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Are you being harassed by over a debt? Stop the harassment and get money, all without paying for our services. You are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), whether or not you owe the debt.The FDCPA has protected consumers since 1977. This federal law protects you from unfair or abusive debt collection practices through clear rules about what debt collectors may and may not do while collecting a debt, as well as things they must do under law. is a collections agency based in Pelham, NY. The business was established in 1998. The business is also known as Century Liquidation, Inc, and Hidden Oak Group, Inc.According to Public Access to Court Electronic Records, has been involved in 70 cases, of these 5 were civil cases. The main reason for these civil cases being filed deals with the FDCPA and violating these according to the consumer. There are currently no open cases with the business. The last case filed was in 2007.The Better Business Bureau does not accredit , and does not have a rating on the company due to lack of information about the company.Phone numbers associated with are:855-599-9500, 914-740-4010, 914-740-4000, 206-639-2221, 914-740-4019If , Inc has harassed you over a debt, you may be entitled to money damages. Get up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500-$1,500 for illegal robocalls. Under various state and federal laws, we will help you based on a fee-shift provision and/or based on a contingency fee. That means, the collector pays your attorney's fees and costs. You won't pay us a penny. We have settled thousands of debt collection harassment cases. Let us help you today. Contact Agruss Law Firm at 888-572-0176 to stop , Inc once and for all.

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I was called at my place of business today. I was told that it was about an old JC Penny card, that the say I owe $906.27. I said I could not pay that in full but with late fees and interest, I would need to makes payments of $125 per month, totalling $1968.73. The lady, Liz, was very threatening and very rude. When I asked for a website or any kind of information, she said there wasn't any. She finally gave me an address of 4695 MacAthur Court, Newport Beach, California, and the number 1-844-880-2182 ext. 125.

RAS is trying to sue me for a debt that is over 10 years old and I have no documents to prove my debt is paid. The statue of limitations in my state is 6 years so I do not understand how they can legally sue me after all this time. Currently there is no settlement but if I do not agree to pay them they are claiming they will take me to court for 14,000.00. The original debt was only 3800 & the account has been in active for more than 8 years. I need immediate help so if you can help me please let me know so I can move on to another lawyer!

I was contacted for a 17 year old debt. Craig left a mssg stating call back regarding my property. I thought was to do with my home. Called back and was threatned.

a man called me yesterday and said that he was from the DDS and needed to speak to me reguarding a case..i hung up because I knew immediately that was bogus, they then called my mother in law and told her that if I did not return the call legal action would be taken & a warrant issued for my arrest. I called the number provided today and the woman would not give me any information that I asked for. told me that I had no forfeited all my rights regarding this case & that a subpoena would be issued!

My mother received a call from RAS & Associates saying that they needed were trying to get a hold of me & needed to make a delivery. She gave them my #. They told me I owed them money from an old credit card. I explained that I never opened an account & I will be disputing it. Craig said he will be filing a lawsuit against me & will see me in court. I contacted the credit card company & they said I never had an account with them & that I should contact TransUnion & file a dispute right away. I spent hours on the phone with all 3 credit bureaus only to find out I NEVER had an account with this bank & that this was a total scam! This RAS & Associates is trying to get $$ from me that I don’t even owe. They have my Moms #, my address, my SS & now they are threatening to serve me & take me to court over money I don’t even owe! They are supposedly filing a civil lawsuit & are serving me on Monday.

I was contacted by someone from Ras and associates concerning a credit card debt that I insisted wasn’t mine. The guy threatened me that unless I paid the money I will be served and have to go to court and risk a lien being put against my home. I explained to the guy that I had just gotten out of the hospital dealing with high blood pressure issues and that his approach was upsetting me. I couldn’t get the information from him as far as a legitimate address to contact his company and file a complaint against his harassment of me. He told me that the credit union who says that I owe them for a MasterCard no longer exist and that his company bought the debt. This was very upsetting for me, I was confused because he had all of my personal information such as last four digits of my social security number, previous and current addresses, and a credit card number to a MasterCard that I am being sued for. I do not recall ever dealing with the credit union company that he claim to be calling on behalf of. I explained that I never seen that debt on any of my credit reports. The nasty things that he said to me and the threats of someone coming to my house and serving me has left me dealing with a lot of anxiety. Best Regards Tracy

I hope this is the same RAS that's been calling me from (833)504-9984, I've been receiving numerous calls from this debt collector who threatened to summons me. They stated all my personal information. Previous address, current address, phone number and last 4 of my Soc. Sec. It's been a couple of months that they've threatened to serve me at my home and job or said I must pay. But Nothing has been received (non in writing or served.) They have not stated any info on the debt owed. I asked for an address of the company and validation of proof and was told by RICK that I was reaching for information and told me I could fax a request only to 714-984-0175. They did say it was RAS and Associates and I asked what did RAS stand for ? REGIONAL ACCOUNT SERVICES. I made the call to the LEGAL TEAM (RAS) after receiving a voicemail from a person calling from a "DDS delivery" (702)609-9656 and stated that he had time sensitive documents to deliver but I need to call the company to confirm. That's when I called that company (who I spoke to before) and this Jose person, got angry when I told him he sounded like the same person who called from DDS, he hung up on me. When I called back a second time, a person by the name of CHRIS told me that the system said this account was closed and that I (myself) took care of it about 1 1/2 months ago. I questioned him on this and asked for the address, that's when RICK (the name on voicemail) came on and said no one's suing you? I'm all kinds of confused. Your help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.