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Are you being harassed by FH Cann & Associates over a debt? Stop the harassment today. Get money damages. Do it without paying for our services. You are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), whether or not you owe the debt.The FDCPA has protected consumers since 1977. This federal law protects you from unfair or abusive debt collection practices through clear rules about what debt collectors may and may not do while collecting a debt, as well as things they must do under law.FH Cann & Associates is a woman-owned debt collection agency based in Massachusetts. FH Cann & Associates offers bankruptcy management, pre-collection services, pre-charge off collections, third party debt collections, skip tracing and asset searches to its clients. The company serves a wide range of industries and clients, including student loans, financial institutions, healthcare, state and local governments, utilities, gaming, insurance and heavy equipment leases.According to Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), FH Cann & Associates has been sued 4 times since 2009, with the most recent lawsuit filed in October 2012. FH Cann & Associates, Inc. is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A- rating with 14 complaints filed in the last three years.Phone numbers associated with FH Cann & Associates:877-750-9800, 978-725-6663, 978-722-0500, 877-750-9802Agruss Law Firm, LLC, has helped thousands of consumers stop debt collection harassment. We would like to help you, too. Under the law, we can get the collector to stop harassing you, and get you money damages. Plus, the collector will be responsible for our attorney’s fees and costs. You won’t owe us a dime for our services. Contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Submitted Complaints

My husband and I are 100 % disabled with the military. I detailed this to FH cahn. I am still receiving unwanted emails and telephone calls.

It's about my student loans, but Navient says they don't use FH Cann. They call multiple times a day, as well as calling my relatives. They also illegally garnished my wages while on short term disability and according to federal law it is illegal to garnish wages when on ANY type of disability

Excessive Fees …. I have been trying to work out a payment plan with FH Cann but only if they drop the 7800 additional " costs" they have added to my loan amount..Can they just add 7800 for no reason to my DOE account!

Are you only dealing with FH Cann complaints that deal with harassment, or other bad collection tactics too? They told me they could get my student loan status back to good in 6 months. They said they were hired by the Department of Education. They did not disclose any fee because they were hired by the DOE. I've been off work from a back injury for over 2 years and was on pain pills when I talked to them, which I disclosed. They sent one electronic form for me to "sign" that released my payment and authorization to pull said payment. Then weeks or a month or so later, I was on pills and in pain!

They called me in Oct to set up an arrangement on behalf of DOE and there would be no garnishment, I set it up and they still began garnishing my wages almost 1200 dollars a month on top of a payment to them every time I talk to them its another lie and everyone has a different story reason or lie! This is becoming unbearable and criminal can you help? FH Cann!

Has contacted my work and my girlfriends mom that I do not even know. When I call the number no one answers. They are going to get me fired!

I have an outstanding student loan debt that has been turned over to FH Cann. Instead of contacting me, they have repeatedly contacted my boss. I don't think they have discussed the debt with her, but they have numerous means of getting in touch with me. Today I was able to finally speak to them by phone. They threatened to garnish my wages, which I don't believe they have the authority to do and this is a violation of the FDCPA? I am sending them a cease & desist letter today!

I have a very large amount of student debt that I am not able to pay; mostly due to the penalties placed on my loans over the past few years. My total owed has more than doubled. I have never agreed to work with HF Cann. I have repeatedly told them I will not work with them. They are contacting my former in-laws on both sides of my family, calling my place of business, calling my cell phone multiple times a day and are faxing repeated requests for my salary information to my employer. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

FH Cann & Associates sent an United States Government Wages Garnishment Order (SF-329B) to employer mail dated 08/09/2017. Kroger mailed letter dated August 25, 2017 to Clyde Chappel stating court order was served to withhold portion of wages. This was first notice of this action received. They garnished my wages last week. Spoke with FH Cann & Associates employees today, September 13, 2017, and asked them to stop garnishment. They said no. Can they do this? The notice did not include box 12 or 13 filled out. We object to this garnishment. Looking forward to you response. Thank you!

