Stop Coastal Credit Harassment

Creditors like Coastal Credit, LLC cannot harass you over a debt. You have rights under the law, and we will stop the harassment once and for all.THE BEST PART IS…If Coastal Credit violated the law, you may be entitled to money damages and Coastal Credit will pay our fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. Plus, some of our clients also receive debt relief and cleaned-up credit reports. You have nothing to lose! Call us today at 888-572-0176 for a free consultation.

Who is Coastal Credit, LLC?

Coastal Credit, LLC is a nationwide lender in automotive financing based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 1987, Coastal Credit primarily serves the “secondary used-car market” and operates in seventeen states. The agency is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has received consumer complaints via the BBB in the past three years for billing/collection problems.

Coastal Credit’s Address, Phone Number, and Contact Information

Coastal Credit is located at 10333 N. Meridian Street, Suite 400, Indianapolis, IN 46290. The customer service inquiry number is 317-324-4100 and the customer service/collections number is 844-871-4475. The main website is Numbers Used by Coastal CreditCoastal Credit likely uses hundreds of different phone numbers to call consumers. For an advanced search, visit and click “Number Search” in the “Lookup” dropdown menu. Here are some phone numbers Coastal Credit may be calling you from:

Coastal Credit Lawsuits

If you want to know just how unhappy consumers are with Coastal Credit, take a look at the number of complaints consumers have made online. Nowadays, most original creditors, credit card companies, etc. have arbitration clauses, which means that if you have a complaint against that company, you must file your claim in arbitration. Arbitration limits discovery, is not public, has a limited appellate process, and, most importantly, is funded primarily by the banks and big businesses. While it can be difficult to get a fair chance in arbitration, the good news is we have filed hundreds of credit harassment cases in arbitration, and we know how to aggressively fight these cases against the big banks and businesses even when arbitration is necessary.

Coastal Credit Complaints

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protects you from robocalls, which are those annoying, automated, recorded calls that computers make all day long. You can tell it’s a robocall because either no one responds on the other end of the line, or there is a delay when you pick up the phone before a live person responds. You can receive $500 per call if Coastal Credit violates the TCPA.Have you received a message from this agency that sounds pre-recorded or cut-off at the beginning or end? These are tell-tale signs that the message is pre-recorded, and if you have these messages on your cell phone, you may have a TCPA case against the agency.The Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) protects electronic payments that are deducted from bank accounts. If Coastal Credit took unauthorized deductions from your bank account, you may have an EFTA claim against the agency. Coastal Credit, like most collection agencies, wants to set up recurring payments from consumers; imagine how much money it can earn if hundreds, even thousands, of consumers electronically pay them $50 - $100 or moreper month. If you agreed to this type of reoccurring payment, the agency must follow certain steps to comply with the EFTA. Did Coastal Credit continue to take electronic payments after you told them to stop? Did they take more money from your checking account than you agreed to?  If so, we can discuss your rights and potential case under the EFTA.The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) works to ensure that no information reported to your credit report is false. In essence, it gives you the right to dispute those inaccuracies that you find on your credit report. We’ve handled many cases in which a debt collection agency reported debt on a consumer’s credit report to obtain leverage over the consumer. If Coastal Credit is on your credit report, they may tell you that they’ll remove the debt from your credit report if you pay it;this is commonly known as “pay for delete.”If the original creditor is on your report rather than the debt collector, and you pay off the debt, both entities should accurately report this on your credit report.Several states also have laws to provide its citizens an additional layer of protection. For example, if you live in California, Florida, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, or Wisconsin, you may be able to add a state-law claim to your federal law claim above.  North Carolina, for example, has one of the most consumer-friendly statutes in the country: if you live in NC and are harassed over a debt, you may receive $500 - $4,000 in damages per violation. We work with a local counsel in NC and our NC clients have received some great results in debt collection harassment cases. If you live in North Carolina and are being harassed by a debt collector, you have leverage to obtain a great settlement.

How do we Use the Law to Help You?

We will use state and federal laws to immediately stop Coastal Credit’s debt collection. We will send a cease-and-desist letter to stop the harassment today, and if Coastal Credit violates the FDCPA, EFTA, FCRA, or any state law, you may be entitled to money damages. For example, under the FDCPA, you may receive up to $1,000 in damages plus actual damages. The FDCPA also has a fee-shift provision, which means the debt collector will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs. If you have a TCPA case against the agency, we will handle it based on a contingency fee and you won’t pay us a dime unless you win.THAT’S NOT ALL…We have helped thousands of consumers stop phone calls.  We know how to stop the harassment and get you money damages. Once again: you will not pay us a dime for our services. We will help you based on a fee-shift provision and/or contingency fee, and the debt collector will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs.

