Navient charged me twice

I am a Certified Public Accountant with a bachelors and masters degree in Finance. I know how financing and interest work. In 2009, Sallie Mae had charged me interest for a forbearance period that I did not request. Also, I continued to make my monthly payments during the forbearance period. When the forbearance period ended Navient charged me twice for capitalized interest and my monthly payment went up. I called to complain and told them something was wrong. How could my payment go up if I continued to make payments through the forbearance period. They ignored my request. They were suppose to mail me a detailed statement. They just mailed a payment schedule. Today, I'm reviewing the account because I'm trying to pay off my loans early. As I review the account I notice there were 2 capitalyzed interest charges. One in April and one in May in 2008. When I review the payments that I was making at that time, I notice they were taking interest out of my monthly payments as well. I decided to email Sallie Mae. They came back with a response that was unclear. I emailed them again and inquired as to how they could capitalized interest if I made the interest payments monthly. They emailed me back and said I was correct and they would remove the capitalized interest charges. At the time I got this email back, I had already paid off loan #1, #2, & #3. They show in my payment history a refund but the account balance is zero and they have not issued a refund to me. They just kept the refund. In addition, at this same time, on December 24th, 2012 they took 2 payments out of my bank account. I called them, they said they would refund the extra payment. I asked them to apply this to loan #2 instead. Instead, they spread the payment over loan #2, #3, #4 & #5. Then on Jan 8, 2013, I paid off loan #2 and #3. I emailed them just to let them know that they incorrectly applied the additional payment, but leave it as is. On Jan 8th, they removed the additional payment that was originally spread over the 4 loans, and moved it to Loan #2. Loan #2 was already paid off. They applied majority of the payment to interest. There couldn't have been interest if the account was paid off. I'm so upset. I don't know what to do. The more they mess with my account the more money they keep taking in interest for no solid reason. You can't charge interest on a $0 balance. They owe me the additional interest that I was incorrectly charged from 2008 and they need to refund my money instead of keeping it as interest payments on $0 balance loans and I have repeatedly asked for detailed payments and balances after each payment since the beginning time of my loan. They keep sending me a list of payments but no balances. Sallie Mae is taking advantage of students. Please please please help me and change this company from frauding others. Please!! This is really unfair.

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