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$600 payment is made to my account every month consistently, for the last 48+ months, on time by check which is sent by my employer. I have had several instances where Navient has cashed the check and has not posted the credit on my account so the account shows delinquent, or missing a payment for that month. I then have to go back to our accounting department to have the check resent showing that Sallie Mae did in fact cash the check so they can credit the account. In the mean time, while I wait for the check to be returned, my account shows delinquent. I receive notices by email and mail that the account is delinquent which has a potential negative impact on my credit score, when in fact I have never missed a payment and have payed above and beyond the "minimum payment" for nearly 4 years. Just in 2012 alone I have called Sallie Mae monthly to correct this account, they should have a record of times I have contacted them. Their suggestion to remedy the problem is the same every time I contact them, which is to have an electronic direct deposit put in place. This will not work for me as I stated my employer has agreed to pay the $600 monthly payment, and due to accounting practices, has to pay by check to maintain records. My contract states specifically that the amount of $600 "has to be paid directly to the student loan company." I do not have the option of setting up a direct debit from my own account and having my employer give the money to me. I am not sure if I am being discriminated against simply because I am paying by check, as electronic payment is easier for the company or what the real issue is. I am very disappointed with their business practices as it has cost me literally hours of time spent on the phone trying to resolve these issues and the stress of worrying about the impact this will have on my credit score. My cosigner has also received threatening letters as well, this is humiliating for me as I pride myself on being responsible enough to meet my credit obligations. As I have stated, I have never missed a monthly payment and my employer has a monthly check to prove that Sallie Mae has accepted the money. At this point I do not know what else I can possibly do to fix the problem other than pay the account off as soon as possible and never do business with them again.

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