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Is this number harassing you?

Also seen as

  • (866) 268-3371
  • 1 (866) 268-3371
  • 866-268-3371
  • +1 866-268-3371
  • 866.268.3371
  • +1 (866) 268 3371
  • +1 8662683371
  • +18662683371
  • 18662683371
  • 8662683371

Complaints - 866-268-3371

  1. Kacey

    I have received calls from 866-268-3371 29 times in the past 6 days (roughly 5 times per day). My guess is they’re calling on behalf of JCPenney, since I was on a payment plan with them for the past 6 months (or so I thought). I paid $979 over that time period and it only reduced my balance by $200. I thought the payments were being made against the overdue balance, but they weren’t, and they refused to help me. Out of disgust, I closed my account and hope to settle with them once my divorce is settled too (my soon-to-be ex husband stopped depositing his paycheck and paying bills). I have at least two other accounts (PayPal Credit and Amazon Credit) this has happened with, but I’m not receiving calls from them… yet!

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