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Edward Sloan & Associates may be calling from 800-614-0397.

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  • Get up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500-$1,500 for illegal robocalls.
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Complaints & Comments

“Rachel” calls every week leaving messages alluding to a previous conversation about a 250k preapproved loan which was never discussed!

I will be reporting this robo-harassment call on other sites in the meantime. I block all their incoming and they must have a trunk of extensions that mixes numbers so they aren't regularly recognized.

Same Rachel call as everyone else. Have been receiving calls for well over 2 years, at least twice a month. This needs to be stopped.

Hi, despite have a cell phone that's registered on the do not call list, I've been receiving unsolicited phone calls from Rachel the Robo caller for a year now offering these unsolicited 250K business loans. They have been using a program that hide the caller ID however recently they have been leaving a call back number of 800-614-0397. I have been saving the messages on my cell and I estimate that they have called me over twenty times this year alone. I have phoned them to get them to stop these calls and I would like to sue them for damages. Please feel free to contact me if you can help. Thank you. Eric in Florida

I'm getting calls for a loan. They call from different numbers which I have to block. They leave a call back number of 800-614-0397

I have received several calls and voicemails from this # stating they still have money to loan me and to call them back at 2 different numbers

Got multiple calls from a company that leaves a call back of 800-614-0397. Each time it is a lady name rachel that leaves a voicemail from a different spoofed number. I am on the do not call list and would be interested in being a party to a suit against this company

I am getting direct drop to voicemail calls and auto dialer calls from 1-607-340-1758 leaving messages for business loans with a call back number 1-800-614-0397. I would like to file complaint, as they have been calling me non-stop.

800-614-0397 is making harassing robocalls to me.

they call my cell phone non stop

I’ve received multiple calls from numbers that leave 800-614-0397 as the callback number. I received 3 calls from a spoofed number 301-690-1929 in the last 10 minutes. They call me all the time from different spoofed numbers. I also have voicemails from them on May 7th and 24th, and I would find more if I took the time to go through all of my past voicemails. I’d like to be a party to any lawsuit against these people.