What if Coastal Credit is on My Credit Report?

Based on our experience, some debt collectors may credit-report, which means one may mark your credit report with the debt they are trying to collect. In addition to or instead ofthe debt collector, the original creditor may also be on your credit report in a separate entry, and it’s important to properly identify these entities because you will want both to update your credit report if or when you pay off the debt.THE GOOD NEWS IS…If Coastal Credit is on your credit report, we can help you dispute it. Mistakes on your credit report can be very costly: along with causing you to pay higher interest rates, you may be denied credit, insurance, a rental home, a loan, or even a job because of these mistakes. Some mistakes may include someone else’s information on your credit report, inaccurate public records, stale collection accounts, or even being a victim of identity theft. If you have a mistake on your credit report, there is a process to dispute it, and my office will help you obtain your credit report and dispute any inaccurate information.REMEMBER…If a credit reporting agency violates its obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you may be entitled to statutory damages up to $1,000, and the credit reporting agency will be required to fix the error. The FCRA also has a fee-shift provision, which means the credit reporting agency will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. We have helped hundreds of consumers fix inaccurate information on their credit reports, and we’re ready to help you, too.

Complaints against Coastal Credit

If you’re on this page, chances are you are just like the hundreds of consumers out there being harassed by Coastal Credit. Here are some of theBBB reviews and complaints against Coastal Credit:

  1. “Customer Service does not have the best attitude toward a customer of five years, who paid contract off in full. Asked for a letter stating my business is concluded with this company, staff made it sound like this was too hard to do...but thank you to the supervisor who actually knew the process that takes place when concluding business with a long-term customer and final payment has already been deducted from my account, up to 60 days for any final action to occur was the answer I got...unsatisfactory.”
  2. “I have submitted numerous requests demanding that they stop calling me at work. They have continued to do so and have caused me issues at work in regards to receiving personal phone calls as they state it is a personal matter.”
  3. “This company takes money out of my bank account without my knowledge and takes out double payments as well and causes my account to overdraft. They have also taken payments off of my girlfriend’s card as well…one payment on a Friday and the next Monday another payment without consent. I am getting bank statements for my records and I need records from Coastal Credit of my payments. They will not give me receipts and I do not receive bills in the mail anymore, just threatening phone calls as well as my family and visits to my house. Please help me get out of this loan with them, this truck should have been almost paid off by now, this is shady business!”

Cases We’ve Handled Against Coastal Credit

I think you’ll agree when we say that threats and harassment from collection agencies can be pretty intimidating. However, we can stop the harassment and get you money damages under the law, and the collection agency will pay your attorneys’ fees and costs. Here is one case we’ve handled against Coastal Credit:

  1. Michael v. Coastal Credit – In April 2017, Michael of Cumberland County, North Carolina, pursue a claim against Coastal Credit for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Complaints consisted of frequent harassing phone calls to the plaintiff’s cellphone, including robocalls. We stopped the calls and successfully resolved our client’s claims.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Agruss Law Firm, LLC, has over 750 outstanding client reviews through Yotpo, an A+ BBB rating, and over 105 five-star reviews on Google. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us:“Michael Agruss handled two settlements for me with great results and he handled them quickly. He also settled my sister’s case quickly and now her debt is clear. I highly recommend Michael.”“Agruss Law Firm was very helpful, they helped me solved my case regarding the unwanted calls. I would highly recommend them. Thank you very much Mike Agruss!”“Agruss Law Firm was very helpful to me and my veteran father! We were harassed daily and even called names for a loan that was worthless! Agruss stepped in and not only did they stop harassing, they stopped calling all together!! He even settled it so I was paid back for the problems they caused!”

Can Coastal Credit Sue Me?

Yes, Coastal Credit can sue you. Coastal Credit can hire a lawyer to file a breach of contract lawsuit against you for the underlying debt, fees, and costs. If you’ve been sued by Coastal Credit, do not ignore the lawsuit; you may have defenses. If you ignore the lawsuit, default will be entered and Coastal Credit may seek to garnish your wages. If you receive notice of a lawsuit, contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible, even if you intend to represent yourself pro se. If Coastal Credithas threatened to sue you, contact Agruss Law Firm as soon as possible; we’re here to help.

Can Coastal Credit Garnish My Wages?

