Dynamic Recovery Solutions

Is Dynamic Recovery Solutions harassing you over a debt? Stop the harassment. Get Money. And you won’t pay us a dime for our services. Whether you owe the debt or not, you are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Dynamic Recovery Solutions is a collection agency that has been in business since 2008. Dynamic Recovery Solutions is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. They are a full-service collection agency, and works for the following industries: health care, banking, credit card, and municipal governments.

According to their website “We are sensitive to the unique needs that each case requires and are able to create a specific method for each recovery.” However, according to its track record, Dynamic Recovery Solutions’ collection activities shed a much different light when analyzed under the FDCPA. The FDCPA has been around for almost 35 years. The FDCPA is a federal law that applies to every state. In other words, everyone is protected by the FDCPA. The FDCPA is essentially a laundry list of what debt collectors can and cannot do while collecting a debt, as well as things debt collectors must do while collecting a debt.

According to the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER), Dynamic Recovery has been sued 60 times in the last 2 years for debt collection harassment. It does not get any better for Dynamic Recovery Solutions on the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau has processed well over 200 complaints regarding Dynamic Recovery Solutions in the last three years.

Dynamic Recovery Solutions Telephone Numbers:

864-371-6451, 866-636-0534, 806-553-2938, 866-269-1654, 202-618-4940, 800-287-5356, 865-312-7110, 786-410-4038, 866-625-8073, 210-239-0050, 857-362-8553, 404-474-8465, 602-761-2860, 888-847-1910, 202-644-8398, 866-625-8973, 866-625-8973, 866-613-5397, 904-416-1293, 202-465-4271, 314-669-2666, 630-256-8479, 888-787-7581, 888-219-3135, 201-942-4057, 415-355-4949, 713-588-0910, 888-362-2684, 866-996-1535, 888-362-8757, 832-431-5755, 972-865-4659, 706-993-1919, 804-396-6905, 910-416-5585“, 713-588-0938, 866-637-7739, 718-704-7356, 877-858-4392, 866-625-8973, 888-402-0790, 267-443-6303, 614-300-3837, 817-768-3475, 678-701-9419, 866-522-2720, 256-217-5029, 360-524-9765, 404-220-7478, 954-417-7296, 267-443-6341, 657-205-8611, 888-930-1398, 954-417-7324, 888-402-0960, 360-524-9724, 617-963-0712, 520-441-6449, 312-470-6151, 888-355-4335, 888-389-7142, 888-356-8277, 865-219-2797, 423-793-3789, 480-428-1097, 443-977-6309, 877-304-8265, 651-319-9445, 206-462-3285, 480-305-0768, 857-208-2156, 651-829-8172, 877-945-6158, 877-966-8445, 202-470-6905, 505-288-3783, 973-943-4348, 866-295-9370, 866-613-5397, 713-588-0910, 866-421-4920, 813-644-8761, 713-588-0965, 201-942-4118, 480-428-1108, 651-346-7017, 804-396-6903, 904-647-2676, 210-239-0081, 888-930-1402, 201-499-7503, 954-417-7340, 253-292-3645, 651-829-8150, 408-637-5346, 210-239-0067, 256-217-5000, 267-443-6314, 312-647-2868. 866-423-0406, 402-999-0526, 877-961-9983, 877-949-5619, 864-214-0421, 877-859-5636, 443-977-6347, 401-406-3638, 619-754-3805, 760-979-4393, 480-305-0838, 762-208-3213, 412-802-9104, 757-447-3727, 813-644-8791, 888-253-8667, 818-937-2820, 720-216-2878, 408-680-5891, 520-441-6473, 423-274-3468, 206-973-8943, 866-637-7739, 865-312-7187, 888-836-1438, 201-942-4057, 404-382-5016, 609-200-0602, 866-658-0877, 209-661-5516, 866-635-8973, 716-247-6001, 877-821-1659, 408-637-5346, 888-364-2776, 214-306-7591, 256-217-5009, 972-865-4716, 312-647-2813, 316-749-2162, 480-305-0717, 877-955-3083, 973-307-0485, 504-826-8064, 443-977-6382, 813-517-0912, 619-382-3605, 877-964-4223, 480-305-0717, 505-933-6231, 210-239-0108, 832-463-2897, 904-647-2711, 910-225-5593, 877-590-8843, 866-606-9942, 501-574-9412, 813-644-8778, 617-849-8437, 818-937-2794, 646-490-9232, 360-529-6956, 818-937-2776, 305-224-1439, 713-588-0956, 480-428-1062, 585-270-7081, 360-616-0656, 888-362-9533, 866-966-1535, 954-358-0663, 877-590-9066, 360-524-9724, 813-644-8878, 415-689-1762, 312-647-2808, 817-349-6723, 316-749-2192, 480-305-0842, 888-901-0293, 904-508-0501, 360-719-4557, 443-977-6349, 877-946-1548, 973-718-2558, 480-305-0715, 980-208-1830, 817-768-3466, 510-606-9389, 832-463-2927, 318-703-3981

If Dynamic Recovery Solutions has harassed you over a debt, you may be entitled to money damages up to $1,000.00. Plus, the FDCPA has a fee-shift provision. This means, the collection agency pays your attorney’s fees and costs. We have settled over 1,500 debt collection harassment cases. Let us help you today. Contact Agruss Law Firm at 888-572-0176 to stop Dynamic Recovery Solutions once and for all.


