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Is 956-275-2195 Harassing You?

  • Credit One Bank may be calling from 956-275-2195
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Is this number harassing you?

Also seen as

  • (956) 275-2195
  • 1 (956) 275-2195
  • 956-275-2195
  • +1 956-275-2195
  • 956.275.2195
  • +1 (956) 275 2195
  • +1 9562752195
  • +19562752195
  • 19562752195
  • 9562752195

Complaints - 956-275-2195

  1. tjw

    Please, don’t anyone get a CC from this bank! They will harass you even when money is not due. They are like stalkers. They will call you 6-8 times a day and not leave a message. It’s like they put on robo dial…..they are awful!

  2. Jennifer

    i dont have an account with credit one i cancelled it 1/25/2019 its a scam business!

  3. Jay

    They call from so many numbers and they never leave any voicemails. It’s excessive and will call within 20 min over and over.

  4. Lynda

    I am late on my credit one payment but these calls are so excessive it’s borderline harassment! At least 10 calls per day, not leaving voicemails and ever going a step further and blocking their number to call where it comes up as an unknown number.

  5. Moshe

    I recently activated my card like a week ag0 and they hit me with a late payment based off the $75 annual fee and have been calling me nonstop!

  6. Doran

    A few days late and they wont stop calling and dont leave messages!

  7. Tara

    I am behind 1 payment by 4 days and I’ve received 3 calls already today, 8:53am, 9:29am and 9:56am….are they serious? I know I missed my payment but it’s a tough month for everyone and I know that if they don’t leave a message some companies don’t consider that a connected call so they get away with calling over and over because they haven’t made contact. That’s what voicemail is for! Last month my payment wasn’t even due yet and they were calling asking for a payment. This is ridiculous.



  9. Jim

    This # has called me 5 X’s this morning.

  10. Lora

    My husband lost his wallet with all of our cards in the wallet the company decided to close the case instead of sending me a new card so I could not make payments or anything on the card and now they won’t stop calling and all they do is call and they call four or five times a day they refuse to reissue me another card because they sent it out to a third party already

  11. Jennifer

    Behind on my payment this month and I am getting several calls per day everday

  12. Andrea

    I am 5 days late with my payment to Credit One. It is Sunday, and they started calling me this morning at 9 am. I have received three calls already today and it is just now going to 3:30. If this keeps up, or get worse, I will file bankruptcy on them. I am responsible for making my payments but due to the current issues with getting a paycheck. They should back off a little bit.

  13. Peter

    This number been calling me on both my phone 956 2752195!

  14. Jeff

    I am currently 1 month behind on payments, credit one bank keeps harassing me, called 4 times today!

  15. Jeff

    I do have a credit one credit card, but they have called 3 times today, im 1 payment behind, i plan on catching them up next month, im tired of being harrassed

  16. Mark

    This number continually calls my home landline phone #, asks if this is me, then hangs up!!! Wtf??? I do have a credit one cc now!!! If this is them I’m Fing pissed off. GET THEM!!!!

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