mitchell Bluhm or Capio law firms nor have I received calls or any Notifications regarding any debt and I looked at my credit report today and tried to research this company and got no results other than showing so many people have had fraudulent experiences. I do not know how or why this has hit my credit, but I am trying to work on my credit to purchase a home and this is causing grief and I have to find out why this is on there. What can I do since I have never been contacted or sent a letter or explanation or even made aware of any debt linked with either company!

I too received a notice that my account was turned over by CF Medical. They want to settle a 2013 account. I did my dudiligence and called the Emergenct Services company, which isnt the correct name, and I contacted the Hospural, a nd their billing services and the collection agency they all use and the bill I had around that that date was paid as I have 2 insurances and I owe nothing outstanding. They said they only use one agency to collect delinquencies and they have never heard of either company. My concern is how did they know I used our EMT services on that date that somehow information leaked.

I am a USMC female veteran. Last year I had a TOTAL HYSTERECTOMY. The process leading up to this was a long and 'painful' one. About a year (or a bit longer) prior to this I was suffering excessive blood loss and debilitating, crippling pain. At the time of the worst of these incidents I went to the Valley View Medical Center in Mohave Valley Arizona for some kind of EMERGENCY treatment. I provided my VETERAN'S ID CARD to them when I was checked in and they, supposedly, took the information down. When I received a bill from the hospital I immediately contacted the VA. After several telephone calls I was assured that the bill was taken care of since I am on a NO PAY care status. Now, about 4 years or more later, I am receiving this letter from Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates, LLC which states that this account was acquired by CF Medical LLC and placed with the law firm? At the very least, I am now confused and, as so many others, unable to pay this debt that I really do not even owe!

They erroneously reported inaccurate information on my 3 credit bureaus, significantly dropping the scores!

I just received my credit report and found Mitchell D Bluhm and associates as well as Capio on my credit report I have never received a letter or phone call and yet it is on my credit. I do not even know what or who it is. What can I do.

Hello....I was looking at my credit report and saw that Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates placed a negative comment on it. They state that I owe 1,700 for something I know nothing about. What can I do? I really don't know what to explain unfortunately. They are saying I owe for a debt. However, I have NEVER received anything from these attorneys and was never given a chance to dispute the claim and ask for an itemized list of charges!

I recieved a letter from Mitchell Bluhms office and now I have a fella calling me wanting me to pay the doctors bill from an emergency procedure. I have not paid him until I find out if this was a scam or if there were any complaints with this firm. As I see there are several .. so I will let the fella contact me again and deny paying them because of my research with their firm. Guess the question now is what does it take to clear this issue on my credit report and pay the bill to the doctor?

I received services at Georgia Regents Center on Jily1. 2015. I was making payments and received a notice my account had ben turned over to NRS for collections. I explained the situation and agreed to set up payments with them in the amount of 30.00 per month drafted each month. This took effect around 3,2016. I have my complete record that they drafted that account each month and the final payment of 26.60 was drafted on 1-19-2017. I check my credit periodically through Credit Karma. Yesterday It showed I had a collections opened by the law firm of Mitchell Bluhm for 332.00 the company was Georgia National Regent. I only visited that facility once and have now paid it off. Why was this sent to this attorney? What can I do about this?

I looked on my credit last week and I only had 6 marks then I look this week and I randomly have a 7th mark. I have never seen this amount before and I have records of all my visits to hospitals or doctors. This claim on my record is bogus.

I received numerous calls from a black man working with this firm. I ended up suing my insurer for not covering the medical bill and was victorious. However, this firm was highly unprofessional in the manner in which they tried to collect this wrongful debt - threatening tone and yelling over the phone and threats to report to the credit agency. Terrible.

I received this letter from Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates saying I owe like, $350 for a visit I hade in 2014. If it is the visit I suspect, it was an emergency room visit where the Doctor I met with did literally nothing but ask me some questions and wrote me a prescription. And now, after so many years of struggling I finally got myself on my feet and now this is coming to attack me from when I was literally struggling and got ZERO help from the hospital in question.. I can't help but refuse to pay for a service I didn't actually receive.

I need help went through a very bad divorce. My X left me with a lot of Bill's. I lost everything. Home, Car, had to move in with my brother. I was still covered under my X's health insurance. I owe Oakwood Hospital $388.76. I explained to Mitchell Bluhm & Associates. They will not work with me. I said I could pay half. They said No. Can you please help me. Thank You

They put a collection on my credit for $1,075 for a bill I never had. It says hospital dated June 2016. But I was not in the hospital in June of 2016.

I just had a Blum collection added to my CR....and the date of service was 2012. While I was recently trying to dispute another collection which was removed on 2 credit bureaus....this collection was added out of the blue. Like a new account, However they're not reporting the date of service. 8/2012. I had medical insurance and the amount they're saying I owed doesn't seem accurate anyway even if I did.

Mitchell D. Bluhm and associates call non stop and have threatened to take me to court over an ER bill for $306.73. I've explained that I am in a divorce and I pay more than 10k a year for child care. I've told them that when I have the money I will pay yet they still call and harass me.

Mira ustede me estan cobrando un vil de 290 nobenta noce de que es

Sent 2012 bill representing CF medical LLC to wrong address with wrong name 6/2016 that was covered by medical insurance and put it on my credit report 7/2016 for my son. They have no record of Bill, gave me CF Medicals phone number which i could only leave a message and no return call. In meantime my credit is suffering for this.