Comments - Dynamic Recovery Solutions

  1. Kevin

    I need some help with Aaron’s Furniture. They have come and knocked on our door, been asked to leave and still continued to knock for 40 mins. They have stopped out neighbors to ask questions. When asked to leave the house by people not associated with me they harassed them and would not leave. They call twice a day. They come by in enterprise rental trucks and their own personal vehicles.

  2. Anthony

    DRS has sent me and my wife a letter stating that I owe DRS $3142 and some cents – DRS will settle for $1728.33. It’s good that we read your report and others like it. Incidently, I do NOT owe Capital One for that amount of money. It’s in dispute with all three Credit Bureaus.

  3. Sandra

    I have been receiving collection calls from Dynamic Recovery Solutions for now on two months. At first I didn’t keep up with the days, and times of these calls, I started doing that on 12-5-16. When these calls first started they never left a message, and thus far have only left 2 or 3, they identify who they are, and request that I call them back, they have never said whom they are calling for, so I don’t even know if it’s me. However, I have not gone into debt for anything that I can remember in a very long time, and I know the statute of limitations here in Arkansas is 3-5 years depending on the debt. Normally I just let it slide, don’t answer the calls, and after a while they just go away, but this one isn’t going away. I am disabled, on a very low fixed income, barely make enough for food, so even if this is a legitimate debt, which I don’t believe it to be, I couldn’t afford to pay it. Like I said I can think of nothing that it could be, and if it is a debt that I incurred, I’m pretty certain that it has gone past the statute by now. Please, is there anything your firm can do for me, I’m at my ropes end with these harassing calls. This is unrelated to the above, but, I do not have access to my email at the moment, it was hacked, and part of this yahoo thing that’s going on right now, so contacting me there would be inadvisable, as I cannot access my email account. Thank you, Mrs. Sandra G.

  4. Marc

    Dynamic recently contacted me on my cell phone claming they had an account from a creditor; First Premier Bank in collections and told the collector that the account must have been at least ten years old and I don’t even know that it was even my account, what ca I do to stop them?

  5. Louise


  6. Judith

    I have received numerous calls from Dynamic Recovery Solutions and would like the harassment to stop. Please contact me after 6pm or on the weekend anytime. You may also email me information about your services. Thank You

  7. Victor

    I revived a statement from Dynamic Recovery Solutions may be calling from 877-821-1659 , stating that I own a doctor from 2009.on a debt of $515.00 and they would resolve this debt for %128.75. wanted me to provide them with my SSN , DOB, and home address. would not provide any information unless I provided the above info. and that they would send this debt to my created report if not paid in full. Please help me stop this type of calls and notes.

  8. Lindsey

    I paid off my debt with a different creditor years ago, then it was sold to another. I recently had to dispute a claim with the bureau, shortly after Dynamic Recovery started sending me letters and calling me every day harassing me. Please help.

  9. Jovaunda

    I received a letter from Dynamic Recover Solutions stating that I owed a debt from a bank I have never had an account with. So I called them and they said it was a debt from before 2003, over 12 years ago. I told them I don’t owe the debt. Then I received a letter stating that I needed to prove that I don’t owe the debt. I Googled the company and this is some kind of scam. What can you do about this? I am on my way out of town so please email me.

  10. Mark

    got a call from Dynamic Recovery Solutions this morn. Kinda strange how it happened, I have an android cell and the phone rang but no number showed up, not even the phone page it’s self. When I finally got to the phone they had used an (503) area code which Salem OR and north to the OR/WA border. When I called back I had a hard time finding out who they were and what they wanted. Now I know now that I’ve done some research I find they are a scamming company. I have old debt but way past the statue of limitations. can you help?

    1. Magruss

      Hi Mark, you are not the first person I’ve help with a similar situation against Dynamic Recovery Solutions. I’ve helped well over 100 consumers with Dynamic Recovery Solutions. Most of my clients have similar complaints as you do. That is, Dynamic Recovery Solutions calls from some cryptic number about a debt that’s beyond the statute of limitations. I’ll call you so we may further discuss your situation on the phone. I will certainly help you stop the calls. We can also see if Dynamic Recovery Solutions is on your credit report. If so, I’ll help you dispute it.

  11. Debra

    Dynamic Solutions first called me last month, but this harassment has been going on for over 5 years. They keep asking for someone named Leslie and I have been telling them for over 5 years that this is not her number. They refuse to remove the number. I’m tired of this. Every time this happens, which is usually once a month, it stresses me out and makes me so angry my blood pressure goes through the roof. I’m not now, nor have I ever been Leslie and I want this to stop.

  12. Paul

    Dynamic Recovery Solutions put a collections notice on my Equifax credit report for a debt that was not mine. They said I owe $339 to Seminole Emergency Group (Central Florida Regional Hospital), Sanford, Florida, for services performed on July 5, 2010. I was out of town that day in South Florida for the Independence Day holiday. I didn’t even go to the hospital in 2010. Moreover, upon contacting Seminole Emergency Group’s billing and records department, I was told I had no records on file with them at all. Dynamic was not able to produce a street address (claiming I had General Delivery, which I never did), and was not able to tell me what procedure was done. I need help with this matter and quickly. I am a government contractor and my career depends on my maintaining good credit. I pay my bills on time and am very responsible with my finances, but now I have a black mark on my credit report because of Dynamic’s lie.

