Harris & Harris Harassment

Are you being harassed by Harris & Harris over a debt? End the harassment now and get money damages. You do not need to pay for our services. Whether or not you owe the debt in question, you are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

The FDCPA has protected consumers since 1977. This federal law protects you from unfair or abusive debt collection practices through clear rules about what debt collectors may and may not do while collecting a debt, as well as things they must do under law.

Harris & Harris is a Chicago-based debt collection agency founded in 1968. Harris & Harris, Ltd. collects debt for healthcare providers, government agencies, and utility services and is licensed throughout the United States. Its healthcare division has three separate divisions: extended business office/pre-collect which offers insurance follow-up and self-pay billing; commercial insurance resolution; and primary and secondary contingency collections.

Harris & Harris, Ltd. also offers litigation services to its clients.

Harris & Harris, Ltd. is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating with 64 complaints filed in the last three years. According to Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), Harris & Harris has been sued more than 50 times since 1996, with two lawsuits filed as recently as March 2014.

Phone numbers associated with Harris & Harris:
312-423-7524, 312-423-7328, 312-348-1528, 312-423-7539, 312-604-7184, 312-251-2310, 312-265-9029, 312-604-7175, 312-423-7329, 312-348-1534, 877-588-6670, 630-868-8112, 312-604-7162, 312-604-7173, 212-571-4900, 713-220-3493, 312-604-7176, 312-423-7338, 312-604-7103, 312-893-4840, 312-604-7109, 312-423-7484, 312-893-4828, 312-423-7555, 312-624-6174, 312-348-1536, 312-348-1558, 312-893-4791, 312-893-4866, 312-348-1532, 312-380-4056, 312-380-4033, 312-380-4058, 312-423-7344, 312-460-3903, 877-806-1197, 312-348-1551, 312-893-4804, 312-423-7474, 320-928-6614, 312-380-4057, 312-574-1835, 312-893-4785

Agruss Law Firm, LLC, has helped thousands of consumers stop debt collection harassment. We would like to help you, too. Under the law, we can get the collector to stop harassing you, and get you money damages. Plus, the collector will be responsible for our attorney’s fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. Contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Submitted Complaints

Suddenly, we have been receiving unsolicited phone calls from Harris and Harris Collection Agency. One last week during which they were told they were calling the wrong number. Another tonight and non-person spoke when the call was answered. My wife and I are totally debt free and I am fed up with these antics. As stated we are totally debt free; owe no one anything and never heard of these people. If they are attempting to locate someone else then they need to do the jobs in the right way and not harass people who have no reason to be harassed or deal with such unprofessional antics!

They called 12/22/2018 they called at 8:30a.m. They have been calling for quite some time I asked them to quit. But they keep calling. They are calling looking for my daughter I told them there isn't anyone with that name that lives here. She does not live with me but they keep calling.

Harris & Harris has been calling me daily for over a month. My caller id identifies them as a debt collector. I have complained to the Federal Trade Commission and the Illinois Attorney General. I would look forward to hearing from you.

I'm being charged $100 a month from a hospital visit from last year because my health insurance was terminated. I now have health coverage by the state so i should no longer be getting charged monthly!

I accrued parking tickets in Chicago in 2003. I got rid of my car shortly after. Most of the tickets remained unpaid (I didn't even know about several of them). In 2013, Harris and Harris went to court and got a judgment against me. I was never informed, served, or notified. I found out only when they went to get a garnishment against my employer. They have a suspension of my license and I now need a car as I live in a much smaller town downstate. They are uninterested in making payment arrangements, although it would be quicker for them than garnishments. Also, they are unwilling to write off any costs. The case number is 13M1-686090!

This company has called me several times and never leaves a message They call from many different numbers

They keep calling me, sometimes 2 times a day, they say I have a debt and to call a number they give me, I am afraid to tell them not to call me as I am afraid it is some kind of scam. I just want them to stop calling me.

My neighbor just informed me she got a call about me from this company I've never even heard of them. It's Harris and Harris and she didn't provide any information. But I've never even received an envelope with their name on it. This company is calling my neighbors and implying I owe money, but I don't even know who they're collecting for. My address and phone are easily available to my creditors. That's exactly what's happening here. Am I not being clear!