Starting last year I was enrolled in a $5 per month student loan repayment program with FH Cann & Associates. I neglected following through because really I did not know if it was for real or not and I had other debts to pay first. Plus I was working on other debt collection matter at the time in September. Tonight I received a call from the number 978-722-0045 at 6:28 PM CT to my cell phone. The caller told me that there were bank declined payments, but the January payment did go through. Extortion Tactics? I did not return any signed paperwork he said. He called me to get me back on this repayment program. He said that it was my choice but if I decline to follow through there is risk of wage garnishment. 2016 Very Bad Year I explained a series of events starting with 2 debt collection lawsuits and a bank closure last summer and then unemployment benefits denial that worked against earning income in 2016. https://www.fhcann.com/consumers I see that this law firm is listed as an official debt collector along with articles supporting this. But I see it as no different than others not given any official status. I don't know how to respond to this as it's a federal student loan. Principal balance: $22,000 with estimated payments totaling over $30,000 made since payments started in 1996. This one is complicated now involving three other debt collections: PRA ($25/month), M&K ($50/month) and now Stupar, Schuster & Bartell, S.C. ($242.86 Associated Bank debt now in collections) SUMMARY FH: Being harassed for $5 payments to avoid wage garnishment. Others: 3 aggressive debt collections for small claims sized debts < $3,000.

[This Text box is set to title case and double spaced for Me.] I Work at home. When I received a call from FH rep, it took 26 minutes of my time away working on my next new job (sat TV sales rep). I learned from caller of $5 withdrawn in January but other payments were declined by bank. He called me to get back on program to keep making $5 payments. I told him of others also collecting on debts and lack of regular income since August. (Multiple calls from various debt collectors interfering with job calls.) Plus denied unemployment benefits (another matter) in December. SUMMARY: big debt $5 payments (FH) small claims case sized debts & aggressive legal action (others)

I began receiving phone calls on an unlisted cell phone I own and several calls at my new job concerning collections of a very large ($430,000) student loan debt in default. The debt is valid and this company ( F H Cann) is offering a monthly payment solution to stop wage garnishment that they state is eminent. I have requested to the representative contacting me, Steve D'Andrea that they restrict contact to my personal phone and as per the FDCPA they stop contacting my work and having discussions with my co-workers about my situation. They continue to call my work. Since every contact is of a very high pressure tactic to get me to sign a Rehabilitation Agreement - Account Number(s):1017881 they refer to as an RAL and a second document labeled ADOI referring to Alternative Document of Income for Rehabilitation Repayment Agreement both of which they reluctantly but finally agreed to send. I have sought as much information in the last several hours to attempt to validate the offer and as much as I would love to believe Iam being offered a reasonable and safe resolution to my debt complaints against this firm concerning their known tactics to add additional charges after someone enters into their agreement and begin collections of these additional fees against what the agreement into a persons bank account has me tortured. I would like to stop the calls at work and would like to find out if this company and the agreements / practices are both legal and if in beginning this legal contract I am not going to be victimized by some sort of loophole driven predatory practice. In researching this I fouond your company as a possible resource or ally that could be trusted to help. I look forward to any contact or reply that may help. Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter. Sincerely, Joseph F Cupolo LPN

I received a call at work last week from FH Cann. Inward told that they had a situation that had just come across their desk and that they had a quote for me. The caller said that he tried to reach me several times at home but he had no luck. I told him that he could not contact me at work and that he needed to call me at home. I had not heard from this company before this conversation. They called me again today at work and said they had permission to contact my work. Said he had a quote for me so I asked him what it was and he told me that I had to give him my date of birth and ss# first. I refused to do so. He again states that he had permission to contact my employer. I requested that they send me the quote in the mail and he got very defensive and said that's fine I'll write that as your answer. I have never heard from this company before. Don't they have to send me documentation if I request it?

Hello Melissa, this phone number belongs to WALL, a U.S.-based company in College Station, Texas. If the harassment continues or extends to your relatives or co-workers, our firm can help you put a stop to it.

FH Cann is contacting me at work and leaving vague voicemails. I'm concerned they might contact coworkers and family members. I've not received a single call on my personal line. Nor have I received anything via mail. I would like these calls to stop!