  13. Lee

    Dynamic Recovery has been calling me from Dec 9th 2014 to Dec 26th 2014. 5 times on my cell phone and 6 times on my home phone. Is there anything to do to stop them?

  14. Fran

    I never received a call from DRS and maybe I have. I don’t usually answer calls I don’t recognize. I did receive a letter from them and just ignored it because it was a debt with Heilig-Meyers over 12 years ago.
    I need your help in Va. Got a notification from Equifax that this company put a collection on my credit report and they re-aged the last date of activity as of 10-01-2014, are they serious. This is a complete violation of the fair credit reporting act.

  15. Janan

    I am not aware of this debt. I asked them for documents to support the debt (knowing they couldn’t). They told me to contact the original creditor. I need to get this off my credit!

  16. Anna

    Dear Sir or Madam, I have received several calls from Dynamic Recovery Services during the past two weeks. There have been four calls and four messages on my answering machine. I have not been home when these calls occurred. Although the caller leaves a 877 number to call back, the caller id lists three different numbers from San Francisco. I do not plan on answering these calls even if I am home since I have caller ID. After doing a web search on DRS, I found a lot of derogatory information about the company and I also found your information. It seems that DRS harasses a lot of people and you have had success with clients who have received calls from them. I would like to know if you can possibly help me. I am mainly reachable by e-mail since I have a young child and during the day I am teaching and am seldom by a phone. Thanks for any assistance you can offer me.

  17. Audrey

    Dynamic Recovery Solutions has contacted me about a credit account (Citibank Verizon Visa from year 2000) that I never opened. They say that I owe over $2K, but insisted that it will not be reported if I pay $500+ today. I let them know that I needed documentation on this account because I would have to protest it as a fraudulent account. I was told by the agent (Brenda Smith) that the information had been sent once before and could not be sent again. If I didn’t pay today, I run the risk of a negative report for this account on my credit. I need help protesting this because I can not even find the account on my credit reports, and do not want them to report an old debt that is not even mine that will only scar my credit.

  18. Angelika

    Hello- I have had a number of these “collection agencies” call me telling me I owe a debt to Citi. That account had been in collections but settled in 2003. Now they are calling me telling me that the last time there was activity on the account was in 2008 but that is not true. There are a number of agencies that have called including one that had threatened to come to my work and find my truck. I recorded the call and filed a police report. I just received a call from DYNAMIC RECOVERY asking for Angelika Wilk but I told them they had the wrong number. Please help end these frivolous calls!

  19. Turk

    I had contacted by collection agency 01/29/2014 for a dept dated 1995 total of $17,000.- (City Bank Credit card) I asked the lady send me all the paper work I can talk to my attorney she said she can not send me anything unless we settle over the phone. I told her don’t call me ever again and she hang up the phone. I just got my Credit Report from Trans Union and I saw DYNAMIC RECOVERY SOLUTION had multiple inquiries on 01/30/2014, 01/28/2014, 01/24/2014, 01/24/2014 also ASSET ACCEPTANCE LLC Requested On: 10/27/2012Permissible Purpose: COLLECTION. I had divorce and financial problems 18 years ago. I was living aboard since 1996 I recently moved back July 2013. I need help with these records to be removed from my credit reports. Hope to hear from you soon.

  20. Rachel

    I was contacted by Dynamic Recovery Solutions regarding a debt that is over 10 years old – around 12. The odd thing? It was not my card, I was only an authorized user on the card – I was 18 at the time. (I’m 30 now) They’re are harassing me, have yelled at my mother, etc. what can you do to help?

  21. Robert

    Dynamic Recovery Solutions Debt Harassment, they call all the time leaving voice mails about some debt owed but do not say who they are seeking or what the debt is for.

  22. Cheryl

    Can you tell me if this particular phone number is one of dynamics numbers I just got a missed call from 754-208-4417 my number is on the do not call registry list isn’t there some law that’s states a debt collection can’t call if your registered on a do not call list however I haven’t spoken to them so I don’t know who or what bill there collecting for plus my only source of income is my disability I do have outstanding student loans on my report that I have tried a number of times mailing copies of my disability letters too but his debt collection I’ve never heard of and have not recieved any letters in the mail could this be some sort of scam or what

  23. Brad Walker

    For more than a year, I have received numerous calls from Dynamic Recovery Solutions trying to reach an individual whom I do not know, regarding a debt. I have informed this debt collection agency, on three separate occasions, I do not know the person they are trying to reach, the phone is in my name, I do not know how they acquired my phone number, and to please stop calling my number repeatedly. The calls will stop for a time and then start up again in earnest. To say the least, I am tired of receiving call after call from this company. Please let me know what you think and what can be done to remedy this situation.

  24. James K Valentine

    I would like to thank everyone there at the Agruss Law Firm for the very profesional manner they provided me in the settlement of my case with ARA who were trying to get me to pay for a debt collection which was BOGUS!!!
    Now I’m faced with another harassment from Dynamic Recovery Solutions for a MY-PAYDAY loan which I never made!!!!!
    It’s all a bunch of SCAMS!!!!
    Thank God for AGRUSS!

