Civil Litigation

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You have an enormous amount of rights as a consumer. Agruss Law Firm helps you pursue effective remedies when those rights are violated. A few common areas are:
Civil Litigation

Testimonials From Real Clients

This firm was very helpful and insightful during this entire process.

By Shelton P.

My identity was stolen somewhere along the digital way and the theif had just enough information to apply for a payday loan. Next thing you know I am getting aggressive, harrasing calls from a collections agency demanding $500. Granted, this is not a large amount of money, but it is enough to put a hurting on a family budget coupled with the fact that I didn't do it... I knew I needed help. Through the luck of google I found this amazing firm. When I tell you I didn't lift a finger, I mean it. One day I sent in all my evidence then a few weeks later they called to discuss my settlement. What? I didn't expect a settlement I just wanted my name cleared. This was amazing and really helped to make up for the stress involved with a stolen identity. I am so impressed with the entire process and the results.

By Corin R.