Default Judgment Against Summit Receivables

On March 5, 2018, my firm won a default judgment against Summit Receivables. We filed a debt collection lawsuit on behalf of our client against Summit Receivables. Plaintiff's lawsuit against Summit alleged the following:
  1. Defendant is attempting to collect a consumer debt from Plaintiff, originating with Mobiloans.
  2. The alleged debt at issue arises from transactions for personal, family, and household purposes.
  3. In or around July 2017, Defendant began placing collection calls to Plaintiff on Plaintiff’s cellular telephone in an attempt to collect the alleged debt.
  4. On more than one occasion, Plaintiff has spoken with Defendant’s collectors.
  5. During at least one of these conversations, Plaintiff has requested that Defendant provide written documentation to verify the alleged debt and Defendant refused to provide Plaintiff with any written documentation.
  6. On multiple occasions since Defendant began calling Plaintiff, Defendant’s collectors left voicemail messages on Plaintiff’s cellular telephone number.
  7. At least one of Defendant’s voicemail messages described Plaintiff’s conduct as “malicious.”
  8. At least one of Defendant’s voicemail messages threatened that Defendant would automatically debit money from Plaintiff’s checking account.
  9. Defendant also called Plaintiff at his job, spoke with the receptionist, and tried to verify Plaintiff’s employment.
  10. Based upon information and belief, Defendant has not filed a lawsuit against Plaintiff, and therefore, does not have a judgment entered against Plaintiff.
  11. Based upon information and belief, Defendant has no intention of garnishing Plaintiff’s wages.
The court entered judgment for our client against Summit Receivables. Our client was awarded $1,000.00 in statutory damages. My firm was awarded $4,372.50 in attorney's fees and costs. Our client did not have to pay us a penny for our services.

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I have a call screener that filters calls messages and voicemails for me because I get a lot of annoying calls for a girl named amber who had my phone number before me. So I never answer unknown calls n never call any of theses places back. I have never talked to anyone at summit receivables. However in the last message I received which was this last Saturday he said that i had a conversation with someone in their office and that it didn’t paint me ina very good light? What’s up with thT?m

Summit receivables has been constantly calling me saying I owe a debt. I tried to set up payment arrangements and they said it was an insufficient amount and wouldn't work with me. I told them I could at least pay something until I get a settlement but they were always very rude and threatening. They called today 3/4/19 and said they would send back my account as a refusal. I asked if they would mail a letter saying I owe the debt and they kept saying they emailed me. I kept asking why wouldn't they and they said they didnt have to send a letter and that's a stall tactic. She then said she would contact my employer and hung up in my face!

I totally fell into hard times and unable to pay a debt. This company has been harrassing me at work talking to employees, if i work at my current job. I attempted to speak with a rep named John King and he is the rudest person ever. I tried setting up payment plan he said it wasnt enough it had to be more I expressed I was in the begining process of bankruptcy and he began talking down to me. Now I am getting faxes at work for personal info after I already spoke to my company rep who should have communicated with Mr King to leave me alone. I am still in hardship but I was willing to make an effort but with his rude attitude I feel bullied!

Hello, I’m terrified at this point . I have talked to multiple people from different numbers received voicemails and all of this. When I ask for written verification (mail or email) they get rude and threaten to “escalate”. On one call they stated that they will call back in January and in the last call I received as of 10 minutes ago it is apparently mandatory that I send them money despite hardship or “else”. When I asked the guy for documented verification of the bill/ request of payment.. he said “ shift is over and I have to clock out”. This “agency” is so rude and has gotten to the point of harassment that I’m so anxious’s daily from different numbers. I have checked my mail and see no mail from summit Receivables. I’m typing this as I’m upset so please forgive my typos. I just need any kind of help and information as to what I can do to get this to stop. I have more instances, however if anyone could please assist me as to how to deal with this I’d be so grateful. I’m desperate and I just want the harassment to stop. Is this a scam or a shady business? Are they even legit? Please help.

I talked to a Ms. Atkins regarding a payday loan. I offered monthly payments starting next month, and she refused. She stated that her company has already sent out a verification of employment, and would begin garnishing my wages. This woman had me in tears, and scared to death of the possibility of wage garnishment. I'm already struggling financially as it is. Do they have the right to do the garnishment? I tried to vote FDCPA laws, and she told me that they don't fall under those laws. These people are rude!

I think she left at the end of 2017. Do you know where she lives or works now? Thanks, Mike?

Tammy Smith hasn't worked at Summit Receivables for 10 months. FYI

I have received several calls from Summit Receivables. One a man told me I needed to call about for verification on a bank withdrawal. Today a lady called me saying my account was audited and I needed to call back or it would be pursued . I haven't received nothing from them in the mail. I told them to send me proof I owe and they never have . They call me alot.

Hi William, I think the number calling you (844) 440-8188 is Allied International Credit. Have you received anything from them in writing? Is Allied International Credit, or anyone else, on your credit report? I'll help you figure all of this out. Thanks, Mike.

Hi Denese, once you tell a collection agency to stop calling, they should stop calling you. If the calls continue, it's evidence of harassment under the federal law dealing with debt collection harassment. I will help you stop the calls. I've helped thousands of consumers, like yourself, stop debt collection calls. We can discuss your rights and options on the phone. Thanks, Mike.

Hi Michael, I think 732-806-3199 is <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow">RMB, Inc.</a>, not Summit Receivables. Have you received anything in the mail from RMB or have they left you a message? Either way, I can help you get to the bottom of this. I can also help you stop the calls from 732-806-3199. Thanks, Mike.

Hi Kellie, I can help you and your ex-husband. Summit Receivables does not have a court case against you. Summit would have to sue you first, and I'm 99% sure they have not done so. Summit uses this scare tactics to get consumers to pay debts. If Summit claims they have a court case number against you, and they really don't, then Summit has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The FDCPA is a federal law that protects consumers like yourself. Under the law, you can get money damages, and Summit has to pay my fees and costs. Let's discuss your rights on the phone. Thanks, Mike.

Hi Beth, I'm sorry to hear you received this type of call from Tammy Smith at Summit Receivables. I know you are not refusing to pay. Tammy is likely reading some script. Don't be intimidated by these tactics. I can help you stop this harassment from Summit Receivables. I'll call you to discuss your rights and options under the law. Thanks, Mike.

Summit Receivables left me a message-Tammy Smith-when I called back I asked what this was about. They told me I owe $3000 and could I make a payment. I told Ms. Smith that I am a 100% disabled veteran living on a fixed income and could not afford anything at this time. She then said I was refusing to pay. I asked if she could send me the original debt information. She again said she would notate my refusal to pay and hung up on me.

Called ex husband and declared court case, etc. This phone has not called me personally.

732-806-3199 has called me 13 times since 2018-3-22. Caller ID says Lakewood NJ 732-806-3199. My phone provider has the ability to save and allow download of call history. If possible, try to get $10000.00 per call for the harassment. Also my credit score as printed on my monthly Discover statement is over 800.

I have asked on several occasions to quit calling. I have explained I am on ssdi and fixed income. They call from several numbers. My husbabd is not employed plus they just harass me. I block there numbers but they call from othsr numbers. At this pount I tell them I am not available

This company will not stop contacting me from ‭+1 (844) 440-8188‬. I have asked numerous times what this is for and they will not tell me they only threaten that they will garnish my wages and I will go to jail because I am not paying back my debts. These people are rude and they every day, and often several times a day. Can you please help make them stop calling.