  25. Hailey

    These people called me from the number 253-444-9285 harassing me over my fiancées credit card debt from almost 10 years ago. They told me if he didn’t pay they were going to “be detrimental to me and my family”.

  26. Jeff

    I just received a letter from these people for a debt from over 15 years a go, way past SOL, when I was 18 and dumb! I remember getting a similar letter from them over a year a go, and I sent them a cease and disist letter (however you spell it). I would absolutely LOVE to sue these slimeballs. All the years these creditors have ruined my life, I finally have good credit and would LOVE to put these jerks in their place!

    1. Magruss

      Hi Jeff,

      If you sent Dynamic Recovery Solutions a cease and desist letter and they sent you another collection letter, then Dynamic Recovery Solutions has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”). I will help you get the letters from Dynamic Recovery Solutions to stop. If Dynamic Recovery Solutions violated the FDCPA, you are entitled to money damages and Dynamic Recovery Solutions will be responsible for my attorney’s fees. You won’t pay me a dime. Let’s discuss this further on the phone.



  27. rather not

    They also have been calling from 267-546-5789, 267-546-5855, 267-634-2192. I have not answered the calls because I went online and googled the numbers, and found numerous websites saying it’s a scam. I also know because I don’t owe anyone anything.

    1. Magruss

      All three of the phone numbers you provided: 267-546-5789, 267-546-5855, and 267-634-2192 are numbers from Dynamic Recovery Solutions. I’m not surprised that Dynamic Recovery Solutions is calling you on a debt you do not owe. Dynamic Recovery Solutions is notorious for collecting on really old debts. I’ve represented consumers being harassed by Dynamic Recovery Solutions over debt that is 10, 15, and even 20-years-old. You should check your credit report to make sure Dynamic Recovery Solutions did place a negative mark on your credit report. I will contact you so we can further discuss your problem with Dynamic Recovery Solutions over the phone. Thanks, Mike.

  28. Seriously Pissed

    I got a few calls from them which I didn’t answer. Then the last call I answered from an area near me so I was thrown off. She asked if a number was my social. My mistake is I answered no but then she asked my address which they had correct. The next thing is I get a letter from this collection agency saying I have a debt from some company that I don’t know. I am sending back the letter stating NOT MINE, DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN OR I WILL SUE YOU AND GET THE POLICE ON YOU FOR FRAUD! I hope this stops them.

    1. Magruss

      Hi Seriously Pissed, I completely understand what you’re going through. I have help hundreds of consumers harassed by Dynamic Recovery Solutions. There are several ways to get Dynamic Recovery Solutions off of your back. You can send them a cease and desist letter, which it sounds like you already did. You can also answer one of their phone calls and tell them to stop calling. I can also help you. Dynamic Recovery Solutions often times collects on old debt. I have helped consumers under various federal and state laws protect themselves from harassment by Dynamic Recovery Solutions. I will contact you so we can further discuss this on the phone. Thanks, Mike.

  29. California

    rec’d also from
    657- 220 – 8901

    1. Magruss

      Thank you for providing the number 657-220-8901 as a number from Dynamic Recovery Solutions. Is Dynamic Recovery Solutions calling you from this number? Let’s discuss it further on the phone. I may be able to help you under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”). The FDCPA protects consumers from harassing debt collectors. Thanks, Mike

  30. heather vineyard

    hello,OMG these people are idiots(dynamic recovery solutions)first, they called, then hung up, so I called back because it’s a pet peeve of mine when someone hangs up on me,so now I’m told that I have this 6 year debt that I need to pay,I asked about the statute of limitations, they said that is only for a judges order to pay in a court of law, and that they and other collection agencies can try to collect a debt for as many years as they want, so if you have a debt that’s 30 years old, they can still try to collect,and this could go on forever since when one collection agency can’t collect it just gets sent to another, I think that’s so very wrong, I hope it’s not true. I’ve asked for the phone number to their client on this debt, and she refused to tell me so I can call and get it straightened out, and figure out who they were. I asked what she had to say about the complaints against them, she said(she was a supervisor)we are a collection agency, well dah, that doesn’t mean they aren’t con artist, no I didn’t say that, but I should of.she wanted me to know that they have a good rating from the better business bureau also. they also tried to tell me that companies don’t do tax write offs, I let her know that she was wrong because I’ve had companies that did exactly that, and how am I to know that this company didn’t do that, she said that they hadn’t, she didn’t argue with what I said about tax write offs though. well basically they did cease and desist, and said they sent me info in the mail, we will see. maybe I’ll go to pissed consumer and see what I read there, thanks.


    1. Magruss

      Hi Heather, I’m very familiar with Dynamic Recovery Solutions. I’ve helped countless consumers over the years harassed by Dynamic Recovery Solutions. Let’s discuss this further on the phone. I’ll find out who is the original creditor, how much money you supposedly owe, and whether or not the debt is within the statute of limitations. You should also double check your credit report to see if Dynamic Recovery Solutions is on it. If so, I’ll help you get it removed. Thanks, Mike.