Yes, if Coastal Credit has a judgment entered against you. If Coastal Credit is currently garnishing your wages or threatening to do so, contact our office as soon as possible.

Coastal Credit Settlement

If you want to settle a debt with Coastal Credit, ask yourself these questions first:

  1. Do I really owe this debt?
  2. Is this debt within the statute of limitations?
  3. Is this debt on my credit report?
  4. If I pay this debt, will Coastal Credit remove it from my credit report?
  5. If I pay this debt, will the third-party debt collector remove it from my credit report?
  6. If I pay this debt, will I receive written confirmation from Coastal Credit confirming the payment and settlement terms?

These are not the only things to consider when dealing with debt collectors. We are here to help you answer the questions above, and much more. Whether it’s harassment, settlement, pay-for-delete, or any other legal issue with Coastal Credit, we at Agruss Law Firm are here to help you.

Share Your Complaints AgainstCoastal Credit Below

We encourage you to post your complaints aboutCoastal Credit. Sharing your complaints against this agency can help other consumers understand what to do when this company starts calling. Sharing your experience may help someone else!HERE’S THE DEAL!If you are being harassed by Coastal Credit over a debt, you may be entitled to money damages – up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500 - $1,500 for illegal robocalls. Under state and federal laws, we will help you based on a fee-shift provision and/or contingency fee, which means the debt-collector pays your attorneys’ fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. We have settled thousands of debt collection harassment cases, and we’re prepared to help you, too. Contact Agruss Law Firm at 888-572-0176 to stop the harassment once and for all.

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Submitted Complaints

1. I was deployed didn’t know my allotment stopped. 2. Contacted the company told them my situation we agreed on a payment plan. Made the payments then they demanded I surrender the vehicle. I did. Car goes to auction. Never heard anything. I get out the Army medical discharge and I started getting wage garnishment for over 15k. Looking for some professional assistance.

Bought a car in Virginia Beach in 2010. I was martially separated, and needed reliable transportation to take me to my next duty station. I was happy with my purchase and paid $470 per month through allotment. I was separated from the Navy in December of 2012, my understanding was Coastal Credit was to pay off my vehicle at that time and send me the title. Instead they sent a repo guy, and have filed multiple lawsuits against me ever since. I have been informed through my employer that they are garnishing me now. A little research found that they got a judgement against me in 2015 , in the state of Virginia. But failed to spell my name correctly. The incorrect spelling prevented me from receiving notices.

I'm being sued by Coastal Credit after 3yrs of them reposting it and selling the vehicle at an auction for 300.00. Now they want to sue me and garnish my wages

Coastal credit is very rude and have poor customer service especially the billing/collection department. I have my car finance through them but somehow the paperwork i have don't match my vin number on my car it just seem like I'm paying for the wrong car I tried to tell them that but they didnt want to hear it i need to pay for the right car!

Billing/Collection department is very rude they have poor customer service and they got me paying on a car thats not even mine car my vin number dont match whats on the title so I feel like I shouldnt be paying on a car that isn't mine and they need some training on customer service

Hi I have been having issues with coastal credit llc. I was behind according to them two payments but actually I was only behind 1 payment and they said I have to pay $500 and then pay $150 every two weeks. I'm a one income home and don't make a lot of money and this is the second time hey have gone back on their word. To top it all off they added an extra $4000 to what I owe. I need advice on how to get them to stop changing the payment plans we set up. And to stop their rude customer service tactics. I set up the arrangement but what to know if I should cancel the arrangement because I feel it's not right. I do not make a lot of money as it is. Thank yoh!

In 2012, I filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for the opportunity to focus on my student loans. I looked into my student loans and noticed that there was a consolidated loan from 2012 that I had never heard of or remembered being approved for. Even though I did apply for one, I assumed I was denied. The loan went into default and now Coast Professional is handling the loan on behalf of the Dept of Education for the original consolidation amount and the interest. I do not think I owe ANY interest (or really the loan but let's focus on the interest for now), partly because I was never notified of having received the loan to begin with. Unfortunately, Sallie Mae had been sending all of my bills to the wrong address and now I'm at a loss. Do I have a case? What are my options?

Just curious as to what kind of services you alloffer? I have a college debt from over 10 years ago but i honestly forgot about it. I received an invoice from Coastal collection company recently and they even called my mom. I don't mind paying the bill, but i want to see if they'll know some of it down, seeing it's been over 10 years and it never went on my credit report, i was thinking they might be willing to settle for maybe half of it. I'm trying to figure out if i need your services or it i should just see if the university can do something about it?