Aside from Harris and Harris calling my phone persistently, how would it be determined harassment if I never answer but they keep calling. Sure I can explain further. I presume the debt is back when I went to the ER July of 2014. I thought my insurance was going to cover it, but they didn't. So I went back to the insurance agent, he had indicated that my insurance should have covered it. Sometime later, still nothing from him and the debt stayed. I did my research on my insurance and reading it I discovered that because I did not stay over night at the hospital, it was not covered. So now I have a $3,000.00+ bill that I can't afford -- single mom, I have a mortgage, car insurance, electric, phone, gas, grocery, student loan, medical insurance, etc and a job that basically covers just that. They keep calling and I have blocked almost every number they have called me from on my phone but I see they have a lot more numbers then I thought!

We have been receiving calls from Harris and Harris and have excellent credit what do we do. They are robo calls from 1-866-0390 and we do not owe anybody anything and this has been going on for months!

Can you explaining how your office stops harassment from debt collectors? for example: You consolidate debt to stop it or is there another way? for one, I have the Harris & Harris who has an automotive machine call my work and home. I just e-mailed them to stop work harassment. We will see if that works. Then, I have other debt collectors calling my cell/home: on other medical debt!

I have been retired since 2009. I lived in MD. always got tax refunds both fed and state. in 2009 I moved to Fl, settled on my house in January. I had to continue going back and forth from md to fl until june for work. I was renting here and there having sold my houses in md and purchasing the one in Fl where I live. Md comptroller a long time ago sent a notice that I oqwed several thousand in taxes for 2009, which I do not as I paid taxes thru late May or June from my government (court system) paycheck and I moved to fl in Jan. I explained that to them and told them they could verify it as the funds for buying the house here came out of my MECU (municipal employees credit union) and they wired the funds to fl. anyway, I also sent them my verification of retirement and verification I moved andf was just renting here and there. they said to send the 1009 and I asked them to just look it up as I didn't have it. to verify. They said that would be easy. since thgen I haven't heard a word from them which they said if there was a problem I would, so I know they verified everything andf this collection attempt is bogus and harassing and I dont owe Md a dime. They better stop bothering me. all they have to do is check fla land records which are public. anyway, I am tired of the hassles and the heat. I want to go back up north now that my mom has passed away down here. so Md may be seeing me again. I don't need this drama with what I consider my home state.

They call my job over and over for a few years, when i asked them not the i was told they don't have to. I know it isn't true and its against the law. I even changed my phone number now they call my job even more

I paid my Nicor bill off 412.85 to Nicor so I could turn my heat back on this winter. Now Harris and Harris are demanding an additional $412.85. They need to check their cases out before trying to double dip!! They wont get a dime out of me and they better stop. My account number on their demand is 29387682. Client reference number on the demand is 4238361385...which is the Nicor account number I paid the money to. I would just like them to cease collections. Its the holidays and they need to quit.

I received a letter for toll violations that happened in Maryland in June 2015. I never received any notices from Maryland DMV and Harris & Harris Ltd wants me to pay them $240. Is this a scam? Why didn't I receive anything from Maryland State before this?

If they call me again, I will contact you because I paid 1232.00 last week. The representative said she found it, but never apologized. She said she would track it down

These people call me all day long at all hrs even into the night I have received calls as late as 830 pm .... Harris and Harris 312 893 4791 .... Even after I have told them I'm at work they continue to call my phone over and over again

Harris and Harris keeps calling me.

My mother, 89 years old, is being harassed by Harris & Harris over an alleged debt, we say does not exist. The state of Kansas says she made over $200K in one year, this is absolutely not correct. She has zero assets & lives on $1000 SS, food stamps and other Gov. help. I am about to send them a cease & desist letter but, I thought you might have fun 'nailing' them. Please advise ASAP or, I'll send the letter.

Hello Rosemary, I'm sorry to hear of these constant calls. We have settled thousands of similar cases and can certainly help you end the harassment once and for all. Thanks. - Mike

They need to stop calling me every single day! they call my father looking for me or my husband! Harassment!

I have been contacted by Harris & Harris repeatedly. I understand I owe for my son's medical bills; however, the manner in which they speak with me during follow up calls is terrible. I've explained that I will contact them when I'm prepared to set up arrangements but they just keep calling. Sometimes several times during the course of a day. Please help! Thanks!

I keep getting harassing calls from Harris & Harris. I don't know how they get to my extension. My extension is not publicly listed. I owe no debts to anyone. I have just left a message for a Carol Yecko (sp?). I am expecting them to figure out the problem with their system, even if it means that they have to block their entire range of 317-541-xxxx and 866-900-xxxx numbers. Let me know how you can help, both short (stop hearing from these idiots) and long (sue these idiots) term. Thank you.

I do not need to be reminded I owe bills. I do not answer numbers I do not know. They call at all times and I would love to have it stop. please contact me thru email as I work and have alot going on with my family.