Asset Recovery Solutions

opened in 2009. is located in Des Plaines, Illinois. has 60 employees. collects debt for credit cards, consumer loan, automotive, and retail.

According to its Web site, states “…Our professionals comply with the Federal Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and all other governing regulations, both State and Federal.” However, according to its track record, ’s collection activities shed a much different light when analyzed under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act has been around for almost 35 years. The FDCPA is a federal law that applies to every state. In other words, everyone is protected by the FDCPA. The FDCPA is essentially a laundry list of what debt collects can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things debt collectors must do while collecting a debt.

According to the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), has been sued about 35 times in the last 3 years for debt collection harassment. It does not get any better for on the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau has processed 21 billing/collection issues, and 26 total complaints, regarding in the last three years.

has several telephone numbers it places debt collection calls from. may be calling you from the following telephone numbers: 888-678-0028, 847-257-8326, 877-395-8339, 916-473-1816, 408-377-8900, 504-667-5818, 877-518-8333, 425-329-4833, 786-288-2778, 954-376-3754, 888-678-9006, 714-660-4270, 877-363-9857, 888-678-9004, 908-955-0268, 877-253-3543, 522-088-1961, 573-206-4276, 847-257-8339.
Is harassing you over debt?

If has harassed you over a debt, whether they called you excessively, threatened you, made misrepresentations when trying to collect old debts, called you at work despite knowing you cannot receive these type of calls at work, disclosed your debt to a third party, tried to collect a debt from you that you did not owe, or left you a voicemail message without the proper disclosures, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for a free case evaluation. Founding attorney, Michael Agruss, has settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. Now, Agruss Law Firm, LLC, wants to help you, too.

See all of the phone numbers that Asset Recovery Solutions may be calling from.

How It Works

You have rights

Robo-callers and debt collectors may be violating the law

We stop the calls

We make sure this number never harasses you again

You get money

Up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500-$1,500 for illegal robocalls

You don't pay a dime

The other side pays our fees and costs.

We serve our customers nationwide

Hear from our clients

We are listening.

Submitted Complaints

I have been paying ars for five plus years 150 dollars a month for defaulted student loans from over 10 years ago from navient. When I i tried to set up payment they told me I had to put 4k down 2k for each loan and since I couldn't they told me I had to set up something or I would face going to court and having my pay docked etc. So I have been paying 150 a month for years and it's gone no where. It no longer appears on my credit and I don't know where to go from here!

I've been receiving calls from Asset Recovery Solution LLC from a New Mexico number for quite some time. I've been paying them for several months now. My initial payment was $1000. My debt originated with Navient student loans. I would like to verify they have legitimately bought my debt from Navient!

I've received several calls from several numbers. I agreed to pay a one time payment of 60.00. He then told me he would email me the documents of the original debt. The company then with drew money the following payday from my account. When I closed the account I got 4 or 5 phone calls in a row threatening arrest if I didn't pay up. The email he sent the attachment wouldn't open. I researched this company online and the BBB, ALL showed scam. I've blocked several numbers, but they just keep calling!

i had asset recovery solutions call me at work when they know i cant receive these kinda calls at work.

Going through a divorce, Owe some money on credit cards, went into collections, ARS calls me often on my cell and at my desk at work.

It was an awesome experience in Agruss Law Firm working for me. Attorney Agruss handled my case quickly and professionally. Being an out of state legal representative, and not being able to have personal face to face contact was a bit frightening. However, Michael Agruss assured me that he would handle everything with integrity and honesty. This Firm truly is worthy of being in the Legal Industry. I would allow him again to handle any case knowing that he had my best interset at heart. He knows the Laws regarding the area in which he will engage in. Also he takes the time to verbally explain what and how the levels in which he will take to get your case resolved. I would recommend any one to AGRUSS LAW FIRM, LLC