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Credit report problems have become much more prevalent in the U.S. since the start of the “Great Recession,” and finding housing has become a more difficult and complicated process for many. However, “tenant standards” among landlords and large-scale property managers have also changed in recent years, and if you’ve been denied housing due a credit report-related issue, other options and strategies are still available.When searching for housing and resolving credit issues, landlords with smaller operations (a few properties or units) are more likely to be open to special considerations than larger property managers. It’s important that you’re willing to meet in-person with landlords to explain your circumstances, and you can also include a written statement with your application for this purpose. Some landlords are willing to negotiate with low-credit applicants, such as for additional deposits or multiple rent payments made in advance, and in many cases you can also have someone co-sign your lease if necessary.Remember to check your credit scores (and credit profile, if possible) for any errors or inaccuracies before applying for housing. Some property managers also take prior rental references into close consideration, so make sure that any outstanding issues or conflicts with previous landlords have been resolved.

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