    2. Magruss

      Hi Heather, Dynamic Recovery Solutions should not have mentioned anything to you about tax implications. Dynamic Recovery Solutions likely mentioned taxes to scare or coerce you into making a payment on the alleged debt. Let’s discuss this tax threat further on the phone. I am confident I can help you under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”). Under the FDCPA, collection agencies cannot make empty threats. So, if Dynamic Recovery Solutions, threatened or insinuated there would be tax consequences if you didn’t pay the debt, then Dynamic Recovery Solutions has violated the FDCPA. Under the FDCPA, you are entitled to money damages up to $1,000.00, plus Dynamic is responsible for paying my fees and costs. You won’t owe me a dime. I look forward to speaking with you on the phone. Thanks, Mike

  31. daniel dav

    Back in May I got a letter from dynamic recovery about an old bill from Helig Meyers back in 1999-2000 that I truth be told never finished paying when I got divorced. It stated I owed 1,403.14 but said if I paid by the 20th of June,this month, they would settle for 491.10. I do want to settle this bill, but can someone please tell me is this legitimate and is this company legally a representative of this company gone out of business. I dont want to send my money to a bogus company and still have a bill unpaid.

    1. Magruss

      Hi Daniel, Dynamic Recovery Solutions is a legitimate collection agency. However, I under stand why you’re suspicious of Dynamic Recovery Solutions. Why is Dynamic trying to collect a debt from you in 2014, when Heilig Meyers filed for bankruptcy in 2000? Let’s discuss your situation with Dynamic Recovery Solutions on the phone. I am confident I can help you. Thanks, Mike.

  32. Kesha

    they just called me at work from 888-364-2776. The guy claimed to be David Savacool Agent#32. My phone displayed a different number 973-718-2557. He called regarding a debt I had in college. I am 42 and this debt is way over 17 years old. I asked him for the company name and researched it on Google. He wanted me to give him a credit card/debit card number to start payments. In this day and age of technology, look it up read reviews before you part with your money. I did and thankfully for these reviews. David at Dynamic Recover didn’t get a penny and he can call until he is blue in the face.

    1. Magruss

      Hi Kesha,

      888-364-2776 is Dynamic Recovery Solutions. I am not surprised Dynamic Recovery Solutions is collecting on a debt that’s 25-years-old. Most of the people I help being harassed by Dynamic Recovery Solutions involve debt that’s 10,. 15, 20, and in your case, 25-years-old. I agree with you that you should not set up a payment over the phone. I do not think giving out personal information over the phone is a good idea. I will contact you so we may discuss your situation further. I can help you get Dynamic Recovery Solutions off of your back.



  33. Jen

    Constantly harassing me told them again to stop calling that I had a lawyer now getting involved. They asked for my married name and said that this was a debt from 2001. I wasn’t even married in 2001. On top of that they are calling my cell phone the number they called from was 914-465-3550 I am sooooo annoyed

    1. Magruss

      Hi Jenn,

      914-465-3550 is one of Dynamic Recovery Solutions’ numbers. Once you told Dynamic Recovery Solutions to stop calling you, they should have stopped calling you. It sounds like you Dynamic Recovery Solutions has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”). Under the FDCPA, you are entitled to money damages of up to $1000. However, under the TCPA, you are entitled to damages of $500 per call. Let’s discuss your rights further on the phone. I will help you get Dynamic Recovery Solutions off of your back once and for all.



  34. Lisa

    I had seen this number (614-907-8358) on my caller ID a few times and answered it today. A “Ms. Hamilton” asked for my boyfriend and evaded every question I asked about why she was calling. Then she asked me to verify his social security number. I refused and kept asking her the company name. She evaded and offered to give me her office’s number (877-946-1967) to call later. Again, I asked her company name and got DRS. After demanding several times to tell me what it stood for, she finally gave me Dynamic Recovery Solutions. I knew then it was a scam of some sort but she had my boyfriend’s SS #, so I’m concerned. How do they get people’s personal info and why are they not yet out of business for making up debts for people they call to harass?

    1. Magruss

      Hi Lisa,

      Both of the numbers you provided, 614-907-8358 and 877-946-1967, are from Dynamic Recovery Solutions. I’m not surprised that Dynamic Recovery Solutions was evasive and that you feel concerned. The fact that they disclosed your boyfriend’s social security number to you is concerning. Although Dynamic Recovery Solutions can be rather aggressive when collecting debts, they are not as scam. Dynamic Recovery Solutions is a legitimate collection agency. However, Dynamic Recovery Solutions must comply with the law. It sounds like Dynamic Recovery Solutions violated your boyfriend’s rights by disclosing his social security number to you. Let’s further discuss your situation with Dynamic Recovery Solutions on the phone.



  35. William L.

    Re; my comment.

    Barbie said her direct number is 877-946-1929!

    1. Magruss

      Hi William,

      877-946-1929 is a number from Select Resource Group. I think Select Resource Group and Dynamic Recovery Solutions are related collection agencies with the same owners. Are you receiving harassing calls from 877-946-1929? Let’s discuss this further over the phone. I’ve helped dozens and dozens of consumers being harassed by Dynamic Recovery Solutions and Select Resource Group. Hopefully, I can help you, too.



  36. William L.

    I just received a call from 267-546-5789 from a woman named Barbie who said she’s an account specialist for Dynamic Resolution Solutions after 15 minutes into the call along with that this call is recorded then stated that I owed $4,500 & the debt can be settled if I pay $1,059 today & if I didn’t I’ll be hit with back taxes on the full amount.

