GC Services

GC Services is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and is the largest private collection agency in the United States.  GC Services has been in business for 55 years.  GC Services employs approximately 9,000 people, and has over 30 collection centers in the United States, the Caribbean, and the Philippines.  Although GC Services provides services to various industries, nearly 1/3 of its employees are debt collectors.  Employees at GC Services respond to one-million calls per day, and GC Services sends out millions of notices each month.  GC Services has contracts with several Fortune 100 companies and collects on the following types of accounts: automotive, child support, credit cards, banking/financial, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, student loans, utilities, and various governmental sectors.

GC Services’s Web site used to claim, “Customer relationships can’t always be about TLC.”  That old motto may be the reason why there is a clear pattern of GC Services’s noncompliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) on the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER).  The FDCPA has been around for almost 35 years.  The FDCPA is a federal law that applies to every state. In other words, everyone is protected by the FDCPA.  The FDCPA is essentially a laundry list of what debt collects can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things debt collectors must do while collecting a debt.

According to PACER, GC Services has defended or is currently defending well over 350 FDCPA lawsuits since 2005, which is on average one lawsuit per week for the last five years.  Additionally, the Better Business Bureau processed 250 billing/collection issues regarding GC Services in the last three years. GC Services has several numbers it calls from. GC Services may have called you from one of the following numbers: 800-846-6406, 904-306-7402, 888-272-5543, 800-727-5848, 866-770-7241, 800-790-0167, 904-396-6994, 866-352-7716, 800-475-7311, 877-303-8763, 800-926-3136, 517-272-5506, 201-210-5418, 800-517-9727, 732-837-2062, 800-457-2370, 858-577-2367, 866-318-4563, 866-255-4452, 877-551-9781, 520-293-2596, 800-691-3308, 866-871-7717, 866-800-1472, 877-837-0616, 877-359-5523, 201-335-0300, 866-848-1253, 800-788-1652, 858-577-3636, 866-297-9844, 866-352-6385, 866-794-1918, 866-510-9350, 877-388-1365, 561-869-1300, 405-722-1462, 800-431-7358, 800-756-6524, 904-306-7452, 866-871-9954, 888-336-9808, 877-290-3987, 800-652-7681, 866-565-2514, 314-851-4309, 713-300-7888, 866-567-1751, 314-851-4345, 917-382-5225, 224-588-5219, 210-537-5959, 866-318-2427, 904-306-7475, 888-236-3643, 405-728-0601, 866-465-7931, 904-306-7486, 404-315-5118, 201-297-4645, 812-280-2145, 909-320-2628, 800-605-5768, 602-714-7788, 866-232-1681, 804-621-0374, 866-841-9469, 800-794-8652, 904-306-7446, 614-322-1797, 877-710-8001, 256-217-4908, 312-235-6835, 405-728-1704, 513-685-0097, 520-293-3643, 610-285-1118, 619-378-4134, 702-853-0600, 713-300-7498, 716-965-5098, 786-629-5512, 800-634-3422, 800-846-1850, 813-774-4827, 850-387-4278, 865-291-5840, 866-649-1346, 866-862-2793, 877-292-2584, 877-551-9478, 888-300-9501, 915-771-9967, 919-439-7901, 973-792-8591, 203-903-0503, 214-390-7961, 305-587-2005, 312-854-1757, 409-256-3598, 517-272-5507, 559-943-1693, 626-338-3450, 703-398-1442, 713-773-7623, 757-716-7197, 800-285-3417, 800-735-8778, 818-450-5684, 855-446-2108, 866-469-5724, 866-735-1713, 866-999-5197, 877-551-9750, 888-817-2781, 915-781-0407, 949-274-9139, 973-792-8604, 210-239-0431, 310-570-2997, 405-621-6333, 415-878-1953, 518-507-5052, 561-935-1430, 614-856-2003, 626-962-1074, 713-300-7316, 713-893-4602, 760-748-4042, 800-298-6567, 818-491-3392, 858-578-1455, 866-607-2066, 877-244-7901, 888-817-4957, 916-256-4758, 951-968-4358, 210-366-4397, 224-765-0377, 310-862-9079, 405-722-2328, 503-821-7283, 573-535-6089, 614-856-2008, 678-929-4382, 713-300-7318, 713-981-5008, 786-629-5478, 803-619-2034, 818-491-3885, 859-838-0570, 866-292-5264, 866-647-3068, 877-290-8894, 904-306-7416, 877-431-3767, 909-256-6169, 866-427-4865, 916-794-0703,877-710-8001, 865-291-5840 or 972-217-8351, 866-391-0768, 602-753-5574, 877-823-6410, 866-749-7279, 866-427-4865, 713-272-7345, 866-827-9670, 404-320-0964, 517-272-5509, 800-504-0227, 602-944-2673, 246-467-2784, 866-355-2356, 404-321-6444, 800-753-8354, 314-576-3852, 866-352-7703, 626-960-4729, 866-884-0184, 866-437-1963, 888-303-0906, 855-298-8436, 404-248-2759, 858-536-8007, 626-851-8305, 866-749-7034, 847-741-7841, 915-771-9888, 888-233-4703, 866-862-2787, 614-759-8325, 866-862-2789, 877-303-8757, 855-359-8506, 877-249-4007, 847-931-2083, 800-817-5539, 888-417-6837, 858-577-3660, 888-865-2884, 877-551-9751, 866-749-7275, 866-749-7381,877-551-9777, 866-749-7274, 314-851-4318, 602-347-5728, 800-691-3307, 314-851-4336.

