The number-one consumer complaint to the FCC is unwanted calls and texts from collectors. The YouMail National Robocall Index estimated that somewhere around 2.3 billion robocalls were made in the U.S. in the month of January alone -- that comes out to 51,523 calls made every minute. If you have loans serviced by Navient, you have likely been through the robocall drill. From morning until night, your phone is blown up by calls and the voice on the other end of the line isn’t even human. Robocalls are calls that are made by automatic dialers and use a pre-recorded message for a variety of purposes, including debt collection. Robocalls are illegal in many cases.You have rights! If you provided your cell phone number to Navient on your student loan application, then Navient has permission to robocall your cell phone. Under the law, you can tell Navient to stop calling. Navient must stop the robocalls to your cell phone after you say stop calling. If Navient continues to call, you can get money damages under the law. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act allows for damages of $500 per call. Navient is no stranger to the TCPA and robocalls. In fact, in March 2017, Navient agreed to a $20 million-dollar class action settlement dealing with robocalls.We have helped hundreds of people stop Navient’s robocalls. Either tell Navient to stop calling or we’ll tell them for you. Exercise your rights under the law to stop robocalls from Navient once and for all.

We are listening.

Submitted Complaints

I am 71 and graduated from college, debt free, in 1970. I got a robocall from Navient today which directed me to enter my SSN or Navient account number in order to ‘properly direct my call’. I kept hitting zero until I got a ‘loan agent’ with a strangely foreign accent. India? Pakistan? Nepal? I explained that he was violating Indiana’s ‘Fo Not Call’ law and asked for his supervisor. After 6 minutes (I was driving and had nothing else to do) I hung up. Asking for a SSN to identify an account a company alleges you have with them screams fraud. I will file an AG complaint tomorrow.

Hello, I've requested Navient to stop robocalling they claim they aren't but I receive 6+ calls per day. Would like to chat about how to resolve. Thank you, Jessica


I don't have student loans. I have never taken out student loans. I have been called by Navient seven times just today. This has to stop.

I don’t now have or have not ever had a student loan but get a almost daily recording from Navient

Is this just for Cell phones? The reason I'm asking is because the number above is my home number. Neither myself nor my children/stepchildren owe any outstanding loan balance. When i get the robocall it says something about a Municipal Court Case. Is there anything I can do my number is on The Do Not Call List.

I owe on a private lone and talked with Ashley. She was aware I had lost employment and would make a payment soon. My co-signer and I have received calls as early as 7 am and they call every hour. Leave no message. I asked them to stop calling and told them it was harassment. They have not listened to my request. I want to take legal action. This is not right.

Long view Systems would like Navient to Stop calling for Ann. We don't have any one that works here by that name and seems to be personal. Thank you.

Every single person around the world needs to file a criminal complaint against Navient's president, Jack Remondi, for criminal harassment. If a person cannot make payments and nothing changes, repeatedly receiving phone calls will serve no purpose other than something similar to whipping a dog on a sled while yelling "MUSH" to motivate specific performance. Out of all the tens of thousands of magistrates around the world, it just takes one criminal warrant issued for the arrest of Jack Remondi to start the remedial process.

I never took out a student loan. I do not need a loan. Please stop calling my phone. Thank you.

I don’t even have any student loans and I am called everyday. “Ann” introduces herself. I hang up and block the number but they call back from another number. It’s ridiculous and I am so sick of it.

I keep getting phone calls from these people for a guy named John Martinez I've contacted them and told them that there is nobody here by that name and that it was the wrong number they said they would remove my number but they continue to call and harass me daily

My husband has $300,000+ in student loan debt with Naviant. He just cannot afford to pay them the full monthly payments, what he does pay is garnished in his tax return. I first received a phone call at my work from them! Not knowing better, I confirmed the information they already had, which in turn affirmed to the that I was indeed his wife. Once they knew that they divulged his acct information to me, without consent. I told them to never call my work phone again, in turn I gave them my cell phone. Now they call me multiple times a day. I just filed an FCC cimplaint. what else can I do? apparently, they have called his employer, his friends, and even distant relatives...

I get up to 3 calls a day and I’ve never had a student loan. I’ve asked to be removed after I wait for a human being and they hang up on me.

I get call all day every day about student loan forgiveness. How can I stop it?

I paid off my student loans years ago. When I hit 5 to speak with a rep and tell them this they asked who I co-signed for or made myself a reference for, I say legally you must remove me from your call list and they hang up on me. It’s ridiculous. I’ve blocked multiple of the numbers, but it won’t stop.

Navient is harassing my mother, she was a cosigner 14 years ago, I'm 2 months behind on payment. Whet can I do to stop calls?

I've never had a federal student loan nor have I co-signed for one. When I ask them to stop calling they insist my cell number is attached to a loan. When I suggest that perhaps the wrong phone number is in the record they hang up. This happens daily.

I'm called up wards of 16 times a day even after monthly payment has been paid... Requested them to stop calling my work and personal phone and they still continue to call.

I have never even HAD a student loan and keep getting these annoying robocalls.

Navient is sending letters to relatives. Must have this stopped!!!!!! Navient may also be calling them as well.

I have paid off my student loans. I get calls every day from different numbers. When I am placed on hold and wait to talk to a representative and inform them I have paid my loans off they hang up on me and continue to call.

The student loan is on autopay and being paid monthly by my daughter. She has called numerous times trying to get Sallie Mae to correct this account. She is making payments for two loans and Sallie Mae is crediting only one acct. They are also harassing me and my daughter with constant phone calls and letters. I get as many as 4 calls a day including Sundays. When I answer I am told to call THEM. Not only have they made a mistake on her acct - they have been unethical trying to collect an balance that is paid up.