New York Consumer Claims ARA Incorporated Threatened Legal Action Against Him

We helped a New York consumer stop the harassment from ARA Incorporated.  We also got our client back the money he paid ARA the same day our client retained us.  Here’s what our client claimed ARA Incorporated did to him: On or around March 21, 2018, Defendant began placing collection calls to Plaintiff on his cellular telephone number. ARA, Inc. called Plaintiff from 630-791-5908. This is one of Defendant’s telephone numbers. On or around March 21, 2018, Defendant placed a collection call to Plaintiff and spoke with him. Plaintiff spoke with one of Defendant’s male collectors, John Powers. Mr. Powers threatened to freeze Plaintiff’s bank account if he did not make a payment that day. Relying on Defendant’s threats, Plaintiff made a payment of $298 to Defendant which was eventually refunded. ARA was attempting to collect a debt on which the statute of limitations has expired. Nothing in the letter or during the aforementioned conversation between Plaintiff and ARA did Defendant’s collector disclose the date of the transaction, or that the debt was barred by the statute of limitations, in violation of the FDCPA. Who is ARA?  ARA is a collection agency located in Lombard, IL.  ARA stands for Asset Recovery Associates.  ARA Inc will not file a lawsuit against you.  Know your rights if ARA contacts you.  Call us today at 888-572-0176 for a free consultation.  We’ve helped thousands of consumers just like you stop debt collection harassment once and for all.  Do you want to submit a complaint against ARA?  Click here to submit your complaint against Asset Recovery Associates. Related articles 

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