Is GC Services Harassing You?

If you have experienced debt collection harassment from GC Services, whether they called you excessively, threatened you, called you at work despite knowing you cannot receive these type of calls at work, disclosed your debt to a third party, or left you voicemail messages without the proper disclosures, contact Agruss Law Firm, LLC, for a free case evaluation. Founding attorney, Michael Agruss, has settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. Now, Agruss Law Firm, LLC, wants to help you, too.

Comments - GC Services

  1. Rodrick

    I have a account in gc services after being falsely charged in a dui check point dmv just released my license but gc services is asking for money its not fair. I was falsely charged in a dui check point the court droped the case but the dmv kept asking me for a doctor physical to see it im able to drive. This went on o. On for two years until a month ago the dmv sent a letter saying they have no more evidence to keep my license so basically they told me we never had anything on you!

  2. Mike

    i have made one payment to gc services on behalf of west covina,ca court house. do i need to continue paying off my debt to release the hold on my license with dmv? i just want to know how to get my license off hold through another route. im not sure what info your lawyer will need!

  3. Perla

    I wanted to know what do I do if gc services is charging me. We’ll I got 3 tickets they keep sending them one is for 210 ,360, n 145 is 900 in total!

  4. Visitor

    I signed with GC services to pay on my student loans. I was making payments on time and then they started to withdraw from my account causing over drafts so i closed that account and now they have started garnishing my wages and that puts me in a financial bind because I take care of 8 people including a disabled mother. I’m a single mother of 5 children and I also take care of my 68 year old mom who is blind and disabled. My income is the only source I have to take care of my household so when I finish paying all my bills and buying food, I have nothing left. I lost my car and Im really in a financial hardship. I signed with them to help pay my loans which are in default and they told me that after 4 payments that they would go back to good standing and that wasn’t true because I tried to apply for school and was denied financial aid. We discussed how much I was able to pay which was $25 but that still was too much. Now they are taking $137.00 out of my check every 2 weeks!

  5. Cara

    I am receiving calls on a debt that was wiped out on a bankruptcy and is also past the collection point per California Law. They keep calling.

  6. Visitor

    I have a few tickets that went to g.c service can u help me not pay so much or none at all. G.c Is what is holding me from getting my license back!

  7. Robert

    I was just browsing calls from 855-359-8506 – called my work and left a voicemail for me to call concerning “a matter in the office” The number tracks on the Internet as being GC Services and so I ended up on your page. I do know that they called for me at work, and I have not given any creditor my new work number at my new job!

  8. Michael

    I have been getting calls from GC serivices at work at home and on my cell phone. They do not say who they are merely the name of the individual who is calling, They then called two third parties, one being my elderly mother who was harrassed and became very upset. The company breaks laws, harrasses people and should be fined.

  9. Jeff B.

    GC Services’s is calling about an AMEX debt, I am behind, however I am making small l payments. They Call my cell and even called my office, before I can even return a call.

  10. Valerie

    Jeff cap keeps calling workplace.