I had a collection that had been held by another company Capio removed from my report, as my ex-husband is the one who signed financial responsibility for an ER visit for our 2 children. I am listed as the primary contact and guardian with the hospital though. This hospital has since went out of business and was acquired by another hospital. I was unable to reach anyone for the hospital. Several months later I noticed that Mitchell D Blum had added these back to my credit report listing them with a date Feb 2016, the Er visits took place in Dec 2012. I never received anything from the company until, I received a settlement letter in the mail this week. I had disputed the collection with the credit bureau as this is not my debt, same debt as Capio but this one stuck with a date of Feb 2016? I am very frustrated and unsure of what to do. I am trying to rebuild my credit after my divorce and this has obviously made things difficult and I do not want to pay 2,000.00 I do not owe!

this people call me every year with the same debt of 2013, I wonder if they are scammers

I believe this is a bogus account against me and I want it straightened out now I've written to the Better Business Bureau I've written to the attorney general and I want you to take this off my credit report

LAW OFFICES OF MITCHELL D BLUHM has been harassed, threaten me, and posted on my credit report

I just looked at my credit karma account and I have $663 bill from Mitchell D Bluhm under collections no one has ever called or sent me any letters the last time I was in the hospital was over 7 years ago and I had insurance please call me Thank you

I have been getting harassing robocalls since February about an alleged small medical debt from 4 years ago which isn't on my credit reports. I have spoken to them at least 4 times and told them to send proof in writing, which they refuse. They want me to pay over the phone and give them access to my bank account or credit card, which I definitely won't do. They answer as "the law office of Mitchell Bluhme", trying to intimidate me, but I know from other complaints they're a debt collector.

The DNC list has nothing to do with debt collectors. If you don't think you owe the money they claim you owe, send them a certified letter asking them to verify the debt.

I have questions regarding a debt of 250 some odd dollars Mitchell Bluhm and associates claims I owe from 2013. They have repeatedly called me, even after I specifically stated my number was registered with the national do not call list.

I Keep getting collections from this firm on my credit even though I have never spoken or received a letter from this company and I have no medical collections. I have had the collection removed from my credit by challenging it but then they put it back on.

I have been receiving calls from a 757 area code, the area i live in, from the "great bridge" area and I live in Virginia Beach. Isn't the headquarters of Mitchell Bluhm in Texas? I believe this is called Spoofing? Which I believe is against the law?

So I got a letter in the mail from Mitchell D. Bluhm. Well I didn't get it. It was sent to my dad's address and my dad sent it to me. The date of the supposed debt is 6 days after my third daughter was born almost 4 years ago. And the name on the debt isn't even mine. It is someone else, that I don't even know and yet they are sending it to me and expect me to pay a settlement? I am confused as to what it is and why it was sent to me.

I received a collection notice from Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates. They're attempting to collect on a hospital bill from 2013. I have been getting calls from them on my cell phone, but I never answer when they call. So, I haven't really given them the opportunity to harass me. They have left a few automated voice messages. I attempted suicide in 2013, which ultimately ended up with me in the hospital. Health-wise I was good to leave the hospital some few days later, but I was basically held there against my will for almost two weeks to be placed in a mental health facility. So, the cost just kept going up each day I was forced to be there. I had no health insurance when this happened. I'm not even sure what bill this actually is, because I accumulated like half a dozen different bills. This bill they're trying to collect on is around $2,000. The over-all total was around $80,000 I believe. I couldn't get state assistance at this time, because the ACA wasn't enacted then. So, I made no attempts to pay any of these bills. I was unemployed ( still am ) and have no income what-so-ever. I have no money, I have no assets, and I currently live with my folks. I'm not really sure what the best action it would be for me to take. I'm curious if they can even take legal action against me, due to the fact that these guys aren't licensed to practice in Arizona. I mean would it even be worth it for them if they can? Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope to hear back from you guys. Email would be the best way to get back to me.

Hi Jeffrey, I'm sorry to hear Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates caused your credit score to drop so quickly over a medical bill that should have been paid by your insurance. Not only will I help you get your bill paid by your insurance company, I will also do my best to help you fix your credit report. You have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Acting. I'll help you send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus, to the original creditor, and to Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates. After 30 days, hopefully your credit report will be fixed, and therefore, your credit score will go up. Thank you for your service. Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates should be embarrassed for what they've done to you. Thanks, Mike

I noticed that my credit score had dropped rapidly. I pulled my credit report and noted that there was a Collection Report from Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates. The report seems to have referenced a medical bill from January of 2012. This bill would have been paid by my insurance, as I was in Active Duty of the United States Army at the time. Further, shouldn't I have been notified within 3 years if something went wrong with the settlement? Why was this sent directly to a collections agency? Finally, shouldn't this be their responsibility to have my credit restored?

Hi Christopher, I'm sorry to hear about your conversation with Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates. Did you receive a letter from Mitchell D. Bluhm & Associates? Have you checked your credit report? Let's discuss this further on the phone. I have help[ed thousands of consumers and I would like to help you, too. Thanks, Mike

They give out Personal Identifying Information (PII) without having properly identified their contact. They call and ask "Can I speak with Firstname Lastname?" After receiving only a "This is him." they proceed to say " For verification your date of birth is Month Day Year, correct?" With a Google search on my name and birthdate, you get my address and voter id returned in the first result from voter public records. With a Google search on address and 'mortgage' you get my mortgage bank from tax collector public records. Now any criminal who stole my phone specifically to steal my identity has enough information to call my mortgage bank and say that he is calling because identity was stolen and is updating all banks, bills etc and forgot who he has called and what do they have on record and may be able to get SSN. You ask for verifying information that you have on record and confirm the match from what the contact tells you, NOT BROADCAST IT OVER A PHONE THAT ANYONE COULD HAVE!!!