Are you being harrased by 844-227-6800?

Baylor Scott & White may be calling from 844-227-6800.

We can stop the harassment!

  • Get up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500-$1,500 for illegal robocalls.
  • You won’t pay us penny for our services.
  • We have settled thousands of debt collection harassment cases.

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Also Seen As






844 227 6800


+1 (844) 227-6800

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Scott and White. I do not understand how or why when you pay on their web site, they do not take the payment and process against the "oldest" charges. THEN say I didn't pay and I'm 60 days past due when I can show them I make monthly payments and THEY credit only the current charges not the later date. Stupid accounting if you ask me. I will continue to make payments but this robo call telling me this is my "Last chance" is BS.

I recieved so many calls from the numbers and today it was two more and these guys aren't even open today after I called back to see what was the issue now. They called at 6am and 6:10 am this morning. I really don't want an issue. I just do not understand why they call automatically, say nothing and hang up, all on days they aren't even available to take calls!

They keep calling me while I am in my college lectures

I have been getting tons of calls and feel they are from Scott & White. I do not answer but recently have blocked constant calling certain numbers because searching Google seems harassing calls. I recently retired September had worked with Wal-Mart with health insurance was supposed to be covered. I have paid towards billing in my S&W charts online.