  11. Betsy

    They keep calling for someone who does not live here!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Betsy, I understand your frustration. About 25% of my clients are harassed on debts they do not owe. I can quickly and easily put a stop to these calls. What number shows up on your caller ID? Have you told GC Services to stop calling? Thanks, Mike.

  12. Elinne

    Signed up with GC Services thinking it would help me with an outstanding student loan. Provided information and agreed to pay $5/mo for a period of time after which my loan would be removed from default and restructured accordingly. It is month five and they are stating that the client rejected my application and was raising the payment. They sent another agreement with false information pertaining to my monthly expenses. When I brought this up to the rep he said it didn’t matter to just sign the agreement. I told him I would review and call back. He became almost frantic trying to keep me on the phone and called me back after I thanked him and hung up. They call excessively and are inappropriately pushy. Now I believe they are running a scam as well.

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Elinne, I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your student loans, and now problems with GC Services. We can help you with both. My firm provides student loans counseling http://www.agrussstudentloan.com/ and helps stop debt collection harassment. I’m very familiar with GC Services. I’m confident we can help you. I’ll call you to get some more details. Thanks, Mike.

  13. Calvin Kim

    I have been receiving letters and phone calls from GC Services about my student debt that is around $40k according to their statement. What can I do not just to stop the harassment but to make sure that they are unable to take my tax return and wage garnishment? Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Calvin, That’s a good question. Stopping the harassment is easier than figuring out how to avoid federal tax withholding. The key issue is if your loans are federal, private, or both. Let’s talk on the phone so I can figure out more details about your student loans and why type of harassment you’re going through. Sometimes, it’s better to get letters and calls than to deal with federal tax withholding. Thanks, Mike.

  14. Kevin

    Signed up for a credit card with First Premire Bank to try to establish decent credit but I ran into a problem with the card company in June. I was trying to rent a car but didn’t realize my limit was $300 at the time. I loaded a total amount of $600 onto the card. Since my limit was only 300 I couldn’t go over that amount. I’ve been trying to get the amount back that was loaded onto the card but only received a refund of $128. It is past due investigation of thirty days. The rest of the money is listed as payments, which I only used the card twice prior to this problem. I have all documents and receipts in my possession plus I am a previous client.

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Kevin, Is GC Services now calling you over the First Premiere Bank credit card? If so, has GC Services sent you anything in writing? GC Services is the largest privately owned collection agency in the country. Throughout my career, I have help over 100 people with issues with GC Services. I will help you figure out the discrepancy with this credit card. I will also help you get GC Services off of your back. Thanks, Mike.



    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Donna, I searched 800-569-0633, and it appears to be one of GC Services’ numbers? When you spoke with Juanita, did she tell you it was GC Services calling? Also, although GC Services said they would take you off of their list, has GC Services called you again? I can help you, and your daughter, stop the calls from GC. Let’s go over your rights on the phone. I’ll call you. Thanks, Mike.

  16. Victoria

    Stop calling me every 30 minutes, please stop harassing me !

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Victoria, I’m sorry to hear you are getting calls every 30 minutes. How annoying! What number shows up on your call ID? I want to double check who is calling you so I can hep you put a stop to the calls. Thanks, Mike.

  17. Jennifer Bailey

    I am receiving a phone call from integrated services the phone number calling is 855-245-1519 leaving me a message to call 855-209-1888. I have no clue whom this is my number is on the do not call list. It appears I have a law suit against me. What should I do

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Jennifer, I think the numbers 855-245-1519 and 855-209-1888 are from Intergrated Collection Services, which is a separate collection agency that GC Services. Have you received anything in writing from Intergrated Collection Services, GC Services, or any other collection agency? You may also want to check your credit report to see if you truly owe this debt. When someone threatens that you have a lawsuit filed against you, it may also be a scam company. Let me get some more information from you over the phone to see what I can do to help you. Thanks, Mike.

  18. Leona A.

    I have begun to receiving excessive calls from different numbers multiple times a day, but always the same person calling and leaving voice messages with only her name and return number. They have now continued to call my personal cellphone, my current job office and even my friends/family members and even previous employers! They have crossed the line and I refuse to even speak to them about anything. I am done with their harassment and will not continue to accept it. I have started looking into filing a suit against them and came across this website when I googled the phone numbers they have been calling from. I’m filling this out in hopes that this is a legitimate supportive law group that will be able to help me with this aggravating matter.

