Stop Ad Astra Recovery Services Debt Harassment

Is Ad Astra Recovery Services harassing you over a debt? Stop the harassment. Get Money. And you won’t pay us a dime for our services. Whether you owe the debt or not, you are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Ad Astra Recovery Services is a collection agency that has been in business since 2007. Ad Astra Recovery Services is headquartered in Witchita, KS.

Ad Astra Recovery Services' website claims, “Combining quality employees with sophisticated technology, Ad Astra ensures productivity and reliability.” Instead, this company appears to hound people using spyware and aggressive letters, neither of which are necessarily in line with the FDCPA. The FDCPA has been around for almost 35 years. The FDCPA is a federal law that applies to every state. In other words, everyone is protected by the FDCPA. The FDCPA is essentially a laundry list of what debt collectors can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things debt collectors must do while collecting a debt.

According to the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), Ad Astra Recovery Services has been sued nearly 20 times in the last 3 years for debt collection harassment. The Better Business Bureau has processed 46 complaints on Ad Astra Recovery Services in the same length of time.

Ad Astra Recovery Services has several telephone numbers it places debt collection calls from. Ad Astra Recovery Services may be calling you from the following telephone numbers: 866-398-2089, 316-771-8890, 877-399-0143

If Ad Astra Recovery Services has harassed you over a debt, you may be entitled to money damages up to $1,000.00. Plus, the FDCPA has a fee-shift provision. This means, the collection agency pays your attorney’s fees and costs. We have settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. Let us help you today. Contact Agruss Law Firm at 888-572-0176 to stop Ad Astra Recovery Services once and for all.


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Submitted Complaints

Ad Astra has been harassing me with back to back mail letter for a $900 past due bill for Rapid cash; since late 2015. I even paid it online through ad Astra's website, in 2017. I still have the confirmation receipt. It's the one and only item that's been stuck on my credit report and causing me to be denied for any credit issuer or bank that I apply for. I have a 649 score!

I explained to Ad Astra and Plaza Services that I am on disability which makes me exempt from collections...they are both reporting it on my credit even though they can't collect!

I have been receiving weird calls from local and non-local numbers for a while never leaving messages, Got 2 calls back to back this morning finally leaving messages telling me I have until 5pm EST to contact Asta regarding a debt. Well technically I'm between states, but their calling from a number associated to my phone number 501 area code. It's like a phone hider or something only did I actually get 888 calls with messages this morning. I work all day and getting 2 messages advising have till 5pm EST at noon to try to research or look at what it's about is not enought time. I'm not sure I don't know what is needed. I believe I located the debt on credit report and need to call within the next hour as I do not want legal action filed. Is it over the computer or my phone?!

AdAstra bought a debt i had owed to the original company and continues to attempt to collect. Original creditor is Speedy Cash. My main concern is not having money to pay any lawyer fees to dispute my case with this collection agency!

I am receiving emails from someone that states there is a warrant out for my arrest not since I did not pay $987 to them. He would not send me any paperwork or tell me what company he is from!

AD ASTRA has reported account under my name from speedy cash. I have let them know that My idenity was stoled. Each there were like 2 accounts like 3800.00 Now they are reporting over 14, 000. 00 under my name each noth the amount goes up and more account are being added I have asked for documentation and t=nothing. This company needs to be stopped.

astra recovery calling work place!

I did have a loan through Speedy Cash, due to Hurricane Harvey, I was unable to make payments. Now that I just had surgery to remove cervical cancer, I am still having financial difficulties. Ad Astra is now calling my work, and already shows on my credit report. After reading other tactics they have, I am worried about what else they may do!

I had a loan with Speedy Cash, and had been unable to pay it after Hurricane Harvey. I let them know what was going on and they were not helpful at all. They are now calling my work, and after reading what they are capable of, I am afraid of what else they might do. They are already showing up on my credit report.

i called to see about a settlement and now they want stop calling me pls help!

I want to sue ad Astra recovery I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy on April 2014 on Speedycash. It was discharged on July 2014 , ad Astra recovery have violated the bankruptcy injunction and they knew about it and still trying to collect and have damage my credit just recently. If they been sued so many time and violated fair debt collections how they stay in business and do this to people? Houston texas I contacted the original creditor which is Speedycash bankruptcy department , they are aware of my discharged . They said they related the message to ad Astra recovery about the information . I called ad Astra recovery and the First Lady said she sees the bankruptcy on file The second lady for ad Astra recovery was mean and rude . When I asked why you collecting a debt that was discharged in bankruptcy and to remove from my credit report . Her response was \" Jesus Christ you're not on file \" I said your reported to all three of my credit report and she transfer me to a voice mail I asked for an account number and ad Astra recovery said that I was not in system and no account number but why are you reporting to my credit report . They have damage my credit and my lively hood!

This company called my ex's cell phone over and over talking about a personal business matter.

I took out a loan with SpeedyCash. I do owe them and be willing to pay the directly. But Ad Astra showed up on my credit report and they sent me emails wanting me to make payments to them. Anything I can do?

Ad Astra Recovery Services is claiming I owe them money but will not send me any information on the debt.


AD ASTRA Recovery contacted me and claimed I had a loan with Speedy Cash. I told them I didn't send me verifiable proof of the account because its Identity Theft. They told me they had no information to send proof to verify account gave no information either.I spoke to fraud dept. I told them account wasn't mine ,sent letters claiming Identity theft from authorities.After these people knew this was Identity Theft they reported collection accounts to all three bureas.They after having all paperwork proving theft refuse to delete the collection accounts.I have tried disputing with the bureas but they are still there . This company has deliberately harmed me by damaging my credit with untrue information and lies.Identity Theft is bad enough without ASTRA reporting lies and harming my credit. I want to sue them.

i was reaching out to you because Ad Astra made a $1,345.00 charge to my well fargo account for a speedycash loan in 2013. My issue is that I used my IBC account to open the application but never once did I ever give my wells fargo account to Ad Astra or speedycash. When i called them and confronted them about where did they get my account and debit card information and they chose to hang up instead. I'm just seeing if there is anything that can be done about this situation. Thank you

Took out a payday loan for $1000, now ad astra wants $2,300. advised dad have cancer and can't pay. tried to negotiate a paid to delete but would not work with me.