I contacted customer service

I contacted customer service after my automatic debit did not go through and an attempt to pay through my bank account on their website was reversed. I discovered these issues by visiting the website after my monthly payment did not deduct from my bank account. No one contacted my or let me know that my payment was not processed. The e-mail I received stated that my payment had been processed. Again, the payment did not come out of my account. I returned to the Sallie Mae website. The payment had been reversed. Had I not checked my bank account to see if the payment had posted, I would not have known that the payment was reversed. I received an e-mail message that I had correspondence in response to my e-mail. This response was blank. They provided no explanation for why my payment was reversed. I spoke with 2 different customer services representatives tonight and both of them informed me that my bank was rejecting the payments. I contacted my bank and they had no record of this. I asked both representatives if the account payment may not be going through because the Sallie Mae account is in my maiden name and the bank account is in my married name. Both representatives said this should not be a problem. I am very frustrated by this situation. I can not determine the reason for why my payments are repeatedly reversed. No one at Sallie Mae could help me. No one at Sallie Mae let me know when the problem started. Now, my account is 13 days past due. I attempted to make my first payment in early November (weeks before my due date). Had I been contacted at that time, this would not be an issue. I am very frustrated with this company and their online payment system.

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