Are you being harrased by 866-398-2089?

Ad Astra Recovery Services may be calling from 866-398-2089.

We can stop the harassment!

  • Get up to $1,000 for harassment, and $500-$1,500 for illegal robocalls.
  • You won’t pay us penny for our services.
  • We have settled thousands of debt collection harassment cases.

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Also Seen As






866 398 2089


+1 (866) 398-2089

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Complaints & Comments

calling my work non stop. Today they called my work 6 times within the hour.

Calling several times a day (at work) and wont provide any info on the original creditor

Calling several times a day (at work) and wont provide any info on the original creditor

Calls my job instead of me

keep getting calls from astra recovery services about accounts i don't have!

This number is calling multiple times to my cell and work number. Just alone I have on my work number this number calling 4 times back to back!

need help re possible settlement debt collection harassment cases!

They call everyday.Leaves no message try to call back and was told they were suing me for an account that is not mine. STOP CALLING

I had this number and another number call and say i was having a case filed against me. They have called my place of employment. The other phone number is 844.369.8902 Lenore or Lanora Assoicates!

They call my cell numerous times of the day and will not leave a message what so ever.

Keeps harassing me

they are calling me too much ! please stop calling me

These people are repeatedly calling my phone I have tried to block,but they still manage to call.

I need help they wont stop calling me

Won't stop calling

This number has been calling me for weeks. When I answer they hang up and call my work phone.

this number 866.398.2089 calls my phone at work and at home atleast 6 times a day. They don't leave messages on my work phone and I cant understand what they are saying when they leave a message on my cell phone. Sometimes when i do pick up they hang up!

Won't stop calling

Stop the calls

Keeps harrassing me

Keep getting calls from them 24 hours a day

calling concerning personal business matter!

This number will not stop calling me

Wont stop calling day or night daily cant deal with it

They call the house phone then the cell phone. Sometimes as much as 4 to 6 calls per phone. All hours of the day and night.