    First of all this Smells of a Scam because a person has to inform you that a call is recorded immediately & Not 15 to 20 minutes into the conversation.

    Secondly I’m on the Do Not Call List.

    Thirdly I was being intimidated & harassed about being hit with the back taxes that’ll have to be paid upfront in full.

    I basically was given a threat of pay us the $1,059 or we’ll note it down as a Refusal & will send it back to their client to Persue the Back Taxes.

    This account is almost 25 years old when I was out of work!.

    1. Magruss

      Hi William,

      Dynamic Recovery Solutions violated the law the moment theyt said you’ll be hit with back taxes if you don’t pay a debt. In 2014, I helped a lot of people who experienced the exact type of harassment by Dynamic recovery Solutions. Dynamic Recovery Solutions cannot make empty threats about your tax returns. Your alleged debt is 25-years-old, Dynamic Recovery Solutions does not have a judgment against you. your debt is not a federal student loan, and therefore, Dynamic recovery Solutions cannot do anything to affect your tax return. This is simply an empty threat meant to scare you into making a payment. I will contact you to let you know how I can help you.



  37. Jared

    I received a phone call at work, on my cell phone from 504-826-8064 and, when I answered the call, they hung up immediately. I called them back to find out who they were and the automated answer said that it was Dynamic Recovery Solutions. I stayed on the line to find out what this was all about and, when I got to a Human, I was hung up on again. I am now planning on logging any and all phone calls from this company, as they also seem to be in the practice of prank dial and drop phone calls.

    1. Magruss

      Hi Jared,

      504-826-8064 is one of Dynamic Recovery Solutions numbers. I’m not sure why Dynamic Recovery Solutions keeps hanging up on you. You’d think a collection agency would want to speak with people on the phone if a debt is owed. I can help you stop the calls once and for all. I’ll send Dynamic Recovery Solutions a cease and desist letter. Let’s discuss this further on the phone. I’ll help you stop these calls.



  38. Jeanne

    Add this number to your list: (816) 399-2389

    They called my cell (on the Do Not Call List for Federal and for my state) looking for my husband for a supposed debt he owes from US Bank. We check our credit reports yearly and have never had a US Bank loan/credit card. They mail us every few months with a different amount due but this is a first for calling. Stated it was from years ago (i.e. before we married) but they have my cell as his contact number when his cell number hasn’t changed in 20 some odd years?

  39. Joseph Frontuto

    Received three phone calls today alone from 585-270-7081 stating they were from Dynamic Recovery Solutions and that I need to call immediately to resolve a debt collection. I called, they identified my number, but when I asked who they were calling for they told me someone named Jamie and that he had used my number as a contact. I have no idea who Jamie is, have never personally known anyone named Jamie, and that they got the wrong number. I was let in on that this Jamie person owes thousands in credit card debt…I don’t have a credit card and never have and know for a fact my credit is stellar as I pay for monitoring. How do I get them to believe I have no idea who Jamie is and this is not his residence and lose my number?

    1. Magruss

      Hi Joseph,

      The number 585-270-7081 is Dynamic Recovery Solutions. Once you told Dynamic Recovery Solutions that Jamie cannot be reached at your number, then Dynamic Recovery Solutions should have stopped calling you. Have you heard from Dynamic Recovery Solutions again? I can help you stop the calls. I will contact you to get further information from you.



  40. Walter White

    I’ve been called twice by these fools. Both times they’ve called from numbers in my area code only to leave a message telling me to call 877-590-9066. The messages never say what it’s for, but finally today I decided to call them. “Mrs. Williams” said that it’s for some debt from 2001. I told her that I had checked my credit report a week or so earlier (I actually did) and that nothing from 2001 showed up. I then proceeded to tell her that if I received another call that I’d file charges. What’s scary is that she knew my full name and SSN.

  41. adele

    Add this # to your list as well 657-205-8611 they called for my boyfriend today

  42. shelly

    I just received a call from Dynamic Recovery 617-849-8422. Forgive my naive nature but how do they get your cell phone # or current address from something THEY say was almost 7 years ago??

  43. ml

    add this number to your list 646 462 4928 – calling and leaving irate message threatening that I have to call by the end of the day

  44. Shannon Wright

    This company is extremely aggressive. They stated that I owe Santander Consumer $13,145 with a past due balance of $8763. Not only have I never had a loan with Santander, I have no loan in the time frame in which they are stating it was obtained. I told them that it was not my loan and they were free to check my credit report to see if I even had a loan in that amount. They continue to call, continue to harass and refuse to remove the account from my credit.

    This is ridiculous!



  46. Rhonda

    They called left voicemail did not say they were debt collector called back tryin to collect on a 13 year old or older debt really rude told me if I didn’t pay in 7 days the would put on credit that I refused Please. Help stop these ignorant. People they call 5 or more times a day I am tryin to improve my credit I need to buy a house someday not at this rate with this popping up Please. Help

  47. Sara

    These people won’t stop harassing me. Can you help me?

  48. Malea S

    These people just called me and told me I had two credit cards that I owed 825 each on but I never even heard of this bank so i called up the bank they said i have a cc with and they have no record of me really?!? he was so rude and told me where i lived and i dont even live there

  49. Ute

    They are calling me for the last few weeks. I have not talked to them. They sent me a letter the other day as well. They call my cell 8-10 times or more a day!

