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630 250 5644


+1 (630) 250-5644

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The agent, Lashe Kelly, left a message and I returned the call. The agent stated that I had a debt with Tran South Bank for a car loan in 1994. I supposedly made regular payments until 1998 when the payments became sporatic. She asked where the car was. She asked if I was a victim of identify theft and I told her I was. It was at this point that the conversation became disturbing. She had information of four credit cards and knew limits and amount owed on them. She also said she had information of my checking account but would not give a name of the institution or any other information regarding that account. She also stated that a call was made about the debt in 2002 and the contact person was John. I did not even know John in 2002. I met him in 2007 and he died in 2012.. I asked her to send me proof of the debt and all she had was a letter stating balance claimed owed and what they would settle for. I did not purchase a car in 1994 financed by Tran South Bank. There was an implied threat but not directly stated that there was going to be a judgement filed in the state of Washington for a 17 year old debt because it was a signed contract with this bank with a photo ID attached to it. I have lived in Washington all my life and this bank is in another state. I noticed that when being transfererd to their legal department the same agent was on the line with me .It is disturbing that such tactics as threatening to put a lien on my four credit cards and bank account would be utilized to either make payment for the supposed debt. She did restate herself, saying that there would be a lien and they could not get funds from them after I told her I would call the four credit cards named to verify her claim as well as report fraud on any unauthorized charges made by the collection company. I was given the "opportunity" to pay a reduced amount of $4000.00 today or arrange payment to do so and by refusing to pay a judgement of $17000.00 would be filed which includes all fees and interest. I have a problem with their approach and it is scary that this agency, if it exists, can have access to my private information.

These people are calling me saying I, owe money to a furniture place from 2006 which I, never heard of and had all my information please call me.