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Leona, I’m sorry to hear you are receiving excessive calls from GC Services. You came to the right place. I have settled over 3500 debt collection harassment cases. I have probably spoken to twice as many consumers, helping them stop the calls, stop the harassment, and giving them back their peace of mind. We can discuss all of your consumer rights on the phone. Please have the following information ready for our call: (1) what number(s) show up on your call ID when your are called by GC Services, (2) Do you have any letters from GC Services, and (3) Do you have any voicemail messages from GC Services. Thanks, Mike.

  19. John

    Stop GC Services from calling me. They keep calling from 877-710-8001 looking for a Philip Morton. That is not me! I am sick and tired of them calling me. I am not who they are looking for. How did they get my number. Why won’t they believe I am not Philip Morton? Who is this jerk who gave them my number as his own? How did he get it in the first place. I do not need to be harassed and afraid to answer my own telephone!!!! There is apparently a law in Kentucky where I can collect 1500.00 dollars for each unwanted call. I don’t want these calls. I am not Philip Morton. Is that even a real person? Please tell GC services to stop. I simply will not answer any telephone calls at all. I get dozens of calls a month from people like Credit card Services wanting to lower my credit card rate. I don’t even have a credit card. How do these people get away with this stuff day after day. These call are from a different number every day but it is the same people. Sick of them all. The telephone has now become an instrument of terror!!

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi John, It sounds like GC services mixed up your number with another consumer, or the other consumer previously had your cell phone. Either, I can help you stop the calls. If GC is harassing you on your cell phone, you are protected under two laws. The first law is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”), which protects consumers from third-party debt collectors. You can get up to $1000 in damages under the FDCPA. The next law is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”). The TCPA protects consumers from robocalls. Under the TCPA, you get up $500 in damages per call, or $1,500 in damages per call if the calls are willful. I’ll call you so we can discuss your rights further on the phone. I can also answer any questions you may have. Thanks, Mike.

  20. Sean McNulty

    I have been getting phone calls on my cell, 301.637.5137. I did not answer and they did not leave a message. This has happened several times. Now, they gave me a call at work. I am NOT allowed personal calls. The phone # a Mr. Todd Hill told me to call is 877.244.7901. I do not know how he found out I worked at Lowe’s, but this is really becoming Harassment.

    1. Magruss

      Hi Sean, GC Services is an aggressive collection agency. GC Services is known to harass people at work. I can help you stop these calls immediately. In fact, I’ve helped dozens of people like yourself stop harassment from GC Services. I will get in touch with you today to further discuss this problem with GC Services with you. Thanks, Mike

  21. Sylvia Y.

    Good Morning, You have my phone number and I just received a call at my work. As you know, it is against the law to be called at work. If this is a true bill of some sort, please fax all of the information to my attention at 866-216-3482. I know who I owe and if this is a true bill, then I will call. I had received so many SCAM calls and about 5 years ago, I made an agreement and found out it was not a true bill and my identity and bank account was in debt over $2,000.00. So by this experiment, I need to see everything in paper before I make a call. Thank you.

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Sylvia, You are correct! Once you tell a collection agency you cannot receive calls at work, the collection agency cannot call you at work anymore. If they do, you have a case against that collection agency based on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”). I have helped others harassed by GC Services at work. I can help you stop the calls, and assert your rights under the FDCPA if GC Services violated the law. Thanks, Mike.

  22. Andrea M.

    I am getting calls repeatedly from this number: 866-749-7274. They call my home phone and my business phone. I don’t answer because caller ID says “out of area”, shows a number from my state that I don’t recognize: (860)546-4402. When I don’t answer the home phone, they don’t leave a message but then immediately call my work number. They leave a message there giving a first name and saying I need to call them. They don’t give any indication about what it is in reference to, and I don’t think I “need to call them”. Are they within their legal rights with this behavior? It seems like harassment to me 🙁

    1. Mike Agruss

      Hi Andrew, GC Services is notorious fo leaving voicemail messages that do not provide enough information under the law. I have helped countless consumers harassed by collection agencies over cryptic voicemail messages. If you have any of the messages saved, that will help us prove your case against GC Services. I’ll call you so I can listen to the messages over the phone. This sounds like something I can help you with. Thanks, Mike.

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