When a student loan servicer or academic institution violates state or federal regulations, such as by placing unlawful robocalls to collect debt or misleading prospective students about graduation rates or job placements, students may be eligible to file suit against these companies with the help of an experienced student loan attorney.

Navient, the nation’s largest student loan servicer, is the target of a major lawsuit in 2017 for misleading borrowers, misallocating payments, and wrongfully damaging borrowers’ credit scores. Navient’s alleged violations include:

  • Improperly allocating extra payments made by borrowers against their wishes, which created unnecessary interest and prevented borrowers from paying off their loans sooner;
  • Damaging the credit scores of borrowers in the Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Discharge program by reporting their loans as in default rather than discharged;
  • Failing to properly inform borrowers in income-based repayment (IBR) plans of important renewal notices and deadlines;
  • Persuading IBR-eligible borrowers to instead choose forbearance, sometimes for the second time or more, generating over $4 billion in unnecessary interest charged to struggling borrowers.

If you have been a victim of debt harassment or the unlawful practices of a student loan servicer, third-party collector, or higher education institution, contact an experienced student loan attorney today for a free consultation.

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  1. Carol volkman

    I was told that student loans were federally back and not dischargeable via bankruptcy. I went bankrupt in 2009 and included all the loans unsure which ones were private and which ones were not. Some listed were discharged- then I went via Nelnet and had the federally backed ones forgiven for being disabled. They were forgiven. Sallie Mae at first was trying to collect. I said either your federally back loans and hey were forgiven or private loans and those were discharged. Sallie Mae stopped. Navient took over the harassing calls and sending me bills almost every other month. I haven’t gotten the last 3 sets in my possession and even some of the older ones. I keep telling them -federal loans were- debt is forgiven and bankrupted the private loans. They continue to send me letters – now they are listed as the creditor and they have asset recovery solutions sending the letters. I told them they needed to stop- it’s been more then 4 years well over 4 years and they won’t stop. I have confirmed with Nelnet that the federally back ones were all forgiven and any private ones were listed on the bankruptcy. So technically all were listed on both- so which ever one they fall under they are covered. If hey were federally backed they would have been forgiven through nelnet. It’s hard enough to have decent credit – between monthly harassment and 6-7 letters at a time every other month – to tell me I owe them over 40,000 isn’t cool. Sallie Mae cleared me- then they took over the debt to harass me? I need help to make it stop

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