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Affiliate Asset Solutions may be calling from 855-820-5237.

We can stop the harassment!

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855 820 5237


+1 (855) 820-5237

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Complaints & Comments

Just trying to find out why this same number is calling me everyday 3 and 4 times for a few months now. My name is Carla. I am not sure who this company is, again the call everyday more than once and because i dont know who the are i am not releasing any of my personal information. It's just that this is very stressful and annoying. I wish they would stop calling me. I tried blocking them with no help!

My name is Kim. This Affiliate Asset Solutions keeps calling. They call between 4 and 5 times a day. Telling us to call and when we do, there is either no answer or we get a recording. They tell him they have a case against home, tied to his ss#. They threaten to come pick him up with local authorities or serve him papers at our home. It differs each time they call!

I keep getting continuous calls from 855-820-5237.

I keep getting calls on my cell phone which is registered with the National Do Not Call Registry since 4/4/10, although more often than not, no messages are left. I do not carry my phone everywhere I go and I usually only answer it when I know who is calling. Some of these calls are sweepstakes (adjustable bed), several are about filing a claim for disability (National Disability). I have reported them to the National Call Registry! I want them to stop! Thank you!

Definitely being harassed. They call three to four times a day threatening to send us to jail, come to the house and serve us or bring out the police to arrest us. Can't get anyone to tell them to stop. Phone is never answered when we call back or we get a recording. Drives us crazy!

Called my # looking for hubby. Demanded I provide sensitive financial and personal information phishing for info . 3 times caller refused to provide any info that would identify them as a legitimate business, 3 times refused to explain the reason for the call. Shady AF. Still don't know if they're legitimate or scammers. However, we have no delinquencies with ANY of the three major credit bureaus. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM

Been receiving phone calls from Affliate Asset Solutions everyday for about two weeks now regarding a past due medical bill. During the first call I told them my intentions to resolve the matter after the new year when I have money to pay it. The calls have gotten progressively ruder to the point were the badger me when I tell them my situation!


I'm definitely getting harassed by affiliate asset solutions. I don't answer their calls anymore, but I get a recording and they have even found my elderly parents number and are now calling their house bothering them.