  50. LeaC

    This company has been calling me for about three months or more, I have never answered so they have been leaving messages…. Not useing my name or saying what they are calling about, basicly saying what ChrisW. Said I have no idea what this could be about… The number they are calling from is (804)396-6905 they keep calling telling me to call call them back immediately , like 5 or 6 times a week I’m not really sure what I should do…

  51. Robert B.

    I think I will give you a call, Mike! I’ve got no less than ten voice mail messages (which I’ve saved) from Dynamic Recovery Systems. Not one of them identifies who they are calling for OR that they are attempting to collect a debt. Isn’t it required by law that they state that they are attempting to collect a debt? They usually call from a Tampa number (813 area code), but leave toll-free call-back numbers. They are calling me on my cell phone and interrupting me during my work day. I have not answered or returned any of their calls; so I do not know if the debt is legit, (and something I’m unaware of), or not legit, (which I suspect is the case). Considering that they do not follow the law when making their calls and leaving their messages, I figure it’s best for my blood pressure that I don’t return their calls.
    As soon as I have some available time, I will call to see what you can do. Thanks for posting this information on this organization and their unethical practices!

  52. Georgina

    This company has continually called me up to 5 times in one day and from several different numbers. When I told this gentleman that he was calling a number on the do not call list, he told me that was bull, and if I was he would not be calling me. I told him to not call again and he said he would any time he felt like it. I have continued to ignore calls sense, only finally trying to talk to them calmly I was given only one choice to settle today when I said I couldent I was told that I forced him to go to next level. the amount quoted is over 4x the amount that I settled this for in 2005. I offered to make a payment of $50 month to settle and was basically laughed at and told they would get this out of me. I need help with this matter because I dont want to continue to change my phone number.

    1. Magruss

      Hi Georgina, I have helped out dozens of people being harassed by Dynamic Recovery Solutions for the exact same thing you described. Dynamic Recovery Solutions often times collects on really old debt, often times debt beyond the statute of limitations. Next, Dynamic Recovery Solutions tries to scare people into making monthly payments. DO not agree to a monthly payment plan without first seeing something in writing. If you get something in writing, and you owe the debt, and you want to resolve the debt, that’s fine. But, do not be intimidated into a payment plan. I will call you so we may further discuss this over the phone. Thanks, and I look forward to Helping you. Mike.

  53. Marlene G Johnson

    Back in May I Got call from Dynamic Recover Solution about my old credit from old furniture store Hylig Myers. I still own them about $778.48, the last time I paid the Hylig Myers back in 2001, the time the store was close down but from Dynamic Recover Solution I have to pay them $1,767.51 and to make in stall payment, so I gave my cheching Account and from the Dynamic Revover Solution take out $50.00 for May and June and they are going to take out $50.00 from my Checking accout this Coming Wednesday. I call the Dynamic Recover Solution for they’er website, There is Forgian Woman that talked to me I couldn’t understand what she was saying, so she gave this website gbrd, that when it make me wonder, this is not fraud Colletion Agency, Also that when I asked about amount that I’m going to pay them, thats when the lady told me the amount. if you want to call me here’s my phone number (928)349-2056 this is cellular number.
    thanks Marlene Johnson

  54. chris w.

    So they’ve recently left me 2 Messages. This is one message word for word “this is Diane from Dynamic Recovery Solutions calling so that we can discuss a matter with you. Our number is blah blah. It’s tool cree so no charge to call. They didn’t say who they were calling for or what they are doing calling or even what kind of work they do. I thought someone from a rehab center was calling to tell me sorry as part of their 12 step process. Haha. But no get barry white voice Diane the she man. My number is (580)366-4215!

    1. Magruss

      Hi Chris, The message Dynamic Recovery Solutions left for you does not comply with the law. Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Dynamic Recovery Solutions must tell you they are attempting to collect a debt from you anytime they speak with you, including in voicemail messages. I will help you stop the harassment, get money damages, and Dynamic Recovery Solutions will be responsible for my attorney’s fees. You won’t owe me a dime. I look forward to helping you like I’ve done for so may other consumers. Thanks, Mike.

  55. Alisha Hathaway

    Hi, I just started getting harassing calls from Dynamic Recovery Services, stating I owe a delinquent amount on a credit card. This credit card debt is 5 yrs old. Can they call 5 years later and start harassing me? Thanks Alisha

    1. Magruss

      Hi Alisha, Dynamic Recovery Solutions is notorious for collecting on old debt. In fact, I’ve helped consumers harassed by Dynamic on debt that’s 15+ years old. Let’s discuss your situation with Dynamic Recovery Solutions further on the phone. I can help you stop the calls, and we can figure out if Dynamic Recovery Solutions has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Thanks, Mike.

  56. Danny

    I received call and was told I must pay for a walk out of a contract from an apartment in 2002. I lived at my parents house. I asked who I am supposed to owe and was told that was my responsibility to figure that out that she is only to collect. Today I get an alert from credit agency that Dynamic Recovery has made a hard inquiry into my credit! I never gave permission! I am in process of buying a house and this is going to blocking me!

    1. Magruss

      Hi Danny, You are not the person I’ve heard from that told me Dynamic Recovery Solutions demanded payment on a debt you did not owe. Unfortunately, you probably won;t be the last one, either. You have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) whether you owe the debt or not. About 20% of my clients are being harassed on debt they do not owe. I will help you stop the calls, and I can also help you try to remove the inquiry Dynamic Recovery Solutions put on your credit report. Dynamic Recovery Solutions should not be able to get in the way of you buying a house. I will do my best to help you. Thanks, Mike.

  57. Joe

    They called from 334-649-6781 and acted like they knew me. I hung up before they could say who they were. It became obvious they were a debt collector. They are now using Alabama numbers.

    1. Magruss

      Hi Joe, I understand why you hung up on Dynamic Recovery Solutions. Dynamic Recovery Solutions may have acted like they knew you, but they are certainly not your friend. I can help you find out why Dynamic Recovery Solutions is calling you. Have you received anything in writing from Dynamic Recovery Solutions? Is Dynamic Recovery Solutions on your credit report? Let’s further discuss this on the phone. I’d like to help you like I’ve helped thousands of other consumers. Thanks, Mike.

  58. Tyler

    I told these clowns they’ll not get a single red cent for a debt I had challenged through a law firm. There are a number pf debts on my credit report I don’t recognize, and I paid the firm to challenge them, which on a few occasions were successfully removed. I’m to the point now where I’m considering bankruptcy, and I told them as such. The caller became agitated and argued vehemently and at length with me that if I could afford an expensive bankruptcy I could afford to pay them. I told him I’m broke as hell, and the lawyer who handled my custody case, (awesomely, I won) offered to do it for next to nothing. I told the caller about that, and I swear I could hear his head explode. He was irate and I couldn’t help laughing heartily into his undoubtedly reddened ear. I finally bid him a good evening (it was dinnertime) and by God there’s just no quit to those Brown Shirts. I don’t know much about this stuff, but I do know I don’t like someone trying to tough-hassle me prison-style over a bogus debt. Just thought I’d share that. The number they call me from most often (I antagonize them, honestly, it’s hysterical) is 336 308 8608.

    1. Magruss

      Hi Tyler, I’ve heard several similar collection stories from my clients about how aggressive Dynamic Recovery Solutions can be when collecting a debt. It sounds like you have thick skin and you knew Dynamic Recovery Solutions cannot push you around over a debt. I will get in touch with you to see if Dynamic Recovery Solutions is still giving you a hard time. I can get them off of your back. Thanks, Mike.

  59. robert nodel

    Ok i just recived a call stating I owe more than a grand form a ole furniture company helig myer from 1998 and the said that I stoped paying them in 2001 and I did because the company went bankrupt in 98 i got to apoint where I only owed them 300$ and they dissapeard so i could not sent them any money . If u can help I would apreciate it 319-670-9671

    1. Magruss

      Hi Robert

      It amazes me that Dynamic Recovery Solutions is attempting to collect a debt owed to a company that filed bankruptcy in 1998. How in the world could you owe a debt to bankrupt company? What’s wild is you’re not the first consumer I’ve heard this from. I’ve helped several other consumers in your shoes. That is, Dynamic Recovery Solutions repeatedly tries to collection debt from consumers even though the original creditor filed for bankruptcy years ago.

      Let’s further discuss this on the phone. I’m sure I can help you.



  60. Lizzet

    They called for my mom and I talked to them, since she only knows Spanish. They told me she had to pay a certain amount of money every month or a settlement. I didn’t really know what to do she left and didn’t really know what to do either, so somehow I gave them our credit card number and agreed to pay a monthly fee. after I told her she became upset and she said I wasn’t suppose to do that. How can I change this or cancel it?

    1. Sandi

      Call the credit card company and cancel the payments. Tell them it’s a scam that your mom got sucked into and they are ripping her off.

      1. Magruss

        Hi Sandi,

        That’s a good suggestion. I can also contact Dynamic Recovery Solutions on your behalf, Lizzet, and demand they reverse the charges.



    2. Magruss

      Hi Lizzet, I can definitely help you stop the harassment and stop the credit card charges. Dynamic Recovery Solutions is one of the most aggressive collection agencies I’ve sued. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Dynamic Recovery Solutions demanded immediate payment on the phone without first explaining to you and your mom what the debt is, whether or not the debt is within the statute of limitations, etc. I will contact you so we can further discuss your problem with Dynamic Recovery Solutions. Thanks, Mike.

    3. Magruss

      Hi Lizzet, This is a common practice by Dynamic Recovery Solutions. They get the consumer on the phone and then demand immediate payment or a monthly settlement amount. Often time, Dynamic Recovery Solutions collects on debt well beyond the statute of limitations. If you gave Dynamic Recovery Solutions a credit card number and want to cancel the monthly payments, your best bet is to simply cancel your credit card. You can also send something in writing to Dynamic Recovery Solutions telling them you want to cancel the monthly payments. Dynamic Recovery Solutions’ address is 135 Interstate Blvd # 6, Greenville, SC 29615. I can also help you with your situation like I’ve helped hundreds of other consumers harassed by Dynamic Recovery Solutions. I will call you to get further details over the phone. Thanks, Mike.

    4. carole

      Wow! I ‘ve been paying them on a debt.. for the last few years.. I recently stopped payments… wish I had looked further.. to see they were a scammer.

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